What to see in Dominican Republic: landmarks and places

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The island with perfect conditions for unforgettable rest among the splendid nature and picturesque beaches is the Dominican Republic. Attractions attract identity, and numerous resorts - the opportunity to spend time surrounded by peace and solitude, among the exotic and pleasant weather.

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Even being a small island state with small size, the Dominican Republic does not cease to be a relevant place to stay.


The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it can be found in the Caribbean sea. It is located on the second largest island of the pond – Espanola, side by side with the government of Haiti and occupying the East part of the land.

The Dominican Republic also belong to the territory of several nearby Islands.

Geographically, the Dominican Republic is located between North and South America, and next to it are no less popular resorts:

Because of this, tourist flow has not dried up all year round, so the main source of income of the country – the sphere of services and facilities.

The main tourist areas

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The Dominican Republic is an island with an abundance of various places and resorts. The most popular of them are located in the Eastern part on the Atlantic coast. Many travellers to fans of the beach and outdoor activities are familiar with these names:

  1. Santo Domingo;
  2. Punta Cana;
  3. Boca Chica;
  4. Puerto Plata.

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and the oldest settlement in South America. The city attracts tourists primarily because it has a rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage.

When Santo Domingo was a major city of the New world, and on its streets walked by Christopher Columbus.

Many unique attractions can be found in other tourist areas of the Dominican Republic. In Punta Cana, La Romana, Cabarete and Boca Chica tourists attracted by the excellent beaches, amazing scenery, sunken ships and historical buildings of colonial times.

Attractions - photos with description

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Despite the fact that the Dominican Republic and its resorts are referred to more beach area, its open spaces are wonderful places, introducing the life of this country, its history and culture.

Architectural structures

A storehouse of monuments of architecture of Santo Domingo is a city with a rich and ancient history. It features cathedrals, palaces, remains of ancient structures, historic districts with buildings of colonial times. Walking along these places will allow you to travel back in time – in the XVI-XVII centuries, when Britain, Spain and Portugal had claim to those territories.

In the center of Santo Domingo remained many buildings of the New world, and you can find them in the Colonial zone:

  • the Palace of alcázar de don Diego colón – building 1510, for which construction was not used a single nail;
  • Puerta del Conde – the old gate, symbolizing the protection from invasion.

Acquaintance with architectural monuments of the Colonial zone is best done alone. In this part of townall objects stored in that form in which they were built. The special atmosphere is present in the Las Damas is the oldest paved street in the world. It is decorated with houses in pastel colours, the walls of which are playfully hanging baskets of flowers.

One of the most prominent attractions of the Dominican Republic and its capital – fortress ozama , the first fortification in America. It was built in 1508 to protect it from pirates. For four centuries this Bastion served as a military base, and after that it was a prison.

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Tourists will be interesting to the national Palace – an impressive and beautiful structure, in which the President of the Republic. Within its walls are tackling the serious issues and conduct important meetings. The construction of this building ended in 1947, and its construction had spent enormous amount. The house has that built in an eclectic style.

In appearance can be traced to cultural, linguistic and racial difference in the Caribbean.

For a long time Santo Domingo was the capital of all Spanish colonies in America. Therefore, there are important historical objects. One of them is the Royal shipyard complex of warehouses, which became the first and only facility of its kind with a similar purpose. The building was a kind of custom through which passed all the goods entering the territory of the New world.

The opportunity to dive into the colonial past of the Dominican Republic there are at almost every resort. In Puerto Plata there is an entire historic district with its Victorian buildings – exquisite mansions reminiscent of the opulence of the former residents of slave traders and merchants. The houses are two-storey lofts with Moorish arches.

In Puerto Plata is an old Bastion – Fort San Felipe – construction, served to protect Spanish ships from pirates and corsairs. It was built by order of Spanish king Philip II in 1577.

Later the Fort was made a prison and now it houses a Museum with interesting historical military artifacts. If you climb one of the towers, a magnificent view of the Atlantic ocean.

At resorts such as La Romana, Boca Chica, Punta Cana from architectural objects it is also worth noting the old housein which once resided the colonists or merchants. But these places are more famous for its nature and the coast.

Religious buildings

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On the territory of the Dominican Republic in colonial times there were the first temples of America, and many of them survived until our days. The first Cathedral of America is located in Santo Domingo. The construction has a hand in Christopher Columbus ' son Diego, and to the ruin of the English pirate Francis Drake.

Santo Domingo was the capital of the New world, so it was decided that this place will be built the first religious building. The Cathedral was built in 1544 Golden coral limestone, and performed it in the style of Gothic and Baroque. Inside the temple there is a lot of different treasures – a collection of statues, jewelry, utensils and furniture.

National Pantheon – religious building in the Dominican Republic with an interesting and unusual history. Originally, the building fulfilled the role of the Church in a Jesuit monastery, but later in his walls began to bury the outstanding personalities of the Republic.

Bodies are kept in coffins – buried here are the founders of the monastery, as well as the woman who hand-embroidered country flag, and many others. The entrance is guarded by an honor guard.

Inside the Pantheon you can get to the weekend, but it is very important to follow a dress code (no t-shirts, shorts or short skirts).

stroenie Nacionalnogo Panteona

Churches and temples of the Dominican Republic can be found on other resorts of the country:

  1. Cathedral of San Felipe in Puerto Plata;
  2. the Church of St. Raphael in Boca Chica;
  3. Basilica of Higuey in the same town.

On the coast of the Dominican Republic meet authentic chapel with a rich past. Many of them are so charming and romantic that attract those wishing to get married.


In Santa Domingo is famous Museum – the Columbus lighthouse. This structure is not at all like the signal tower and not even located on the beach.

The building of impressive size made of white marble and resembles the shape of a cross, and inside it is a priceless collection of exhibits dedicated to the discovery of America, the life and voyages of Columbus, and various artifacts of the indigenous population.

According to legend, this Museum houses the remains of the great Navigator. But also know that they can be found in Genoa and Seville. The present burial place, nobody knows, but residents of the Dominican Republic believe that their land chose to stay by Christopher Columbus.

Of the most important museums in the Dominican Republic it is worth noting those that are in Santo Domingo:

  • Museum palaces;
  • The amber Museum;
  • House Of Tostado;
  • House of five medallions;
  • The Museum of man.

A particularly attractive Museum under the open sky – Altos de Chavon , the resort of La Romana. The exhibition is a replica of a medieval village with narrow cobbled streets, churches, cafes, shops and handicraft workshops.

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It originated in 1980 with the American tycoon Charles Bludorn one of the owners of Paramount Pictures. According to one version, Charles was inspired by this island and its beauty, so I decided to recreate the architecture of the XVI century, to the inhabitants of America could get acquainted with traditions and culture of the country.

Altos de Chavon is one of the most attractive places in the Dominican Republic. Medieval village at different times inspired by its beauty Directors, actors and rulers.

In the local Church. Stanislaus married the Duke of Anjou and heir to a Venezuelan family, and married Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley.

In Altos de Chavon is an amphitheater for 5,000 people, where he gave concerts Julio Iglesias, Carlos Santana, Frank Sinatra and other celebrities. Next to these places filmed some scenes from the movie "Apocalypse now."

What else to look at tourist and where to go?

The Dominican Republic, its attractions and interesting places varied. Here not only beautiful beaches, but also architecture, nature and Hiking trails. During the tours the tourists also have the opportunity to get acquainted with national cuisine, try cocoa, tobacco products and buy local Souvenirs.

Interesting natural objects

The nature of the Dominican Republic – the real pride of the country. Rivers, lakes, protected areas and parks, lagoons, fancy flowers, mangroves, secluded Islands and mysterious caves ideal for ecotourism.

prirodnyj park Armando-Bermudes

The most attractive Hiking trails of the national Park Armando Bermudez. He is famous because here are three highest peak of La Pelon La Rusy, Duarte. The height of the last of them is 3098 meters. This feature attracts fans of active rest and extreme sport lovers.

The Park is rich in valuable and unusual flora and fauna. Its open spaces meet the endemics, spectacular in its diversity. In the forests inhabited by rare species of parrots, woodpeckers, warblers, trogons, quails and Siskins. Among mammals worth noting, wild pigs and rodents, and reptiles caught lizards and snakes.

Not inferior in its beauty and fullness other parks:

  1. Los Haitises;
  2. Jaragua;
  3. El Choco;
  4. Jarabacoa;
  5. Los Tres Ojos.

Fans of ecotourism have the opportunity to visit the small Islands – Catalinita, Catalina, Saona – secluded and quiet areas of land, off the tourist booklets.

Excursions and entertainment

It is impossible to imagine a familiarity with the Dominican Republic without visiting the island's capital, Santa Domingo. In this city tour starts with the Colonial city and continues in such places as the Cathedral, the tobacco Museum and the national Pantheon.

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Almost all sightseeing places Santo Domingo can be visited independently.

One of the most memorable tours – "the path of Columbus". While walking you can explore the beautiful places, monuments, colonies that were founded by the great sailor.

The most popular objects:

  • the ruins of the Fort of La Navidad;
  • archaeological Park La Isabela;
  • the architecture of Santo Domingo;
  • the town of Luperon.

Popular tours are held at the Punta Cana and cap Cana. The walk takes 5-6 hours and during it you can see the beautiful places near the resort area of Bavaro, make a striking photo of the coastal cliffs, to admire the local architecture and take a dip in one of the two lagoons.

If the standard of entertainment, like restaurants, clubs and discos, bored, in the Dominican Republic are sure to find something for everyone:

  1. Safari buggies in Punta Cana;
  2. journey by cable car bungee in Punta Cana;
  3. visiting an amusement Park in Samaná, decorated in the style of the popular movie "pirates of the Caribbean";
  4. excursion in the national underwaterPark of La Caleta in Boca Chica;
  5. dive to the sunken cargo ship "St. George" in La Romana;
  6. journey to the island of the dolphins in Punta Cana;
  7. monitoring of humpback whales in the Samana Peninsula;
  8. rafting on the river Yaque del Norte in Puerto Plata.

See in this video an overview of the most popular attractions in Dominican Republic: