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What can you bring from the Dominican Republic of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Dominikany?

The Dominican Republic occupies most of the Hawaiian Islands (2/3).

For lovers of the exotic, the warm sea and the sun that shines and warms in the Dominican Republic all year round - this is the right place for an unforgettable vacation.

But upon returning to their hearth and home to the rainy, cold snowy winters, I want to bring of warm edge "piece" of this unique and vibrant Islands.

Souvenirs from the Dominican Republic

A gift or a gift - no small thing. To please family and friends with the original thing from distant countries very nice, the main thing: nobody at the same time not to forget and not to deprive. So bring tourists from the Dominican Republic?


Relax on the island and not to bring a couple of bottles of the famous Dominican rum "BRUGAL" or "BARCELĂ“" is impossible. The drink is made from sugar cane, which is grown in the Dominican Republic in large quantities.

The number of brands of rum in the Dominican Republic has long been exceeded a hundred. The tastes of this pirate drink range with flavor of different spices of exotic fruits.

Price depending on the brand and quality may vary from 5 to 100 dollars. One shouldn't forget that the importation of alcohol is limited to moderate their appetites.

Dolls, Lime

This is perhaps one of the most popular Souvenirs on the island. Small dolls made from clay, ceramics, cloth and dress in traditional costumes. A distinctive feature is the lack of face.

Dolls-Cuban women molded in various poses: some carry baskets on their heads, others grind the coffee beans, others carrying flowers.

Price for, Lime cheap - from 3 to 5 dollars, and the memory of exotic island will remain for years to come.

Kukolki Lime

Jewelry made of amber

Amber is a visiting card not only of the Baltic States. This stone is mined in the Dominican Republic. Only the Baltic amber is the "resin tears of pine", and Dominican - carob trees.

Colors Dominican amber is more diverse: in addition to the usual yellow and orange, here you can find a red stone and green and blue.

The last kind is considered very valuable and costs respectively about $ 500. Ancient Indian tribes believed blue divine amber stone and believed that it originates at the bottom of the ocean.

From amber in the Dominican Republic produce a wide variety of jewelry: pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces. Markets small retail shops all the trinkets cost a penny, but also look accordingly.

Jewellery in specialized stores amber framed in precious metals: gold, silver, and the price they are not small.


Dominican coffee is some of the best in the world. Dominicans it and grow, and produce. And instant coffee, to drink which we used in Russia is impossible to find. It simply does not do. Only the grain!

One of the most famous types of coffee "SANTO DOMINIGO" - a product with a unique taste and aroma, here on the island, is surprisingly cheap ($5 for 500 grams) and will be a great gift for friends and family.

Suveniry iz Dominikanskoj Respubliki: kofe

Elixir for many illnesses "ready to drink"

In this exotic drink are mixed many different ingredients: wine, rum, all kinds of grass and pieces of bark. It has a unique taste and original.

Native inhabitants of the island are credited with the infusion is a lot of useful properties and believe that it helps to cure many diseases.

Is the magic elixir for about $ 10 and can be not only useful but also pleasant to the taste present.

Exotic fruits and dried fruits

You should visit the market of the Dominican Republic at least in order to seefruit abundance. Of course, many kinds: pineapple, mango, kiwi can be seen in almost all large urban markets, but the taste is absolutely incomparable to the Dominican.

You should pay attention to the dried fruit. Especially delicious figs, benefit from their use is very large, but the cost is very low. And all thanks to the date palm, which grows on the island of great variety.

Fresh fruit is unlikely to serve as a decent gift to loved ones, to bring them in their original form impossible. But to buy a few jars of delicious fruit jam or a few pounds of dates and to bring it all home will work without problems.


Very popular cosmetic product in the Dominican Republic is coconut oil, which many tourists use as a sunscreen and also as a nourishing mask for the hair.

In addition, you can buy a very rare face cream made from snails.

All these funds should only be purchased in pharmacies, as the quality of these products in the markets and small shops is often low, it is possible and forgery.

Suveniry iz Dominikanskoj Respubliki: kosmetika

Handmade carpets, clothing

Bright fluffy woven carpets residents sometimes sell directly in front of their huts, hanging on the road. The price of these unique items are not very expensive and depends on the size of the Mat.

Buy clothes as Souvenirs in Dominican markets not worth it. There are not very many truly original national things. Basically, it's a plain t-shirt with different kinds of Islands.

Painted pottery handmade

Plates, hand painted with the most incredible patterns, pictures and landscapes - as a souvenir for friends.

The price of them is small: only $ 3, and the light, Sunny colors and positive emotions galore!

What to bring from the Dominican Republic, what Souvenirs to buy?

What to bring as a gift?

The girl

Pamper your favorite original decoration with stone, which cannot be obtained anywhere except in the Dominican Republic. The name of this stone Larimar. Is he white, and blue, but mostly blue.

Frame this exotic beauty, usually gold or silver. It is made from a wide variety of jewelry: rings, pendants and earrings.

About Larimore there are many beautiful legends. One of which is that it is born on the sea bottom and the sea gives it its colour. In fact, it is mined in the mines.

When you purchase products from Larimar should test the stone for authenticity, and asked the dealer to hold it for a few seconds over the flame of the lighter. Genuine Larimar absolutely quietly tolerate high temperatures, fake, immediately begins to melt.

Unscrupulous traders seeking to cash in on gullible tourists on the island a lot, however, as in any other country.

Therefore, to buy jewelry with this rare stone is better in jewelry stores, not markets, although the price difference would be substantial.

CHto privezti v podarok?


A precious gift to your friend or boss will be a set of Dominican cigars. Their popularity is not as high as for the Cuban, but the quality of the tobacco is as good. The most famous brands are "ROMEO Y JULIETA" and "COHIBA".

If the man you want to give a souvenir from the Dominican Republic, non-smoker, excellent local coffee beans will be at least a worthy gift.


Rare exotic shells, corals or starfish would be a good gift for a child. It is unlikely that something similar can be seen on our shores of the Black sea.

You can treat your wee and sweet gift, bringing him juicy figs or a jar of fruit jam.

We should not forget all the tourists in the Dominican Republic that prices on all sorts of Souvenirs are very different. Sometimes, on certain markets gifts you can buy 3 times more expensive than the small shops on the outskirts of cities.

Therefore it is not necessary to be bought on the first day. For starters, you need to look at before I start uncontrollable shopping!

And, of course, do not forget to bargain. Local sellers love it and are willing to reduce the prices of their products.