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Dean's blue hole in the Bahamas and the divers graveyard - photo

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One of the most mysterious phenomena of our planet are the blue hole. Many of them appeared thousands of years ago, and now are very popular among divers and fans of extreme rest. Today you will learn about Dean's Blue hole.

Mystery of the deep

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Blue hole is beautiful and mysterious in nature, because scientists still cannot come to a consensus about the origin of this phenomenon.

There are several theories of the origin of such phenomena, among which the most popular – education in the course of karst changes.

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What is it?

Blue holes are vertical holes resembling large water funnel. Sinkholes are karst origin and are located below the ocean level. In some cases, take the form of underwater caves. The name of the crater was due to the difference in the color of the water in the middle of the hole and its edges.

Education unusual craters

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Blue hole appeared during a glacial period during the run-off rainwater and meltwater from the limestone rock. In that period the water level was lower than present at 150-300 meters.

Funnel have different depth, shape and diameter. Most visited blue funnel are:

  • in Egypt;
  • in Malta;
  • at the Bahamas.

Dean's blue hole - photo

Until recently was considered the deepest of all the world famous blue holes.

Your name Dean's Blue hole was named after the landowner of the territory, which is situated next to the funnel.


Dean's blue hole is located near the town of Clarence town in the lagoon at long island, part of the Bahamian archipelago.

To get to the ground as possible on the plane (there is a private airport) and the water – from the Central island of Nassau is several ferries.



The depth of the crater is 202 meters. On the surface, the diameter of the crater is 20-30 m depth it increases up to 100 meters, thus forming a kind of dome. Also on the surface of the funnel is oval in shape.

Historical information

First dive to great depths has been committed by Jim king ("King Jimmy") in 1992, shortly before his death. In 2010 U. Trubridge made a dive to 101 meters, thus beating the record of John. King.

Dean's blue hole in the Bahamas is extremely popular among divers and is the base training and preparations for all freedivers. Every winter here gives master classes he U. Trubridge, as well as festivals and competitions.

The characteristics of the local diving

Hobby scuba diving is a fashionable and popular pastime for a couple of decades. For diving to great depths there is nothing better than the blue hole.

What attracts the divers?

Dean's blue hole attracts enthusiasts for many reasons:

  1. the ability to dive to great depths;
  2. beautiful underwater scenery;
  3. safety immersion;
  4. the opportunity of meeting with like minded and outstanding divers;
  5. base freedivers on the coast.

Is it dangerous to dip?

Compared to other blue holes that can be considered safe – it has not recorded a single fatality.

You should always remember that you're a tourist, without appropriate knowledge and equipmentcan be deadly.

Here, for example, in Egypt the blue hole of Dahab, there is the so-called "divers cemetery", where according to official figures killed about forty people. On the shore of the red sea covered with memorial plaques to the dead.

See an exciting video of the dive at Dean's Blue hole: