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The city of Toronto on the map of Canada: where, what time, weather, photos

gde nahoditsya Toronto?

Country where Toronto attracts people from all over the world rather favorable climate, vast open spaces, beautiful scenery and high standard of living.

Toronto is a huge metropolis on the shores of lake Ontario, one of the most multilingual and developed on the planet. Economists estimate it is included in the top ten cities with the highest standard of living.

Toronto on the world map

gorod na mirovom atlase

The city of Toronto is one of the largest cities in the world and has a lot of weight in the region and at national and international level.

In what country is?

The largest town of Canada located on the South-East of the country, at the border with USA. It is located in the province of Ontario, named after one of the Great lakes of North America. The Indians of the tribe of the Hurons, who lived here before the arrival of white settlers, chose this place as the crossing of two major trade routes.

The name of the city of Toronto is translated from the language of the Hurons as "the meeting place".

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The terrain and water bodies

Toronto lies on the Northern shore of lake Ontario at an altitude of about 76 meters above sea level. In General, the terrain is highly dissected, in and around the city of many hills and ravines. They were in the time of the last glaciers.

Due to the large number of undeveloped ravines in the city a lot of greenery and parks, where there are many health trails. Green areas cover almost one-third of the urban area.

landshaft i vodnye arterii

In addition to the lake Ontario, the city has other water sources of the river (they all fall in Ontario):

  • Rouge in the East;
  • Etobicoke in the West;
  • The Humber and the don with its tributaries, flowing through the Central part of the city.

How much time: time zone difference with Moscow

Toronto is located in the Western hemisphere in time zone GMT-5, that is, the deviation from Greenwich Meridian time is 5 hours. The time difference with Moscow depend on the season: in winter it is equal to -8 and in summer -7 hours.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Toronto from most parts of the globe is the plane. There are most of the major European carriers: Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc. Direct flights from Russia there, would have to fly with a stopover in one of the European hubs (Amsterdam, London , etc.).

Travel time depends on the length of the dock and may take 15 hours and longer.

European flights land at the airport in Pearson, located on the outskirts of Toronto, 32 km from the city centre. To get from here to the centre by bus, train or taxi.

sposoby dobratsya

In Toronto there are two airport – Hamilton and Billy Bishop, serving domestic flights and flights from US.

Buy a plane ticket to Toronto, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

From different cities in the United States and Canada go here trainsarriving at Union station. Such trips are quite expensive – prices for railway tickets is comparable to the ticket, but on the way passengers waiting. From Vancouver to Toronto is the Canadian railway route length of almost 4.5 thousand km. It passes through incredibly beautiful places and allows you to enjoy the nature of Canada.

The largest metropolis of the country with other cities connect roads greatquality, which can be reached by bus or car. The main bus companies – Greyhound and Coach Canada. They also carry in some US cities, e.g. new York.

The largest metropolis of Canada - photos

samyj krupnyj megapolis strany

The city is just over 630 km2 and is part of the largest canadian Metropolitan area, which also includes several other cities lying along the shore of Ontario: MISSISSAUGA, Oakville, Pickering, Brampton and others.


Before the advent of white settlers on the shores of the Ontario and other Great lakes lived the Indian tribes:

  1. Huron;
  2. the Iroquois;
  3. Seneca and others.

They did not have permanent settlements, they roamed, following the game.

These places attracted the Europeans in the late seventeenth century they bought a small plot of land on the North shore of the lake. In 1793 district, which bore the name Toronto was chosen as the capital of the province of Upper Canada. Here began to grow rapidly the city of Yorkin 20 years, captured and destroyed by American troops. Eventually it was restored and renamed to Toronto (it happened in 1834).

The real growth of the city began already in the second half of the century, when Montreal was intensified the separatist movement.

Residents of the province of Quebecwho do not want to separate from Canada, began to move to other cities in the country, including in Toronto. They were mostly English-speaking wealthy citizens who do not want to lose your business.

During these years, increased foreign immigration, and in the hospitable city on the shores of Ontario flooded immigrants from different countries of the world. It has shaped the current Toronto – Canada's largest multicultural metropolis and one of the leading financial centers of the world.

General information

obshaya informaciya

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. In 2016, there were more than 2.7 million people. Together with nearby towns it forms the agglomeration, where the lives of almost 6 million people. In these places, home to a third of the population, and the city provides employment-sixth of Canadians.

Dialling code for Toronto is 416 and 647. To call from a mobile phone, you need to consistently dial: +1-416 (or 647) and call number.

Wishing to write a letter or to mail any other correspondence you need to know the postcode of the largest city of Canada, several of them – M4A, M4B, M4C, M4G, M4H, M4J (depends on area).

Despite its size and economic significance, Toronto is not the capital of the country. This status performs 350 km Ottawa.

The ethnic composition of the population

Toronto is one of the most international cities on Earth – almost 50% of its residents were born outside the city and even the country. And the multinational he was just a few decades ago.

The last census showed that almost 10% of the city population are migrants from India, 8% Chinese, 5% Italian. A lot of in Toronto and former residents of Russia and Ukraine (as a whole living in Canada, most Ukrainians, if not to take into account Ukraine itself and Russia).

An interesting fact is that the national communities live in isolation, not assimilating too. This is because traditionally supported the culture and traditions of each individual nation.

Climate and weather by months

Toronto is located in the temperate zone. The weather is influenced by geographic location (in the southern part of the country) and proximity to large water sources (Ontario and other Great lakes).

pogodnye usloviya v techenie goda

In General the climate is soft and fairly high humidity with frequent temperature fluctuations. The average annual rainfall is about 800 mm.

The cold season is from January to March, and the rainiest months are April, June and October.

  • Winter is quite cold with frequent snowfalls. Although the temperature rarely drops below -10°C, strong wind with Ontario creates the impression of extreme cold.

    Winter average temperature °C day/night:

    1. December - +2,6/-0,3;
    2. January - -2,4/-4,7;
    3. February - -2,6/-5,5.
  • klimaticheskij rezhim po mesyacam

  • Spring in Toronto is long and soft with periodic rains.

    Spring average temperature °C day/night:

    1. March -+2,1/-1,8;
    2. April - +8,8/+3,8;
    3. May - +16,7/+10,4.
  • Summer is warm with frequent rains.

    Summer average monthly temperature °C day/night:

    1. June - +22,6/+15,4;
    2. July - +26,8/+18,8;
    3. August - +26,2/+18,7.
  • Autumn is long with a pleasant temperature at this time is quite dry.

    It is best to visit Toronto in the fall – the season here is long, relatively warm and dry, and the famous canadian maple trees adorn the city of bright foliage.

    Autumn average temperature °C day/night:

    1. September +22/+16,2;
    2. October +14,6/+16,7;
    3. November +7,9/+4.

Tour areas

Toronto interesting a lot of interesting places located in the city itself and near it. They all focus in different areas of the city.

  • Downtown – the Central part of the city, where many skyscrapers, hotels, bars, restaurants and attractions. Among them, the CN tower , the tallest building on the continent. With three viewing platforms of the tower you can see not only the entire city and its surroundings, but also Niagara falls, lying on the border of Canada and the United States.

    ekskursionnyj Dauntaun

    Near the CN tower you can see the huge stadium complex sky dome. It holds 56 thousand people, and the retractable roof protects the spectators in bad weather, and can accommodate several aircraft.

    Among the most unusual buildings of the city – a complex of buildings, where are located the city hall of Toronto. It consists of 2 semi-circular skyscraper with a height of 20 and 27 storeys, connected by a semblance of a flying saucer, in which sits the city Council.

    Fans just wander around the city, take a look around, go shopping like Central street Toronto Bay street, University Avenue and Yonge street. Here is the famous Palace of the Hockey of Famewhere you can see the hockey sticks and skates, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valery Kharlamov and Pavel Bure.

    Fans of art should visit the Art gallerythat holds works by van Gogh, Picasso, Degas and Rodin.

  • Chinatown and Corso Italia – the most famous areas of the city created by immigrants from China and Italy, respectively. They are distinguished by a large number of small shops and ethnic restaurants.
  • St. Lawrence Market – an area located around the old market. Features a large number of buildings of the XIX century, which also has a cafe, souvenir shops, art galleries. Often there are street performers, and various festivals.
  • Yorkville is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods with boutiques and expensive hotels.

    Here is the largest Museum of Canada – the Royal Ontario Museum, which houses more than 6000000 of exhibits, from dinosaur skeletons to ancient Greek coins and items made by the canadian Indians. The two parts of the Museum devoted to science and world culture. Every year it is visited by nearly a million guests.

    Next door to the Royal Museum has a ceramics Museum and the Shoe Museum (there you can see the shoes of Elvis Presley and the shoes of Winston Churchill).

    Nearby Yorkville is another of the popular Toronto attractions – Casa Loma castlebuilt in 1914. Its neo-Gothic style and luxurious interior 96 of the rooms it looks like a fabulous Palace. Often, there are a variety of special events and filming.

  • ekskursionnoe mesto

  • Distillery District – code-it was a large industrial area. Now the factories of the XIX century turned into galleries, bars and boutiques. There are art fairs and concerts.
  • Church Wellesley – there are clubs and bars, popular among the sexual minorities. In June there is a gay pride parade.
  • Cabbagetown – once in the area were many of the Irish, which were fed mostly cabbage. Now here live artists and other creative people.
  • From the point of view of architecture area of interest to the maximum in America, the concentration of buildings constructed during the reign of Queen Victoria.

  • Entertainment District is a favorite place for theater – goers and lovers of night life – theaters and clubs.
  • Scarborough is a district in the Eastern part of the city, located on the shore of Ontario. Considered the most green area of the city. Among the most famous attractions of the complex glacial deposits of the Scarborough bluffs. It looks like a beautiful light grey cliffs and a chain of good beaches, popular among locals.

    There are also many parks and green areaswhere locals are not averse to relax after working everyday. One of the most popular Park in baton Rouge. Children and nature enthusiasts will love the city zoo is one of the largest in the world. It presents a collection of 5000 animals from all 6 continents.

  • RATN – the city beneath the city, underground area of Toronto, built under Downtown, a popular place for shopping andentertainment – lots of shops, restaurants, small parks, connected streets and underground metro stations.

The main attraction outside of the city is undoubtedly the Niagara falls. To reach it from Toronto as part of one of the tour groups and independently, breaking the 140 km by car or bus.

Buses depart from the bus station, the road to the town of Niagara Falls takes about 2 hours. From there to the waterfall runs a small local bus, the ride takes 20 minutes.

See also interesting video about Toronto: