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Canada on the map where, in what country are the city and Vancouver island?

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If you wonder where Vancouver is always necessary to clarify what was going on. This is the name of a town in Washington state, an island in the canadian province of British Columbia and adjacent shore of the mainland's third-largest city in Canada.

Vancouver on the world map

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American and canadian Vancouver are at a distance from each other approximately 500 km. Vancouver island is visible in good weather from the Windows of the houses of the canadian metropolis. Once it was inhabited by Indians. Canadian Vancouver is divided into areas, which can be found in densely populated British, Irish and other ethnic groups.

Lately in Vancouver the rapidly growing number of immigrants from China.

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In which country are the city and the island?

Vancouver island refers to the Western provinces of Canada, British Columbia. Its first settlers were Indians. The area of the island is almost 32 thousand sq. km. In the length he attains 460 km and a maximum width of 80 km. It is 11th largest island in Canada and 43 in the world. A tourist attraction in the country, Vancouver island is No. 1. It is the largest national Park in the country Pacific rim.

The island has a volcanic origin. It is older than 50 million years. Here there are the highest on the planet ate. They reach a height of 95 meters. In lakes and rivers with clear water trout and salmon.

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The island is famous for its emerald green forests and pristine beaches. Near its shores is very common to see migrating whales. The number of the island's population is about 760 thousand people. 1 sq km of its area accounts for approximately 25 people.

From different sides of Vancouver by the Pacific ocean, the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia. To reach the island by ferry, which departs from the docks of Vancouver. Island's main town is Victoria. It is located at a distance of about 100 miles from Seattle and the city of Vancouver.

Residents of the administrative center of Vancouver island is called the Victorians, they try to maintain the image of Victoria as the most British city in Canada.

Canadian geographic coordinates of Vancouver: 49°15's. sh. 123°06 s. D. In 2010, Vancouver was the capital of the XXI Olympic winter games. According to British publication the Economist, Vancouver three times voted the best city in the world. This occurred in 2005, 2007 and 2009. The population of the city without its surroundings is around 631 thousand people, area — about 2.5 million residents.

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The city is built on both banks of the Gulf of Burrard. He is the second after new York city port located in North America. In it several rivers through which there are over 20 bridges, three of which are adjustable. Vancouver is surrounded by mountains. There is also the headquarters of Greenpeace. The city centre is between two peaks - mount Seymour and Hollyburn.

How much time: time zone of the region

The time zone of Vancouver UTC-8. From Moscow a canadian city is behind by 10 hours. Every year in March, the Vancouver switches to daylight saving time until November.

How to get there?

From Russia to Vancouver to get a plane. You have to fly with a connection, and sometimes not one. As a transit airport when flying from Moscow it is most convenient to choose Heathrow or Frankfurt. When departing from Saint Petersburg to choose the best Amsterdam. The nearest to Vancouver international airportlocated in Richmond. Distance from Vancouver is 12 km away.

Buy a plane ticket, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

To get to downtown Vancouver from the airport is easy using the Skytrain. His line The Canada Line connects the airport with the city. At night, when metro does not work, you can get there by bus or taxi.

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In order to get to Vancouver island you will have to use the ferry. They are very comfortable. All ferries are equipped with soft seats for passengers. They have TVs, Wi-Fi, a café and even small shops.

To get water through it is possible not only to Islands but also to the city of Vancouver. Its port welcomes sea passenger liners.

Of the United States of America to the city of Vancouver can be reached by train or bus.

Information about North Hollywood

Vancouver is not only considered by many to be one of the best cities in the world. Often called "Hollywood North". This is due to the fact that in Vancouver we have a large number of tapes of the film. The Vancouver Studio is inferior in its scale in North America only Los Angeles and new York.


The city of Vancouver received its name in honor of officer of the British Navy, who is credited with the discovery of the Strait Burrard. Striking in its beauty of the coast of the Strait was not only aesthetically appealing but rich in minerals, such as gold. This was the main reason for the establishment of the settlement, which over the centuries turned into a beautiful modern metropolis.

In 1827 near the location of the modern city was opened for the buying and selling of gold. The people rushed on the canadian coast in search of the coveted metal. A force of 25 thousand builders arrived on the Fraser river, which was a major site for gold mining, there was a settlement called Waterloo. Now it is in present-day Vancouver.

The settlement of Gastown, which became the basis for the construction of Vancouver began to build around the local sawmill. In 1870, Gastown, was renamed Granville, who in 1886 and became known as Vancouver. During this period its population was only 1000 people.

General information

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The city is located in the province of British Columbia and is the third largest in the country. Its area is 114 sq km Main languages of communication are English and French. The city itself is multi-ethnic. There are some national quarters. Vancouver is very clean, well developed public transport network:

  • ground subway;
  • trolleybuses;
  • buses;
  • ferries;
  • the suburban railway.

The city is indented with numerous Cycling paths, but few people speaking about the merits of Vancouver, mentions a large number of it homeless. A high standard of living of Canadians in reality is not available for all the inhabitants of the metropolis.

Mild and warm climate which is renowned in Vancouver as time is a factor that attracts in these places the homeless.

Manages the city's economy the municipality. The city is a major industrial center of the country. Here are the offices of the largest logging enterprises and gornodobytchikov. The bulk of the population are Anglo-Canadians.


klimaticheskie usloviya

The city is surrounded by mountains and water. It defines its mild climate. Annually rainfall. They are so numerous that Vancouver is often called the "wet city".

The average temperature here in summer is kept at +22 degrees, and in winter 0. These weather conditions contribute to the fact that growing up in the city the plants are always green foliage. Snow falls in Vancouver is extremely rare and is for residents of the city is not always a pleasant surprise.

Guide to the canadian metropolis

For visiting tourists to the city produced maps of public transport routes, subway stations, attractions, cafes, restaurants and hotels. The city is divided into districts, composed of various territorial districts.


The city is divided into districts:

  1. Center. The most expensive area of the city lined with high-rise buildings;
  2. Robson Streetand Pacific Centre Mall. Major shopping areas;
  3. The West End. The most affordable and mixed population area located near the center. Bordered by downtown, Stanley Park and the ocean. This place is popular with gays. Vancouver is famous for its annual gay pride parade in the world;
  4. Yaletown. District, located on the site of a former rail yard. Here you'll find the best restaurants and clubs in the city. This is a favorite area of the local elite;
  5. Gastown. Is a kind of mix of old and new architecture. A favorite place of pilgrimage for tourists;
  6. Downtown. Extremely rich residential area;
  7. Granville Street. The business and entertainment district.
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What to do?

Tourists in Vancouver is always something to do and somewhere to go. Here it is possible in any weather:

  • play beach volleyball;
  • A sand playgrounds have canopies or located in the enclosed space that protects them from the rain.

  • visit museums and parks, which the city quite a lot;
  • ride the go-karts or jumping on the trampoline, to fencing lessons or engage in any other sport;
  • visit natural parks or shopping centers.

If a tourist arrives in the city to see the sights Canada, then you can visit:

  1. the observation tower at the Vancouver Lookout;
  2. Japanese garden , Nitobe;
  3. Park Stanley;
  4. art gallery;
  5. bridge "lions gate";
  6. Convention center;
  7. center "Science World";
  8. the Vancouver public library;
  9. the island of Granville.

See a video tour through Vancouver: