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Address Kudykin mountain in Lipetsk: where is the Park and how to get there - foto

gde nahoditsya Kudykina gora?

Familiar to all from childhood tales Kudykina Gora exist in reality. In order to find it is not necessary to go to distant lands.

In Russia there are several places that carry this name. Scientists still have heated debates about which one is described in fairy tales. Let's see, where is Kudykina Gora.

Location Kudykiny mountains on the map

park na karte

In the suburbs Kudykiny mountain called the two villages standing side by side since ancient times. No special attractions, except the sign with the fabulous name of the village, they are not.

Your kudykiny mountains are in the Crimea. They are located under Theodosius. During WWII they were anti-aircraft battery.

The most fabulous Kudykiny mountain is a Safari Park "Kudykina Gora" in the Lipetsk region.

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Where and in what city is the Safari Park?

Amazingly beautiful place is 12 km from the City. Situated among unique natural landscapes the territory of the Park covers an area of over 500 hectares.

The exact address of the object: Russia, Lipetsk region, Zadonsky district, the village of Kamenka.

E-mail: kudikina.gora@gmal.com.

Official website: kudikina-gora.org.

Why so called?

kak proizoshlo nazvanie?

The name of the Kudykina Gora comes from the word "Codega", which is derived from "kuda". It is an old form of the word "where."

The phrase, "Kudykina Gora" emerged as the answer to the question of the hunter "where will you go?". Set it according to the old legend was not. This might bring failure, so the hunters on the question of "where to go" evasively answered: "wherever the mountain."

In Russian folk tales Kudykiny mountains called the place of undetermined location.

Best name for baby, the Safari Park and you can imagine.


vremya raboty

The Safari Park is open on holidays and weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00. Day off it Monday. During the rains the Park is closed to the public. The entrance is free. The cost of a ride from 100 to 250 rubles.

How to get and how many kilometers to the nearest towns?

To get to the Safari Park, most convenient to the machine. Next to him built a large Parking lot where you can Park your car.

The geographical coordinates of the Park for the Navigator: latitude N52°22.017’, longitude E38°45.315’. Coming from Cudicini mountains, large cities are at a distance of:

  • 73.5 km from Lipetsk;
  • 112 km from Voronezh;
  • 307 km from Kursk;
  • 437 km from Moscow;
  • 140 km from Tambov.

To reach the City by car these cities can be on the highway M4 "don" before turning on the Stove. Route from Lipetsk to Kudykiny mountain passes:

  1. In the Voronezh direction through Khlevnoe to turn on Zadonsk. Further, the city and the bridge over the river don to the Park the signs;
  2. Using Elec to turn onZadonsk.

Bus to Kudykiny mountains, you can drive from the City.

From the city bus to the village of Kamenka, regular bus connections to Kalabina, Cisowo and sat Coupling.

Family Park - photos

izobrazheniya semejnogo mesta otdyha

The layout of the Park is its territory near the entrance. The Park has various facilities and attractions. The entrance is through large gates, which have the form of a giant helmet.

By the road through the Park, you can get to the mound. In ancient times they were used for burial of the leaders of the nomads. Just beyond the mound is the river don. It is believed that bathing in this great Russian river gives people wisdom.

Entering the gate to the Park to see the Horse-Stone. It weighs more than 20 tons. It consists of three large boulders, resembling in its form the head of a giant horse. Arriving in the Park men and women like to sit down on these stones.

Rumor has it that the stone helps to increase the potency of men and women to resolve their gynecological problems.

Scythian fortress

For wooden walls is a city of artists. The fortress itself is built in the architectural traditions of wooden architecture without nails. In its construction were used the drawings 4-5 centuries. Erected the fortress Ivanovskie master. In the summer its walls you can see the different crafts of the peoples of Russia.

The city of craftsmen Smiths, potters, soap makers and other artisans. Their products can be bought on the trading stalls, which are located next to the handicraft workshops. Here you can learn the skill of beading and other skills of crafts. In the winter the city of masters was converted into the residence of Santa Claus.

The lake and beach

The Park was built an artificial lake with a sandy beach, but swimming in it is prohibited. Here you can just sunbathe and be entertained.

vodoem i plyazh

On the waterfront is a water tower and the house of Baba Yaga. The house of fabulous old ladies, performances for children under the age of 12 years.

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Children's Playground

Find amusement Park (trampoline, swings and other interesting attractions) on a huge Playground. It is always fun and interesting. On the site built:

  • locks;
  • slides;
  • boats;
  • different ladders;
  • turnstiles.

There are a lot of sculptures of fairy tale characters.



A special joy children get from contact with animals and birds. In the Safari Park there are about 50 species, some of them are exotic. They are all contained on a large, fenced yard where you can drive the carriage in the group with a special escort of Park employees.

Here you can meet cows, goats, ostriches, deer, camels and many other animals and birds.

For active kids built a special enclosurewhere you can feed the animals and ride the donkeys, horses and camel riding. The day animals and birds walk in enclosures and at night they sleep in built for them houses.

What else to see in the Park?

Wherever the mountain works riding school. Classes are held for children aged 12 to 17 years. There are fruit gardens, souvenir shops, two healing source and font.

To eat in the Park you can work here in the cafe. Among them:

  1. café "the Owl" - is a spacious veranda, in the menu you can find a large selection of hot dishes, cold appetizers, desserts and drinks;
  2. cafe "Black pearl" is built in the shape of a pirate ship, has a full menu.

Programs and tours


Specially for children, the Park developed by quest software discover Park for up to 3 hours. It includes a walk around the zoo Kudykiny mountains, scientific show by Professor Nicholas, master classes of folk craftsmen and food.

In the Park constantly hosts various themed festivals. Here you can have fun birthday parties or other corporate events and festivals.

Where to spend the night?

Coming to rest in a Safari Park and travelers can stay at country houses andhotels in Zadonsk. In the Park offers guest houses and tent camping.

Guest house

The houses can accommodate 4-5 people, has 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen. It has everything for a comfortable stay: shower, toilet, fridge, cooker and even a dishwasher. All houses have a terrace with views of the river Kamenka. All houses Wi-Fi.

Near the guest houses are located a barbecue area and a private beach area with lounge area.

Tent camping

The tenting is selected on the Bank of the Kamenka river. On a special wooden podium placed spacious tents. All of them are equipped with inflatable mattresses.

All areas of the Park Kudykina Gora you can see in this video: