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Country Canada: where is Montreal, whose city, what time, photo

gde nahoditsya Monreal?

One of the oldest cities in North America, the most "French" on the American continent – a wonderful Montreal is always on the leading places in lists of the most comfortable and stylish cities in the world. Where is Montreal?

Montreal on the world map

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It is not for nothing Montreal has a proud name, meaning "Royal mountain" - it is considered the cultural capital of the country.

Among the sources of income of the Montreal aerospace industry and pharmaceuticals, tourism industry and the canadian "dream factory".

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What country is, and whose is the city?

Montreal is located on the South-West of Canada, at the mouth of the Ottawa river numerous small Islands. It is the largest city in French-speaking Quebec, and quite near at a distance of 170 km to the West is the canadian capital – Ottawa.

Was once the largest and economically developed city of the country, about 40 years ago, he lost the title in Toronto. But today, he remained the most important cultural, financial and scientific centre of Canada.

The topography and hydrography

landshaft i vodnye arterii

The territory of the region lies in the lowlands of the St. Lawrence, situated along the eponymous river, so here is dominated by flat topography. The city lies on several Islands at the point of confluence of the Ottawa to the St. Lawrence river.

One of the Islands is quite large and bears the same name given him in the name of the mountain (or rather hill as its height is equal to 234 meters), towering (Montréal in French means king's mountain).

At the end of the last ice age here was an ancient sea of Champlain, created by the retreating ice. After it has remained almost flat clay plains, where still find fossilized seashells and the remains of whales.

The St. Lawrence river is very important for the whole of North America: it connects the five Great lakes with the Atlantic ocean. It to the lakes are ocean-going vessels, both cargo and cruise.

Along the river there are several large cities, it is here that began the French colonization of Canada.

Time zone

Montreal is located in the time zone GMT-5. This means that when Greenwich noon, at Montreal – 7 am. The time difference with Moscow is 8 hours in winter, 7 hours in summer (March to November).

How to get there?

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The easiest way to get to Montreal by plane. In the vicinity of the city there are 2 airports:

  • Montreal Trudeau Airport (full name of the international airport. Pierre Elliott Trudeau). It is located at a distance of 21 km from the city centre in Dorval (one of the suburbs of Montreal).

    Today the Trudeau airport handles passenger flights to 100 destinations, including Europe.

    Direct flights from Russia, you need to fly with a stopover in one of the European airports, using the services of Air France, KLM, Swiss, British Airways, etc.

    From the airport to the city can be reached by bus (the 747 route, the ticket – he's a travel day – sold in the bus, the journey time depends on traffic from half an hour to 1 hour), taxis (fitted with meters) or by car (you can rent directly at the airport);

  • Mirabel Airport. It was built for the Olympic games in 1976, approximately 40 km North-West of the city centre. At that time it was the largest airport in the world, and its building is considered one of the masterpieces of architecture.

    But because of the distance from Montreal and undeveloped transport network he was not very popular and the last 14 years, used mainly for freight.

A plane ticket you can purchase right now using the handy search form. Simply enter the namescities of departure and arrival, date of flight and number of passengers.

From USA or other cities in Canada you can reach the city by bus or by car – the roads in this part of the world is very good. One of the most popular bus companies – Greyhound. The way from Ottawa takes about 2.5 hours from new York city – 9 hours.

Connect Montreal and other major towns of the two countries and Railways. In Canada, rail transport is the company, Via Rail in the U.S. – Amtrak.

Romantics and those who do not suffer from sea sickness will enjoy the ferry journey to Montreal via the St. Lawrence river and Ottawa.

Information about the canadian Paris - photo

fotografii i svedeniya o kanadskom Parizhe

But, despite the fact that Montreal ceded its economic position, he still remains the most important tourist centre of Canada, attracting the guests with magnificent architecture, interesting history and rich cultural life.


The first town built by Europeans occurred in 1642, at the base of the mountain called Mont-Royal. The town itself was originally called Ville-Marie (Ville-Marie), and later this name was changed to modern. 17 may 1642 is considered the official birthday of Montreal.

For a long time, Montreal was a major centre for trade canadian furs. Hence, too, the French made expeditions to other parts of Canada. In 1760 the then territory of Canada was given to Britainwho won the Seven years ' war. The new government tried to force residents to speak English.

The whole territory of the province of Quebec is still very French, but Montreal is one of the world's largest French-speaking cities.

After the construction in the nineteenth century canals and railway bridges, the city became a major transportation hub and the largest economic center in that part of America, which belonged to the British crown. For several years it was the capital of Canadauntil after the civil unrest in 1849 it was moved to Ottawa.

By the mid-twentieth century Montreal population of more than 1 million people. During these years, there still continued to be active economic development, construction of roads and bridges, subways and skyscrapers. But with the discovery in 1959 of the sea route of SV. Lawrence ocean liners had the opportunity to work around Montreal on the way to the lakes. This has dramatically reduced the value of the city as a major transport hub.

Significant changes started in the 70-ies of the last century, when the majority of Francophone Quebec wished to secede from the rest of Canada. The French part of the province wanted to keep their culture from English influence.

The movement for the sovereignty of Quebec has caused the Exodus of the English-speaking population in other towns of the country, particularly in Toronto. It also significantly slowed the pace of economic development of Montreal, even though the Olympic games held here in 1976.

General information

obshaya informaciya

The area of the city is 363,11 sq km Phone code of Montreal +1 514 (as well as +1 438).

In 2016 in Montreal, there were about 1 million 700 thousand people, together with suburbs – more than 4 million Large part of the population, French – Canadians, as a whole in Quebec. This language is spoken by about 70% of montrealers.

Interesting fact: Montreal is the third city in the world by the number of residents speaking French (after Paris and Abidjan).

In Montreal, if you compare with the other towns of Quebec, quite a lot of visitors – it is here that it settles a large part of the immigrants:

  • white here of 68.3%;
  • blacks and 9.1%;
  • quite a lot of immigrants from Arab countries – 6.4 per cent;
  • Hispanics was 4.2%;
  • approximately 3% of Indians and Chinese.

There are also representatives of countries in South-East Asia, Koreans, Japanese, etc. the city is home To about 40 thousand Russians , mainly, it's the people who immigrated in the last 15 years.

interesnye dannye

The only officially recognized language in Montreal is French, which is native to 60% of the population. English has about 20% of the population. The majority of montrealers speak both languages.

Urban management

Montreal is not only a major city, but an administrative region of Quebecconsisting directly of the city of Montreal and 15 municipalities, virtually independent from each other (Dorval, Westmount, Mont-Royal, Hampstead, etc.). They are United only collectingtaxes spent on maintenance of roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

The city of Montreal manages the city Council, which includes mayors and each of the 19 urban areas. The city Council decides many issues – from public safety to urban planning.


The territory of the town lies in the temperate zone. Montreal is on the same latitude with Russian Krasnodar, so in General the climate here is warm enough. High humidity due to the influence of which is relatively close to the Atlantic ocean and the Great lakes.

Another feature is the frequent and fast weather changes. The average annual rainfall up to 1000 mm of rainfall, about 200 mm in the form of snow.

  1. Summer months – warm, even stuffy, and with frequent intermittent rains. Frequent thunderstorms. The day temperature has remained approximately at the level of 26°C and is rarely below 15°C. the Maximum recorded temperature is +37,6°C.
  2. Autumn is quite long, often begins in the second half of August. Autumn weather is generally mild, but changes very often. In November snow storms happen. The average day temperatures from +20°C in September to 5°C in November. Night – 8-10 degrees colder.
  3. klimaticheskie usloviya

  4. Winters are quite cold and humid, with high rainfall. Wet heavy snow often turns into ice and freezes on the wires. The average daily temperature 4 to 6°C, night -12-16°C.
  5. Sometimes cold and -20°C, and the lowest recorded temperature was -37,8°C.

  6. Spring, as a rule, soft and very fast, in March and April case of heavy snow, and by mid-April the snow is melting quickly. The average daily temperature from +2°C in March to 19°C in may, night – -7°C to +7°C, respectively.

City guide

The territory of Montreal is from the same fairly large island and several nearby islets.


The city has 19 districts, most of which prior to 2002 were small independent towns:

  • in the center of côte – des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-grâce, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Ville-Marie and Outremont;
  • in the East – Mercier-Aslaha-Maisonneuve, Rosman-La petite-Patrie and Villeray Saint-Michel-Park-Extension;
  • in the North-East – Anjou, Montreal-Nord, rivière-des-prairies-Pointe-AUX-Trembley and Saint-léonard;
  • in the North-West – Pierpont-Roxboro, Eunsik-Kartiel, île-Bizar-Sainte-Genevieve and Saint-Laurent;
  • in the South La Sal, Verdun, Le Sud-West and Lachine.

The city layout is quite simple – from the located in the center of Mont-Royal, depart the rays of the main streets, many of which are named after saints of the Catholic Church.

ekskursionnye rajony

Among tourists popular place called the Golden Square Mile is one of the most expensive and exclusive areas lined with houses of the wealthy citizens of the XIX century. It is located in the North-Western part of the city at the foot of mount Royal.

Another old district of Montreal is Tremon, in addition is also one of the greenest places in the city.

The most interesting area is the Ville Marie is the oldest part of the city that has preserved its original name. Here is the town center, the Latin and Chinese quarters, etc.

A Mecca for creative people and students can be called Plateau Mont-Royal. Here are plenty of bars, night clubs, shops and parks.

But the areas of montréal-Nord Mercier-Aslaha-Villeray Maisonneuve and Saint-Michel-Park-Extension are considered the least advantaged. Here it is not necessary to go into the dark.

What to do?

To start exploring the city with its historic centre – Mont-Royal and its environs. The mountain itself is low – it is rather a hill with a height of 234 meters. On top of it a large cross, for the first time this was done on the orders of the founding father of the town in 1643.

On one of the slopes of the mountain, stands the largest Church of Canada – Cathedral of St. Joseph. Located on the mountain and a large Park, where in summer, ride bikes, and in winter – skiing.

The Park was designed by the Creator of Central Park in new York and is considered a favorite place of citizens.

To the East of the Royal mountain you can admire the Cathedral of SV. Patrick and visit the Museum of the history of Canada, which collected more than 1 million exhibits. Near it is the old place De Armes where there is a monument to those who founded the city.

Opposite the square is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Montreal, built in the first half of the XIX century in neo-Gothic style. He is especially known for the lavish interior decoration – carving, gold starson a blue background, a huge organ, stained glass Windows that tell the history of the city.

chto posetit?

Not less interesting is the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secour is one of the oldest on the continent. It is located near the old city harbour offering magnificent views of Montreal. Next door you can see the old town hall.

Montreal is considered the leading cultural center of the country. He is the champion of Canada on the number of museums, the most interesting of which is the Museum of modern art, the Canadian Centre for architecture, the Exhibition center of the local University and the Museum of fine arts.

Among the most interesting urban streets:

  1. St James with lots of old buildings, where now is located the banks;
  2. Crescent street, famous for numerous bars, restaurants and art galleries;
  3. Sainte-Catherine is a real Paradise for shopaholics.

Nightlife lovers will certainly need to visit the streets of Saint-Denis and Saint-Laurent and the surrounding area Concordia University, filled with Nightclubs and discos.

Children should spend a day (or even one) in the center of the Biodome of Montreal, where, under a glass roof there is an aquarium, zoo and Botanical garden. Like them and amusement parks, La Ronde and Zigzag-Zoo near the city. In the winter they will be delighted with a visit to the Snow village.

No doubt guests of the city will experience a sea of emotions, visiting performance of the famous Cirque du Soleil.

Be sure to see the release of the famous TV program "heads and Tails" of Montreal in this video: