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What can you bring from Mexico of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Meksiki?

Mexico is a country with an ancient and distinctive culture, echoes of which can be found now in the unusual things and household items.

The mixing of traditions of different ethnic groups is reflected in the work of craftsmen, local food and Souvenirs, which is offered here for the tourists in a huge variety.

Going on a trip to Mexico, you can be sure that you will leave here with heavy Luggagefull of gifts for all your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Souvenirs from Mexico: what to bring?

Local spirits

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Souvenirs from Mexico is tequila. After all, this popular drink is in great demand among local residents and most tourists buy it as a souvenir.

Tequila is produced from blue agave juice that is growing in the country. In Mexico there is a special law, which stipulates that the contents of the juice of the agave in tequila must be at least 50%.

There are several varieties of tequila, with different percentages of juice of the agave, and the elite varieties are 100% him.

The liquor lovers also will not go away from local shops with empty hands. Here popular two kinds of such drinks: rumpole and Kahlua.

Rumpole is egg liqueur, made by nuns in monasteries. This drink has a slightly minty taste, it is added to pastries and salads.

And Kahlua is coffee liqueur, consisting of coffee Arabica beans, vanilla syrup and rum from cane. It is an exquisite drink with a rich taste and aroma, it is used as a component in cocktails or added to desserts.

Mestnyj alkogol

Cosmetics and medicines

In Mexico there are no known cosmetic brands, shops and supermarkets filled with cosmetics and perfumes from the US and Europe.

There is a wide choice of vehicles from cheap cosmetics of a class mass-market cosmetics to expensive luxury. So admirers of European and American cosmetics will surely find in the local stores of their favorite brands.

The most part familiar to many of medicines in Mexico may have a different name, so the pharmacy is better to buy not drugs, and natural productssuch as handmade soap or cosmetic oils (cocoa, avocado, jojoba and others).

Food and spices

What can you buy and bring back from Mexico? Gourmets should definitely pay attention to the spicy Tabasco saucemade from hot red pepper. It is sold in liquid form and packaged in glass bottles.

The sauce is added to dishes to impart a spicy flavor. However, this should be done with caution as one extra drop can cause discomfort in your mouth and spoil the dish.

Perhaps it is impossible to go to Mexico and leave without a jar of coffee produced locally. Here are grown coffee exclusively Arabica beans.

In Mexico get coffee with the largest grains, and some varieties are organic because they are grown without pesticides.

Mexican coffee has a delicate flavor, and coffee drinkers think that it lacks strength. However, it felt the taste of chocolate shades, which gives it elegance.

Sweet tooth brought from Mexico caramel candy "Cajeta", which are made with condensed milk.

Also popular candied fruits, macaroons and sweets from cactus. The music here buy liquid vanilla that is used in the preparation of desserts.

Produkty pitaniya i specii

Clothes and shoes

In every souvenir shop you can buy things that are considered symbols of Mexico, namely, the sombrero and poncho.

Hats sombreros are sold in different sizes. Often they are made of straw, but you can find more expensive fabrics or velvet.

Colored poncho made from warm yarn, additionally they are adorned with ornaments in a traditional style. Sombreros and ponchos are still made manuallyancient technologies.

From shopping at local markets dazzled, as there is a huge selection of textiles made of cotton and linen.

This men's shirt with embroidery, colourful shawls and women's blouses, scarves and ties with a Mexican flair. All things done in a unique original style and are renowned for high quality.

It is believed that in Mexico produce good quality leather, so here should pay attention to leather shoes, bags, purses.

Leather goods of local production are to expensive and highly original gifts. For example, in stores you can find shoes made from ostrich leather or Python.


What else to bring from Mexico? In markets and souvenir shops the attention of tourists attract a variety of handmade jewelry.

Jewelry made from leather, beads, semi-precious stones and even volcanic lava. You can also find jewelry made of shells and corals.

In Mexico, the development of extraction of silver, so craftsmen in the area produce many kinds of silver jewelrysuch as rings, brooches, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Silver jewelry are inexpensive, but keep in mind that the markets can sell a fake, that is a silver-plated product.

Ukrasheniya i izdeliya iz keramiki


Unusual Souvenirs are considered black pottery made from volcanic clay. Methods fabrication of ceramics was invented by the Indians.

The technology involves sculpting, firing, cutting of patterns, and in the end the finished product is rubbed with a piece of quartz to make it Shine.

Now craftsmen work with the designers and together they manage to create unique works for interior decoration.

No less popular among tourists pottery of white clay. In the process of making plates and jugs painted traditional ornaments with feathers.

The result is a unique and colorful gift items that you can decorate any room.

What to bring as a gift?

CHto privezti v podarok?

In Mexico, the selection of Souvenirs is so bigthat you can get lost when choosing gifts for girls, men and children.

Here are a few ideas of gifts from Mexico, to make it easier to navigate among the variety of unusual things for you.


  • scented candles are handmade, poured in the peel of fruits;
  • the jug of pumpkin, decorated with traditional ornaments and covered with enamel;
  • the box trimmed with silver.


  • Aztec knife, the blade of which made of stone-volcanic rock;
  • the figures of Indian gods made of wood or ceramic;
  • hammock made of natural cotton.


  • chocolate cinnamon local production;
  • a piece of blue amber, which has a leaf or a twig;
  • figures of musicians playing serenades.

The variety of bright colors, natural materials, a mixture of vintage technology and modern design – all this is reflected in the Souvenirs, made in Mexico.

And, coming here, every tourist has to take to his home a piece of this extraordinary ancient culture.

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