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Photos and description of landmarks of Canada: what to see in Toronto?

dostoprimechatelnosti Toronto

As for the city of Toronto, you will be where to turn. From huge modern skyscrapers to medieval castles. And the famous Niagara falls, about him you remember?

Well, of course it is impossible not to taste the famous maple syrup at the famous canadian metropolis of Toronto. What else is worth a look here?

Architecture of Toronto - photos and description

arhitektura goroda

Toronto is quite often confused with the capital of Canada is Ottawa, because at the mention of this country always remember three things: the maple leaf hockey and Toronto. Itself Toronto is quite a large city.

The population of Toronto is more than 2.7 million people, what most of them prefer the suburbs to the city centre.

As already mentioned, Toronto - the city is quite a contrast. There are also modern architecture (skyscrapers, television tower, shopping centers, etc.), but there are castles and different architectural features from different periods. This makes Toronto a unique city from the point of view of architectural content.

Historical and cultural facilities

  • The Castle Casa Loma. Yes, this is not a typo. In Toronto you will actually find a castle, built under the "old". The Casa Loma was conceived in 1911. The owner of the idea and the means to its realization were a billionaire Henry Pellat. He decided to turn his investment into a real fairy tale.

    istoricheskij zamok

    The castle was built on a hill in the style of Gothic revival in 1914, and still amazes tourists with its unusual architecture for such a modern city like Toronto. In Spanish, Casa Loma means "house on the hill." Initially the building was used as a private hotel and then (after the adoption of the "dry law") became the salon, taking in the walls of richest Americans.

  • Tower si EN (CN Tower). Opposite in style and purpose of the building is the famous Toronto CN tower. It is the tallest building in North America. Not surprising. It reaches a height of more than 550 metres, the tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

    The CN tower was built in the 70-ies of the 20th century and more than 25 years after that was the world record holder for height. The record was broken in 2007 by Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but less famous CN tower did not. This is the best place to explore Toronto from a bird's flight, because the top of the tower has an observation deck.

    They say that on especially clear days you can see out, and Niagara falls, and new York. On site are two elevators. The tower also has a good restaurant and a terrace with a transparent floor.

  • Rogers Centre. If you walk a little further from the CN tower, you will see this famous stadium.

    Currently, the Rogers Centre is a multipurpose arena, so it can call "home" team and the Toronto blue jays and Toronto Argonauts.

    sportivnoe sooruzhenie

    The opening of the center took place in the late 80-ies of the 20th century. Since the Rogers Centre is an arena not only for sports, it also hosts great music shows, fairs, conventions, as well as a rather unusual show of huge trucks.

  • Hockey hall of fame. Since we are talking about sports, then talk not to mention one of the main stereotypes about Canada and the places associated with him – the hockey hall of fame in Toronto.

    First of all I must say that this stereotype is true, even more: hockey in Canada is a religion. Every religion should be sacred places – temples. Such is the hockey hall of fame.

    Here you will conduct a detailed tour and are happy to talk about all the iconic things stored in the hall.The Central relic here is the Stanley Cup (the trophy that is awarded to the best team in the national hockey League). And the first Russian hockey player, got into this room, was our Vladislav Tretiak. So for those who are crazy about hockey is the No1 place to visit.

  • The University Of Toronto. For those who are tired of the noise, or looking for a place steeped in the special spirit of history and culture, the University of Toronto is the place for you.

    The University here is not just a school, it is a citythat has gathered all necessary for study and entertainment: here you will find and study halls, and classrooms of the Department and libraries, as well as, for example, grill bars and barbershops.

    Architecture of the University resembles some ancient castle, and that could hardly be taught ordinary students. But it is a University, not necessary to argue. The construction of the University of Toronto began almost 200 years ago. Nowadays, it is the best University in Canada with a very high level of education.

    It's interesting that here have been several great discoveriesthat changed our world. There was opened insulin, invented the first electron microscope. It is in the University of Toronto first started talking about stem cells. Interesting architecture and fascinating history await you within the walls of this University.

Religious buildings

religioznyj sobor

The diversity of cultures and peoples living in Canada and Toronto in particular, has led to the fact that in the country exist several religions. Every religion has its sacred objects.

  1. Cathedral Of Christ The Savior. The first variation of the Cathedral was opened at the beginning of the XX century. Founders were Russian immigrants. However, this Russian parish rather quickly fell apart (due to the revolution of the 18th year), and the Cathedral was left without patrons.

    Only in 1966 it was purchased by a new building with funds raised by parishioners and priests. In our days in the Cathedral lie the relics of the saints of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

  2. At the Cathedral of Christ the Savior are also the parochial school for everyone.

  3. The Cathedral Of St. Michael. As for the Catholic faith in Toronto, then, perhaps, the largest centre in this case can be called the Cathedral of St. Michael. It was built in 40-ies of the 19th century due to the Irish immigrants. During the construction of the walls of the Cathedral were walled several fragments of the Norman Cathedral in England.
  4. The Cathedral Of St. James. This Cathedral is the most ancient monument of the Anglican Church in Toronto. It was opened in the early 50-ies of the 19th century after two fires 33 and 49 years, destroyed the Anglican centres. Nowadays, the Cathedral is located inside the Park and serves as its main attraction and decoration.


In Toronto you can find quite a lot of unusual monuments scattered throughout the city.

  • Memorial to Dr. William D. young. This rather unusual drinking fountain is actually a commemorative memorial to the doctor who lived in the city from 1874 to 1918. All his life a young doctor dedicated to treating children and died of a flu epidemic. He died in abject poverty, because they did not take their little patients nor coins.
  • Cenotaph old city hall Toronto. This memorial was erected in memory of the fallen soldiers of the First world war. The monument was opened in November 1925. Externally, the monument looks like a granite pillar engraved with memorable dates. The memorial at city hall.
  • The Toronto Necropolis. This distinctive memorial was built in the mid-19th century and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Toronto. Despite its grim function, the necropolis is a scenic place. There are many sculptures, monuments and buildings, made in the best traditions of the Victorian era. Here is buried the first mayor of the city, and many other remarkable personalities.

Museum complexes

Korolevskij muzej Ontario

In addition to the masterpieces of architecture in Toronto, you should see the masterpieces of culture and art in local museums.

  1. The Royal Ontario Museum. This Museum has many exhibits dedicated to art and history. The Museum is the largest in Toronto, and also the most popular among tourists. His collection includes about 6 million exhibits of different origin. The Museum was opened in the 10-ies of the 20th century, and until 1968 belonged to the Toronto University.
  2. The Gardiner Museum was named for George and Helen Gardiner. Their private collection of ceramic items became the basis for the creation of a small Museum.
  3. Fort York Museum. This unusual Museum is located in the reconstructed buildings of the Fort. The Museum's collection consists mainly of military exhibits. In addition to simple inspection, tourists will allowto try the costumes and uniforms of the 19th century, and also to hold the arms of the same century.

Natural attractions in and around the city

According to recent studies, Toronto was recognized as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Therefore, the nature, parks and green areas are not uncommon.

Parks and gardens

  • High Park. Amazing location literally in the center of the city. Green high Park – a huge area with lots of gardens, lakes, artificial ponds and even waterfalls. Officially high Park is a city Park Toronto so if you wanted a little break from the bustle of the city, lie on the grass, enjoy the peace and trills of birds, then you certainly should look here.
  • prirodnyj park

  • Botanical garden. This garden was planted in Toronto in the second half of the 20th century as a philanthropic gesture from the organization Garden Club. Now in the garden you can see a huge number of different plants and flowers (a garden from the ordinary to the most rare).
  • In the Botanical garden Toronto often hosts exhibitions and flower festivals.

Lake Ontario

The famous lake Ontario is located in the suburbs of Toronto. It belongs to the group of the Great lakes of Northern United States and Canada. You can say that this kind of the border between Ontario and new York (state).

In length of Ontario is about 300 km and a maximum width of about 100 km. the deepest point of the lake is greater than 220 meters.

vodoem Ontario

Such an interesting name, on, the lake got through the Indians. In the language of the tribe of the Hurons, Ontario means "Lake of shining waters". Where is a lake, the climate is quite mild, rarely so cold to freezing water. Therefore, Ontario is rarely covered by even the thinnest crust of ice.

The water of the lake communicate with the waters of the Atlantic ocean (via river St. Lawrence), and here fall of Niagara, Genesee and Oswego. The area of the lake is huge and accommodates more than a thousand Islands of different size. In our day lake Ontario is one of the largest lakes in the world.

Niagara falls

One of the most famous and beautiful places in the world - Niagara falls is on the Niagara river.

The height of the flow of the waterfall is not so big – only about 50 meters. It is not possible to consider Niagara falls the highest in the world. But the volume of water passing over the falls per unit time, it has no equal in the world. The roar of its waters you'll be able to hear even at a distance of several kilometers. Actually, this was the reason to give the waterfall its name. Niagara on the language of Indian tribes means "Roaring water".

The waterfall can be called a natural boundary of Canada and the United States, because water of waterfall pouring from both Canada and the USA. However, the beauty of this spectacle can only be assessed on the canadian side.

Itself natural landmark consists of three smaller parts. The three falls are named Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American falls. The most popular is a waterfall Horseshoe, although all three offspring of Niagara is gorgeous.

Where else to go?

If you are not tired from so many diverse places to visit, here you have a few places that you can visit while in Toronto.

Entertainment and restaurants

razvlekatelnye meropriyatiya v teatre

Theatres Elgin and Winter Garden. This tandem theatre was designed by Thomas Lamb. Originally they were intended to show silent short films. In our time, the amazing beauty and architecture halls are used for demonstration already sound film in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth.

Bar Pravda and vodka. This quaint facility has its name suggests its origin. This bar is fully styled the times of the USSR, although Russia has not too much respect. If you decide to spend a pleasant evening with a small group of friends and acquaintances, try to fine drinks and enjoy the unusual atmosphere, then you definitely here.

Restaurant Elite Grande. One of the best restaurants of Russian and Eastern European cuisine.

Gorgeous interior, good service, quite familiar menu – here you will find everything to feel yourself at home.

The Restaurant Red Square. The name of this restaurant speaks for itself. Here you will find all native and familiar to us dishes of Russian cuisine and pleasant atmosphere andinteresting interior. However, be prepared to pay for it all quite a lot of money.

For those interested in the gastronomic journey, has a top list of the best Russian restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Pravda Vodka Bar;
  2. Golden Lion;
  3. National;
  4. The Emperor;
  5. Paradise;
  6. Melody;
  7. Retro Room.

What to see couples with children?

Toronto offers plenty of entertainment for people of all ages. What to choose accommodation in Venice?

  • Wild Water Kingdom. This wonderful water Park is a great choice for families travelling with children. The Park's water is salty, it creates a sense that it is a real sea adventure in the heart of a large metropolis.
  • Canada's Wonderland. This huge entertainment Park includes about 200 different rides and slides. Here everyone will find something to entertain themselves and the child and the adult.
  • Toronto Zoo. Is the largest in Canada. Here today contains about 5 thousand animals, including some species of fish (450 species). Famous inhabitants of the Toronto zoo are Panda (enclosure opened in 2013).

    The zoo is divided into seven zones, each zone includes a certain types of animals. It will be interesting not only for children but also for adults

These and other attractions in Toronto you can see in the following video: