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What can you bring from Cuba, from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti s Kuby?

Do you know why tourists traveling to Cuba, a large suitcase? Not to brim fill it with clothes and shoes.

Suitcase need, to enable you to safely bring home all bought on holiday Souvenirs and gifts. They look forward to your household, they will be happy friends, colleagues and even a strict boss. So...

Souvenirs from Cuba: what to bring?

Alcohol and cigars

Alcoholic drink No. 1 in Cuba is rum. If you are not well familiar with the wine beverages, you will be difficult to make a choice - different types of rum a lot. However, unmistakable is to buy rum "Havana Club".

This is the most famous brand in the country, and certainly of high quality. But it has variety -"Anejo", "Carta Blanca", "Carta Oro". So, if you have the opportunity to consult with experts, it is better to do it.

And yet we must be mindful of local restrictions on the export abroad of rum – 2 liters per person. If you need to increase this number, you can purchase the rum in the duty free shops. True, he will cost a bit more than in conventional stores.

There is another drink which is a cube, but which few people know - herbal the 40-degree tincture "Guayabita del Pinar". It has two versions - dry and sweet. Also a great gift from Cuba.

Cuban cigars – a traditional gift. They have a reputation as the best in the world, and rich assortment. There is, for example, cigars with colorful names - "Bolivar", "Romeo and Juliet".

You can make the purchase directly from the manufacturer (in the factories there are shops), and then the quality will be guaranteed. As in the case of rum for this product defined limit – can not be exported more than fifty cigars.

Perfumery and cosmetics

Fine gift from Cuba will be perfumes and creams. They produce state of the company without the use of alcohol and any "chemistry".

Raw materials of local and exotic plants with a wonderful, spicy aroma. The most popular as gift for women perfume "Mariposa".

Parfumeriya i kosmetika


In such a Paradise for a holiday country like Cuba, it is inappropriate to think about the diseases, but many tourists bring from here to Russia of medicines of local production. You just have to keep in mind that Cuba's reputation as one of the major exporters of pharmaceutical products.

What do you buy? Means, lowers cholesterol and is recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis (it is a medicine made from sugar cane).

For strengthening of bones intended the preparation is shark cartilage. There are preparations from algae ("spirulina"), there are Apicultural products, including propolis and Royal jelly.

Purchase to avoid counterfeit, it is recommended to do in international drugstores, and also in the network of duty free shops.

Products, spices

A win-win gift – coffee. He is in Cuba, in many ways, very fragrant. And among the best varieties "Arabica Serano Washed".

For those with a sweet tooth should buy local marmalade, Packed in a beautiful box. Here it is exotic for Russia, mango, guava, other fruits. Is inexpensive, which is a definite plus.

Spices and seasonings in the Cuban market traditional for Russians: allspice, coriander, nutmeg, cumin. But they are often presented in a gift – in cute boxes or transparent containers. What is not a souvenir from Cuba?

You can also bring the spices for desserts, which are unusually fragrant: vanilla, saffron, roasted almonds. Widely known in Cuba spice "compo," it is good to cook even scrambled eggs, and the Cubans add it to the meat, beans and rice.


What can you buy in Cuba, clothes? In this segment of the Cuban market holds championship shirt called "guayabera". Her style is virtually unchanged for a century: patch pockets, several rows of neatly stitched small pleats.

Natural fabric – cotton or silk, excellent breathable in the hot summer Cuba and Russia. These shirts brought the first Soviet tourists in Cuba.

You can buy women's dress is the same cut, with a zipper from top to bottom as the robe. Soonall modern tourists will also be able to make such a purchase. And for women you can buy bright cotton skirts and shawls.

Traditional tourist Souvenirs – t-shirts - Cuba decorated with portraits of Che Guevara, Hemingway and, of course, Fidel Castro. And yet – reading "Havana". Oh, and don't forget the sombrero, hat in Cuban.

Suveniry s Kuby: chto privezti? Odezhda


What else can you buy in Cuba? Rarely of any trip tourists bring musical instruments, but Cuba is in this sense an exception. Here you can bring your maracas, drums, bongos and even an extraordinary instrument that sets the rhythm of the clave.

And gourds (it is made from the fruit of the plant of the same name). Necessary note: if you are considering purchasing it as a souvenir, feel free to purchase musical instruments in the gift shop. If you want to have a real tool, then visit a specialized retail outlet.

CDs Cuban music (and her in Russia a lot of fans) is also better to buy in specialized stores, although they will be offered in any small shop, and cheaper. Choose quality!

Photo album – a work of art, it is made from the skins of Buffalo.

The Cuban flag. The Cubans are great patriots of their homeland, so they have a lot of Souvenirs with Patriotic symbolism: there is actually a flag, and t-shirts with his image.

Works of art. In Cuba, you can buy an inexpensive paintings by local artists (when purchasing please be licensed for export, the customs offices may not give "good"). Wood, cedar or rosewood, statues in an African style. Carved mahogany furniture.

Books can be exported from Cuba, if they were published over forty years ago. Otherwise, they acquire the status of national heritage and cannot be exported from the country without proper documents, to issue that are problematic.

Souvenirs: caps, badges, postcards, magnets. Them don't even have to go shopping, but you can buy directly on the beach at a local "peddlers".

Market "collapse" in Cuba striking diversity and originality. You can, for example, to catch the sale of ancient relics any family – ashtrays and candlesticks.

And you can find crafts from practically garbage, but quite decent quality. For example, bags made of keys-openers of different drinks and beer. And even airplanes and cars from the same material.

... Bracelets from old forks, magnets, cork. But for tin soldiers, which they had brought from Cuba, it is necessary to go to the Museum of weapons.

Gifts from Cuba. Guava, cocoa and more

What can you bring from Cuba?

For girls

In Cuba many different decorations that are not in other countries. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, necklaces what do! Pearls, silver, enamel, bones fruits of different plants and even a tortoise shell.

Looks great decoration of gorgonians (shallow coral). But, of course, is particularly prized pieces of black coral (he Cubans are credited with magical properties). However, there is a risk to purchase a fake.

If your finances allow you, better to go for this purchase in the store Habanera in the Cuban capital, where, except for a luxurious gift for your girlfriend, you will be given the documents authorizing the export of black coral from the country.

An export licence is required and for those who buy gizmos from crocodile skin. But products made of crocodile teethand bones from cow no accompanying paperwork I have. Although the gift is good too – bright and original.

In addition to jewelry, the fairer sex can result perfume, skirt, sweets.

CHto mozhno privezti s Kuby v podarok: dlya devushki?

For men

The choice is wide: shirts, rum, cigars, sombreros and even a machete. It's actually a tool for cutting sugar cane, another with a machete paving the way in the impenetrable thicket.

As a gift option machetes Packed in a nice box, and yet to carry it in hand Luggage you are not allowed, you will need to take a machete in Luggage.

For children

Girls to buy dolls in national Cuban costumes. They are usually of excellent quality, with good elaboration of the finest details of the toilet. Boys – the trucks, dominoes. All of this is made from environmentally friendly materials.

Often children bring as a gift to the costumes, there are a large choice. You can buy books, they are mostly in English, but even a plus, able to train yourself in the language.

Tourists who have visited Cuba, claim that bring home the feelingholiday. In order not to lose, is very important from time to time to materialize their memories: drink a Cup of Cuban coffee, inhale the aroma of Cuban spirits, to try in front of the mirror the original necklace or a sombrero.

And yet – share the holiday with those who are waiting for you at home. Rather unpack your bags!