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Cuba on the world map: where there is a detailed map of the island with cities

Kuba na karte mira

Cuba – the largest island in the Caribbean. This state is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. The beaches and coast of Cuba attract hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The island is located in close proximity to North America, where it is washed by the Florida Strait.

The convenient geographical location of the island, a large number of colorful coves and blue bays is the hallmark of this extraordinary country.

Atlantic ocean, between the continents of North and South America...where is this island?

gde nahoditsya ostrov Kuba?

In the part of Cuba are Antilles, the island Juventud and a large number of small Islands, their total number is equal to 1500.

The length of the island from West to East is 1250 km. the shape of the island somewhat similar to a lizard. Body "lizard" turned to the Atlantic ocean, and at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico has settled its tail. Geographically, the island of Cuba is 110 860 sq. km, the widest place on the island is 210 km Along the coast line of Cuba is located nearly 300 beaches.

The landscape and topography of the state is incredibly diverse. Here you can observe high mountains, and rich plains.

Mountain of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico is located in the Western part of the island, the Escambray in the center, East of Cuba is a mountain of the Sierra Maestra. Here is the highest point of the state – the peak of turquino, constituting 1974 m above sea level. The rest of Cuba lies in the plains.

On the territory of the mountains has formed a large number of caves and waterfalls, among them especially popular Abagana and Flip-cases-of Karbuni. The rivers of Cuba, though small, but is dominated by the rapid current. The river Cauto, whose length is 370 km, has the title of longest river on the island.

Popular cities

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The city is the capital of Cuba, or as it is called Liberty Island.

Havana – quite ancient city, its history began almost five centuries ago. Architecture, preserved since the Spanish era, combined with modern high-rise buildings of glass and metal.

The city is incredibly picturesque: its center is a old Spanish building, with its narrow streets and alleys. In the list of objects the history of Havana includes more than 900 different objects. In the daytime the streets are different views, and when night opens its doors to the cabaret.

populyarnye goroda ostrova - Gavana


Varadero – the most popular city which is a tourist center of the island. Here is countless five-star hotels, clubs and restaurants.

Varadero has the status of a most famous resort in the Western hemisphere. The city is only a few hours from the capital, and life abounds here, both day and night.

In the light of day for tourists available excellent beaches with mirrored water, boat trips, deep-sea fishing and excursions to the most exotic places of the island. The evening invite tourists night clubs, discos, cafes and restaurants, which is in Varadero, a great many. Historical attractions in the city are scarce, therefore they make the local entertainment.


The province of Holguin is the second largest resort in Cuba. Here is the most beautiful beach of the country – Playa Esmeralda, and Playa beach Guardalavaca-Pescara. The last two beaches are famous for their coral reefs.

In Holguin, also, is situated the largest Bay on the island – the Bay of Nipe. Harhua Grande suitable for sport fishing: largest lake of Cuba hides in its waters exotic fish and reptiles. Here is crocodile farm. Coast of Holguin includes more than 40 beaches.

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Sights and activities the country

  • The province of Pinar del Rio is famous for its nature and fields of tobacco. Located in the Western part of Cuba.
  • Villanes valley in the Sierra del Los Organos. Here you can visit the "Indian Cave", the cave of Santa Tomas, healing springs and ancient temples.
  • In soroa is the world's largest Orchid garden.
  • The world-famous rum "Havana club" made in the settlement of Santa Cruz del Norte. Tourists can visit the plant and participate in the production.
  • Matanzas is famous due to its nature, there is a nature reserve with unique species.
  • Also, here is the prison, "Joliet", in which he served a prison sentence, Fidel Castro.

  • Sapato on the Peninsula is the village of the Indians of GUAM. Here is crocodile farm. Throughout Sapato located nature reserves.
  • The province of Villa Clara and its main city of Santa Clara are of interest for lovers of history of Cuba. In this town are the remains of Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, and also erected a memorial in his honor. In the province there are a lot of ancient churches. Villa Clara is rich in natural parks, and its coast offer a lot of entertainment in local clubs and bars.

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