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Landmarks of Canada: what to see in Montreal?

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Montreal is the second populous city in Canada after Toronto and the cultural capital of the country. He is recognized as one of the most comfortable cities in the world due to not only cultural characteristics, but also the abundance of universities and other educational institutions.

The sights of Montreal attract tourists a variety of forms and cultures.


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Montreal is the cultural centre of not only Canada, but throughout North America.

Due to historical events in the development of the town and its development was influenced by French culture and French language.

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Historical and cultural facilities

In Montreal there are many cultural facilities, interesting from the point of view of architecture. It can be as private secular facilities, and the whole of the city.

  • House lady Meredith. House lady Meredith, or residence Hardware is considered to be one of the key attractions of Montreal. The mansion is a good example of an elegant Queen Anne style. In the mid-20th century the house was used as housing for the medical staff of the hospital. Today the mansion belongs to McGill University.
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  • The building of the Royal Bank. It is a magnificent skyscraper with a height of 121 m. the Lower floors of buildings – a kind of podium in Florentine style, and the top of the building is neo-classical tower. For some time the building housed the main office of the Bank, but in 1962 he moved to the area Ville-Marie, and the old structure is a branch.
  • Maison Pierre du Calvet. The house was built in the 18th century and is an example of urban architecture of New France – the thick stone walls like a fortress, vast chimney, a steep roof. The house was named in honor of a wealthy businessman and political and public figure of Pierre du Calvet.

    Now the building is a hotel designed for weddings, business meetings, organization of entertainment or special events.

  • The Bonsecours Market. Bonsecours is located in the city centre. Next to it is Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secour – old Cathedral, in whose honor he was named.

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    The building is a two-storey building in colonial style with a dome on top designed by a British architect, William is offered in all. Once the market building was used as an arena for exhibitions, concerts or theatrical productions.

  • The Father's House. This old mansion, also known as the home of John Campbell, located in the heart of the city. During the last one hundred years, the building housed hotels, laundries, hairdresser's salons. As a result of numerous reconstructions of the ground floor of the house was completely raised above the ground and was another floor.

Religious objects

As the cultural center of Canada, Montreal is full of not only secular architectural monuments, but also religious.

  1. The Oratory Of St. Joseph. Oratorio (or the Basilica) located on the mountain Mont-Royal on the site of a small chapel. The construction of the temple began in 1904, a monk endowed with the gift of healing, and ended in 1967. The oratory is surrounded by a beautiful garden and several sculptures.
  2. Notre Dame Basilica de Montreal. The Notre Dame Basilica is considered the most beautiful object in the city. The Basilica built in neo-Gothic style with a 70-metre high bell towers. Originally the site of the Cathedral stood a miniature Church – a long time she was the only religious building in thislocation.
  3. Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Mont. This is the third largest Church of Montreal is an exact copy of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.
  4. The Cathedral was built in less than 20 years, and in 2000, recognized as an architectural monument of Canada.


Walking the streets of Montreal, you can see monuments to outstanding people of the city or significant events.

The monument to George-étienne Cartier - the 40-meter high monument dedicated to one of the founders of the Canadian Confederation. The sides of the statue "guarding" four formidable lion. The monument was erected in 1914, made by architect Georges hill.

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Monument to Paul Maisonneuve is a monument to the founder of the city is located in the square near Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. Nearby you can also see the monument dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria.


In Montreal museums with different themes and focus.

  • Museum of archaeology and history Pointe-a-Caller. The Museum has exhibits depicting the history and development of the city. The Museum building is located on the site of the old fortress walls of their ruins show during the tour.
  • Initially, the Museum was closed by the archaeological organization, but after a few years became open to everyone.

  • Museum of fine arts. This is one of the oldest and famous museums of North America, originally opened in 1860. Now in its annals there are more than 30 thousand exhibits. These include canvases, prints, collection of English porcelain and tea boxes and more.

    The Museum maintains contact with many of the world's art galleries, including, and with the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

  • Gallery Gift Gift. In the gallery you can see paintings by young, emerging artists. In fact, the gallery is an opportunity for developing talents to realize their plans. Young artists use a wide range of tools for creativity – from paints to electronic music.

Natural attractions

Montreal is famous not only for its cultural attractions, but also natural landscapes.

Botanical garden

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Botanical garden of Montreal is one of the largest facilities of the kind in the world. It was founded in 1931 by botanist Jean Marie Victorino. 75 acres of land there are about twenty thousand different plants, United by thirty themed gardens and ten greenhouses.

The Mont Royal

Located in the city mountain reaches a height of the order of 230 meters. In 1876, the slope of the hill was a Park Mont-Royal, and next to it – two cemeteries.

On one of the peaks of the hill is the famous Mont-Realsky cross high 32 meters. In 1976 the Park was organized by the Olympic games in Cycling. At each of the vertices of the hill there is an observation deck.

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Parc Jean-Drapeau

To the East of Montreal on the St. Lawrence river, the Park Jean-Drapeau. It consists of two Islands - Notre-Dame island and STE-Helene. In Notre-Dame island is a biosphere Museum, intended for solution of global environmental problems of our time.

Where else to go?

chto eshe posetit?

Most of the sights of Montreal is concentrated in the so-called Old town, but interesting objects not confined to one area – each traveler will be able to find entertainment of their own taste.

What to see in one day?

Walking around Montreal, it is impossible to place Jacques Cartier, designed exclusively for pedestrian travel.

There are concerts and fairs that exhibit their creations by artists and craft masters.

Itself the Old town is a kind gallery without a roof. In this area there is not one similar to each other structure, and it is here you can feel the atmosphere of Montreal.

Unusual house, built in the style of brutalism in the mid-20th century, will be open to people with original thinking. It is a residential apartment building, which is a fused with each other Cuba.

Where to go with kids?

For a holiday with children is also attractive Biodome – the largest Museum of wildlife, including greenhouses and a zoo.

For a more active holiday will fit the entertainment center of La Rondein which you can go on various rides, visit the fun-filled event with games and prizes.

Moresome nice places in Montreal you can see in this video: