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Largest Canada on the map - the capital and the largest city in the South

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Canada attracts tourists from all over the world for its traditions, sights, culture. Major cities of the country annually meet travelers. If you are planning a trip to Canada, it is necessary to be aware of the characteristics of the country and with the largest cities.

Canada on the world map

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This country is the second largest in the world after Russia and the largest in the entire North American continent.

General information

Is the state in North Americaand is washed by three oceans: Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic. The land border with the USA is the world's longest border between two countries, it is 8 891 km and Is the Maritime boundary with Denmark (Greenland) and France.

Was in Canada two official languages: English, French. And the population is over 36 million people.

It is noteworthy that 90% of the population is concentrated in the southern part of the country, here are located the largest city, cultural and industrial centers.

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On the territory of a state has multiple climate zones. Experts distinguish temperate climate, Arctic and subarctic.

Spring often rainsas it began warming after a harsh winter. The leaves on the trees late, they can be seen only in April - may. The average temperature in March is -2 degrees, April 6 degrees above zero in the may 12 degrees Celsius. Average rainfall: 75 mm.

Summer is moderate. The temperature does not rise above 23 degrees. The wind is cool, but a little rain. The average precipitation per month: 75 mm. This is the best time to visit the attractions of the country.

Autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Canada. More than fifty percent of the country covered by forests. With the onset of autumn the trees turn orange, red, light green shades. In this time increases the amount of precipitation: 90 mm., the Wind becomes cool and gusty. Average temperature: 10 degrees Celsius.

Winter in Canada is harsh, cold and satisfied long. It occurs in mid - November and can last until early March. Wind gusty, cold. The air temperature drops to -12 degrees Celsius. The rainfall for the month: 70 mm.

Administrative division

administrativnoe delenie gosudarstva

The country is divided into three territories and 10 provinces. The distinctive feature of the administrative district of that province have more rights.

The province

The province is represented by some mini-States. Each of them has its own Parliament.

Provincial government can adjust the tax code, health, justice and so on.

List of provinces:

  1. Albert. The population of over 3 million 800 thousand people. Located in the Western part of the country. The climate of this province is dry continental, with warm summers and cold winters. The largest city is calgary;
  2. British Columbia. The population of more than 4 million 700 thousand people. Located in the West of Canada. The climate is mild, rainy in summer very warm and dry, winters are long and harsh. The largest city Vancouver;
  3. Quebec. Living in the province more than 8 million 200 thousand people. Situated on the East of the country. Summers are warm and winters can be very cold. The native language of most residents of the province is French;
  4. Manitoba. The province is home to more than 1 million 300 thousand people. Located in the centre of the country.Dominated by continental climate. Happen strong tornado;
  5. provinciya Manitoba

  6. Nova Scotia. Living in the province more than 945 thousand people. Located in the very East of the country. The climate is temperate with warm summers and cold winters. On the territory of this province is located the Bay of Fundy, which is annually visited by many tourists;
  7. New Brunswick. The population more than 700 thousand people. The province is in Eastern Canada. The climate is continental with mild winters and warm summers;
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador. The population of over 528 thousand people. Situated on the North-East of the country. The climate is temperate Maritime. The warmest month is August;
  9. Ontario. Living in the province more than 13 million 870 thousand people. It is the most populous province. Located in the heart of Canada. In the province three climatic zones: continental, subarctic, and areas with permafrost;
  10. Prince Edward Island. The population of more than 146 thousand people. Situated on the East of the country. The climate is temperate with cold frosty winters and warm summers;
  11. Saskatchewan. Lives in the province to 1 million 142 thousand people. Located in the South Central part of the country. The climate is humid continental: summers are hot, winters are cold, windy.


Territory - administrative unitssubordinate to the Federal Parliament, which in turn allowed them to have their own legislative Assembly. These administrative units have created a political movement advocating for the transfer of the territories to the status of provinces. Represented the state in the following areas:

  • Nunavut. The Capital Of Iqaluit. The province's population is more than 33 thousand people. Is located in the North of the state. The climate is Arctic and subarctic. The winters are very cold and summers cool;
  • North-West territories. The capital city is Yellowknife. Living in this place more than 43 thousand people. Located in the Northern part of the country. The climate is continental and Arctic. Summer is cool, winter is cold;
  • Yukon. The capital city is Whitehorse. The population of just over 36 thousand people. Situated on the North-West of the country. Subarctic climate: winters are long and severe, summers short and cool.

The largest city

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Canada can boast of their cities love travelers. Especially worth highlight a few cities.

The Capital - Ottawa

The capital of this state is Ottawa. Live on its territory of 883 thousand people, but from the nearby districts the population is 1 million 236 thousand people. Located in the province of Ontario.

Official languages, as well as throughout the country - English and French. In Ottawa dry summers and long, severe winters.

In the city there are parks that with the onset of autumn becomes incredibly beautiful. Trees turn orange, red, yellow. The leaves change their hue, transforming the city.

In Ottawa, a large number of museums, galleries, theatres, libraries. There are three universities: the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Catholic University of Saint Paul.

If you were lucky enough to get in this city, you should visit the following attractions:

  1. The building of the Parliament of Canada. This is an architectural complex, which houses the government of the country. Magnificent buildings have unusual architecture. The Central unit is very high, visible from different parts of the city;
  2. The Museum Of Civilization. It is a Museum dedicated to the history, gathered a large number of facts. Equipped with modern equipment that makes the inspection process exhibits even more interesting;
  3. The Building Of The Confederation. Made in the style of Gothic revival. The building fascinates tourists, stands out against the modern buildings of the city. In this place deputies are working to solve important public issues;
  4. Zoo. Gathered a huge number of animals. This attraction will be interesting for both children and adults;
  5. The canadian Museum of science and technology. Is a lot of artifacts created both in the past and in the present moment. Modern equipment makes this Museum very fascinating. He happily visited not only by adults but also children. The Museum is visited by more tourists.

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ogromnyj Vankuver

Vancouver is one of the most populated cities in Canada. A population of 603 thousand people. However, if you count the surrounding areas, the city's population is 2 million 313 thousand people.

It's an incredibly scenic town on the planet. The cityrapidly evolving: new schools, hospitals, shops. The climate is temperate, warm. Rain is a lot, but in the summer their number is reduced.

The Sights Of Vancouver:

  • The Museum of anthropology. Lovers of history, philosophy. Collected is really interesting and unusual exhibits. A visit to the Museum becomes a very exciting process;
  • Stanley Park. Picturesque, incredibly beautiful place in the city. Ideal for walks. Near the Park is the boutiques and eateries;
  • Lynn Canyon Park. Excellent place to stay. Fascinating places will appeal to fans of nature. The Park has waterfalls, unique natural attractions;
  • Robson street - the busiest shopping street. Consists entirely of boutiques, entertainment centres.


Montreal is located in Quebec. Lives in city of 1 million 649 thousand people. It is the largest French-speaking settlement of Canada.

For most residents of the city of Montreal's native language is French.

Is famous for its vibrant, bustling atmosphere , often hosts festivals. You can visit the fun activities. The town has schools, hospitals, restaurants, sports stadiums, parks. Residents offered everything for a comfortable life.

The main museums of Montreal, which are worth a visit:

  1. The Museum of modern art. Filled with unusual exhibits. This is a brand new trend in art. The exhibition will appeal to professionals in the field, and the curious tourists;
  2. The amusement Park "La Ronde Amusement Park". You can find lots of attractions for children and adults;
  3. Berths in the old port of Montreal. Have a special atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. This landmark attracts tourists from different countries.


dinamichnyj Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in the country. This is a business, financial and information center of the country. A population of 2 million 600 thousand people. Previously in its place was founded the city of York.

The climate here is humid continental: winter is cold and summer is warm and humid with frequent rains. The optimum time to visit this town: the summer and early fall.

The name of the city translates as "meeting place". This is also confirmed by the fact that the city is closely intertwined characteristics, traditions and culture of different peoples living here. In Toronto, there are many cultural and historical places:

  • The construction of the CN Tower. It can be seen from different parts of the city. The tower is a hallmark of the city. In this building there is an observation deck, restaurant;
  • Hockey hall of fame. Lovers of this sport. You can learn the history of hockey in Canada;
  • Botanical garden. Scenic spot of the city, perfect for walking with your family;
  • Art gallery. Will appeal to art lovers. Collected paintings of different times. Presented and modern exhibits.


Edmonton is the educational centre of Canada, where there are many schools, research institutions. The population is 817 thousand people, but the adjacent areas there are 1 million 160 thousand people. Winter is frosty, harsh, and summers are warm. The city is evolving, with new schools, shops, sports centers, museums, libraries.

Favorite tourist destination:

  1. Expocentre is the venue, which hosts music and sports events, exhibitions;
  2. Water Park World Water Park is included with the top ten in the world. It is filled with slides for adults and for children. In the building there are cafes, restaurants;
  3. Zoo "Valley". A huge number of animals, rare species. Will be an interesting zoo and childrenand adults;
  4. Art gallery. Presents a variety of exhibits: paintings, sculptures from all over the world.

Canada is an amazing country, ideal for travel. You can get acquainted with the culture of the country, admire the beautiful nature. After the trip the tourist will remain a positive experience.

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