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Best hotels in Dominican Republic: 4 and 5 stars, all inclusive

Oteli Dominikany

The Dominican Republic attracts lovers of beach holidays and water sports. It offers tourists a mild climate, plenty of sun, warm Caribbean sea or the Atlantic coast, thoughtful service.

The beaches of Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are waiting for clubbers and lovers of peace, kids and honeymooners, travellers, singles and groups of friends.

For all categories of tourists formulated interesting proposals, from which it is impossible to refuse. The guests of the Republic can only choose can choose from hundreds of options with different star ratings, prices and other features.

Best hotels in Dominican Republic

5 stars

Tourists who are not accustomed to compromise on quality of stay, without a doubt choose five-star hotel. Most of them are concentrated in the resort areas: Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

To services having a rest rooms, designed for 1, 2 and 3 persons. Offers Junior suites, suites, suites, special rooms for honeymooners, especially luxury apartments with views of the Park, private pool or seaside.

Meet and a few hotels with secluded bungalows. Guests are attracted by the "all inclusive", it is practiced in most of the hotels category "5 stars".

Nearby is usually a sandy beach, a developed infrastructure, from restaurants to playgrounds, Spa centers and entertainment complexes.

The tourist has no need to travel outside of this mini-town, especially because of the historical attractions of the Dominican Republic to please not can. Its main advantage: nature, climate and access to the sea.

Ocean Blue & Sand Resort is a comfortable hotel in Punta Cana, running on the system "all inclusive". The complex is located in a luxurious Park, offering tennis courts, Golf course, Playground for football and beach volleyball, a large swimming pool.

Nearby is a sandy beach and a private casino where you can spend the evening. Guests can choose from several restaurants and bars with traditional Dominican and international cuisine.

The price is from 20,000 rubles per night (single room Junior Suite with pool views).

Luchshie oteli Dominikany: 5 zvezd

Barcelo Bavaro Palace Delux is a huge complex for 2000 rooms. The territory stretches along the coast with extensive beaches for convenience, a train bringing tourists to visit a particular point of the complex.

The hotel has a Spa centre with fitness rooms, tennis and Golf, 11 restaurants and bars, Aqua Park with water slides and pools with artificial waves.

Price – from 25 000 rubles per night (single Deluxe room).

Hard Rock Hotel – the ideal hotel for lovers of entertainment and recreation. The complex has 15 pools for adults and children, 9 restaurants with international and Dominican cuisine, a large casino with round-the-clock business center.

Guests can visit the Spa, play Golf, football or tennis, stroll through the extensive Park and do some shopping in one of the many shops.

Price 23 000 per night (single Suite).

Alsol Luxory Village resort mini-town on the beach of Punta Cana with its own beaches and yacht moorings. At the disposal of tourists, with multiple pools, Spa, several restaurants and bars, open all day.

Popular open-air Italian restaurant with terraces which offer splendid sea views.

Price of 24 000 per night (Deluxe-1 person).

Club Med Punta Cana is a secluded resort located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean surrounded by coconut trees. This is the perfect place for a family vacation, running on the system "all inclusive".

It features a huge swimming pool, private beach, Spa complex, sports areas and numerous restaurants. Guided tour to Santa Domingo, a trip to the jungle and other entertainment and educational activities.

The price is from 20,000 rubles per night (Junior Suite for 1 person).

4 stars

Hotels of a class "4 stars" not much inferior to the more luxurious counterparts. The quality and quantity of services they often comparable.

Usually hotels of this level have a slightly smaller area and smaller rooms, number of restaurants can also be reduced.

However, there is a favorite tourist all-inclusive, on the territory of the complex there are sports grounds, pools and spas, allowing you to fully relax without leaving the complex.

Guests wishing to save money, needs to pay attention to seasonality. Accommodation prices peak in January and February, but with the coming of spring they beginto decline.

The most interesting proposals can be found in may and December, this period is ideal for a relatively budget, but not less than a comfortable stay.

Riu Naiboa – noisy and cheerful youth hostel, where life is boiling around the clock. Guests especially love the large nightclub with one of the best discos of the coast. The hotel is located on the second shoreline, but the beach is gorgeous with white sand to go far.

Pay attention to the local restaurants with Italian and Dominican cuisine, which often hosts tastings and themed culinary evenings.

Price – 9 500 rubles per night (standard single room).

Luchshie oteli Dominikany: 4 zvezdy

VIC Hotel is a cozy small hotel nestled in tropical gardens. It offers round-the-clock entertainment, from sports programs to show in restaurants.

You can visit the Spa, lie on the white sand beach, enjoy water sports: Windsurfing, catamaran. By the way, non-motorised water sports is free here. For lovers of nightlife there is a casino.

Price - 9 200 per night (standard single room).

Occuidental Grand Punta Cana hotel in Bavaro beach with round the clock access to one of the most beautiful local beaches. The property is near the airport and the hotel arranges a variety of excursions.

On site there are several restaurants, bars, cafes and pizzerias, the system "all inclusive". In the evening starts the big dance. There is a children's entertainment complex.

Price – from 10 000 rubles per night (standard single room).

Barcelo Punta Cana is a stylish hotel and each room has a sea view. Here you can enjoy a beach holiday on the beach, swim in the pool, visit the Spa-center.

It offers several restaurants, each of which specializiruetsya on one of the national cuisine: Dominican, Japanese, Italian, French.

There is a separate restaurant with dishes of seafood. For family guests organized playgrounds and pools, a mini water Park.

The price is 11 500 rubles per night (standard single room).

Hotel Memories Splach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. A review of the tourist

Youth sports

It is believed that the Dominican Republic is not the best place for people who enjoy the diversity and entertainment of youth. There aren't many night clubs, incendiary discos and active nightlife. However, this does not mean that the hotels would be boring.

Those who want to have fun, is to choose the complexes with casinos and dance halls such as Hard Rock Hotel , or the VIC Hotel, Occuidental Grand Punta Cana. Plenty of entertainment is offered by hotels of level "4 stars" that gives you the opportunity to save a bad.

The Dominican Republic will appeal to active young people, focusing on extreme sports: surfing, diving, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, water Polo.

Like here and the newlyweds, for which most of the hotels offer separate programs. The honeymoon package includes a solemn exchange of vows on the beach, couple's Spa treatments, romantic dinners and special excursions.

Oteli Dominikany dlya molodezhnogo otdyha

Vacation with children

The Dominican Republic is an excellent choice for a family holiday. Here you can bring kids, older children and teenagers, interesting activities and entertainment will be offered to all.

For families with children suitable large complexes with an abundance of amenities: playgrounds, Aqua-centres with slides and children's pools. In such hotels, and entertainment staff for children of different ages, the smallest you can invite a nanny.

For children restaurants with a special menu, entertainment program with shows, dancing lessons, horseback riding, kayaking, mini-Safari, and much more. Designed Wellness treatments for the youngest guests: massages, special showers, body wraps and masks.

The most interesting offers for family holidays offer five-star complexes Club Med Punta Cana or affordable options like four-star Barcelo Punta Cana or Caribe Club Princess Beach Resort.

Oteli Dominikany dlya otdyha s detmi

Planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic, keep in mind seasonality. In the spring the prices drop significantly, but the quality of the stay remains the same.

Help save and earlier booking of rooms. Many hotels offer special discounts for guests, to find interesting offers on the websites of the complexes go to the travel agencies.

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