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USA map in Russian: where is California with cities?

gde nahoditsya Kaliforniya?

California is a real storehouse of interesting places. In this state there is the legendary Hollywood, the famous design of the "Golden gate", Silicon valley and the universities, occupying the first places in the ranking of the "best". But in North America this name has not only state to state, so it is necessary to understand where California is.

California on the world map and the United States in Russian language

shtat na karte Severnoj Ameriki

California is one of the most popular destinations for tourism – not just because it is called the"Golden state" of America.

This region is incredibly interesting, especially its history and the many important events that occurred here at different times.

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California is located along the West coast of North America and coast of this state is washed by waters of the Pacific ocean. The main town Sacramento, and the largest cities are: Los Angeles and San Diego, and San Francisco, Fresno and San Jose.

The territory extends along the California coast. Its length from North to South is 1240 km, and from West to East – 400 km of Its neighbors on the limits of the steel:

  • Oregon;
  • Arizona;
  • Nevada.

On the southern borders of the state coexists with the country of Mexico.

Historical information

istoricheskaya spravka

For the first time the California territory was visited by Spanish military Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. This event occurred in 1542, when the leader landed with the soldiers and gave this place the name of San Diego.

Cabrillo continued study of the California territory, following along the coast to the North, adding these lands to the Spanish colonies.

At different times this coast was visited by the great explorers. In 1579 floated by the legendary Francis Drake – traveler, named the California coast New Albion. He declared the land British possessions, but for 200 years they are no longer untouched by the Europeans.

In the middle of the XVIII century on the coast was visited by Vitus Bering. Thanks to his discoveries, this place was established a trading base and a few settlements. Here was founded the settlement of Fort Ross – the southernmost Outpost of the Russian Empire. Later it was sold to a Mexican citizen John Sutter.

For several centuries the territory was considered Spanish, but at the end of the XVIII century the influence of this country is weakened, and during the war between America and Mexico, the future state was divided between the two countries. Until 1848 California land was officially in the possession of Mexico, but the military forces of the USA did not miss the opportunity to win them back.

February 2, 1848, signed a peace Treaty between the two countries, a week before the events of carpenter James Marshall found in their possessions flakes of the yellow metal – gold. This discovery became a commemoration of the greatest Gold Rush in the village was visited by the people from all over the United States to try his luck in the mining of this treasure.

Major city attractions

dostoprimechatelnost Los-Andzhelesa

Each of the major cities of California – a real storehouse of attractions and interesting places. The Sunny coast of the state for many centuries attracted talented people who have created iconic monuments.

Famous Los Angeles many associated with Hollywood, so with the Avenue of stars and the Hollywood walk of fame.Every year these places are visited by millions of tourists to explore the history of filming, walk around the streets and districts where I lived or worked their idols.

The most vivid places of Los Angeles:

  1. Beverly Hills;
  2. Universal Studios;
  3. Griffith Observatory;
  4. City Hall;
  5. the Kodak theatre.

In addition, there is the legendary California beaches – Venice, Malibu and long beach.

No less attractive tourist sites of San Francisco. In this popular city a visit to the bridge "Golden gate", a structure that became a symbol of the city and American films. Here are the hills of twin Peaks, the famous prison island of Alcatraz, historic cable cars and Chinatown indispensable. On the outskirts of the city meet the vast wineries of NAPA valley.

In San Francisco's famous universities , prestigious Universities, where they received their education great men of the country. Occupy the first place in top best:

  • University of California;
  • California Institute of technology;
  • Stanford University.

They were founded quite a long time, so familiarity with the architecture, with different legends and traditions promises to be an interesting event.

Near San Francisco is Silicon valley – the land on which the day-to-day work of the great minds associated with IT-technologies development of computers, software and mobile communications and biotechnology. Here are the offices of Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple and many other companies.

More travelers are attracted to San Diego is a town with charming buildings of the past centuries. It is from here began the future of California. In this part of the region you can find a kaleidoscope of the most different interesting places, starting downtown and ending in Balboa Park. Many beautiful photos of tourists doing in this part of the state because of uneven streets, going at an angle, and colorful houses look very romantic.

chto posmotret v krupnom gorode San-Diego?

In San Diego there is a grandiose amusement Park "Sea World" – a place where a large number of collected marine life. Guests are always held views that include killer whales, penguins, walruses and polar bears. This colorful show is sure to appeal to young tourists.

Metropolitan Sacramento attend to get acquainted with the historic architecture of the city:

  1. The Capitol of the state of California;
  2. ancient Fort;
  3. tower bridge;
  4. old tavern.

Since then, as the settlement was granted the status of the capital in 1854, it began to actively grow. Its expanse was built the first railroad on the North American continent. Due to this, the industry and the economy of the city rushed up.

Sacramento built a domestic and international airport, a man-made canal and the port, which is one of the largest at the time.

Still here is one of the largest US military bases. Despite this activity, Sacramento has maintained a special flavor. Surrounded by skyscrapers can be seen pretty houses and old buildings, as well as numerous parks.

California is famous for its nature. This state managed to preserve some natural areas. With a unique beauty can be found in beautiful places:

  • Yosemite – area wildlife, which is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet;
  • Sequoia Park with giant trees, granite rocks and wild rivers;
  • Joshua tree – a place where two great deserts – the Sonoran and the Mojave.

dostoprimechatelnye obekty prirody

In California, you can meet one of the most mysterious places on earth is Death Valley is a vast desert, the lowest, hottest and driest place in North America. At this point, the interest is the Racetrack Playa is an ancient dry lake with moving stones. The stones move without the help of anyone, leaving behind a trail. This phenomenon scientists have been unable to solve so far.

How to get to the state?

California is one of the most popular places for tourism. This is due to the fact that the state attracts travelers with a beautiful coastline, an abundance of interesting and mysterious places and a variety of entertainment.

Time zone

Despite the length along the coast, all cities in California are located in one time zone – UTC–8. Time difference between California (Sacramento, Los Angeles) and Moscow is -10 hours. For example, if in the Russian capital, 10 a.m.,in the state of 00:00.

How many hours to fly from Moscow?

From Russia to California the easiest way to get on the plane. From Moscow to different cities of the state are regular flights from the international airports:

  1. Sheremetyevo;
  2. Vnukovo;
  3. Domodedovo.

Planes from the Russian capital are in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Sacramento.

The fastest and most comfortable way to be in the state to get on a direct flight from Moscow to Los Angeles. The only drawback of this flight is the high cost of the ticket. The fact that the flight will be relatively fast, fully compensates for this defect. Flight carried out by the company "Aeroflot". Flight time is about 11-12 hours.

skolko vremeni dlitsya polet iz Moskvy?

If you want to find a cheaper way to get to California, you should choose a transplant in Europe, China or the UK and stopover in different Arab and Asian countries. This trip may take about a day, but the cost will be much lower.

The following companies fly from Russia to Los Angeles:

  • KLM (layover in Amsterdam);
  • Etihad (layover in Abu Dhabi);
  • Emirates (layover in Abu Dhabi);
  • LOT (layover in Warsaw);
  • Finnair (layover in Helsinki and new York).

To buy plane tickets right now, with this convenient search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

If you prepare to buy plane tickets in advance, it is possible to save even more on flight.

Peninsula and Gulf of California - in which country are located?

California Peninsula is a part of the land, the coastline of which belongs to Mexico. In past centuries this area was a struggle, after which the land was ceded to the Mexicans.

The geographical position

California Peninsula geographically located immediately under the state of California. On the map this land is located in the West of North America and North-Western Mexico.

Coast of the Peninsula by the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez. The length of the Peninsula is 1,200 km, and the width is 240 km. On its territory there are two Mexican state – the lower and southern lower California.

Interesting information

svedeniya o poluostrove

According to history, during the Mexican-American war in California the result, a peace Treaty was the decision that the mainland part of the state will go into the possession of the United States, and the Peninsula will belong to Mexico. After the Peninsula was ceded to Mexico, this territory was inhabited by mestizos, Indians, Asians and Mexicans themselves.

A few interesting facts that characterize the Peninsula:

  1. the southernmost point – Cape San Lucas;
  2. the highest point is mount Diablo;
  3. the dry point to the Sonoran desert.

Along the Peninsula is Transpeninsular highway – a highway that begins in US and ends in Cabo San Lucas.


The coastline of the Peninsula of California is heavily indented. The East coast is markedly different climate from the West and North from South. Weather in the West depend on cold currents, and therefore, the temperature of the air and water here are much higher. The climate in the East like the Mediterranean – mild with the temperature not exceeding 24 degrees.

Along the California coast of the Peninsula is the best place to observe whales. Here you can meet friendly gray whales, hear the sounds of humpback whales, admire the blue whale.

Tourists have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, see and touch a variety of other sea creatures.

Among the interesting places on the coast include:

  • La Paz Bay;
  • lost world the sea of Cortez.

The pearl of the coast – Laguna San Ignacio – an area world-famous as a great resort and where there is a lot of fun. In this part you have the option to relax on the beaches, boating and touch the whales, and visit different excursions.

Also you can watch the video about where is California: