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The rest on the best resorts of Mexico and Caribbean sea - pictures of beaches of Cancun

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Visit the country's beautiful natural scenery, popular soap operas and tequila has become for many a dream. In the homeland of the Aztecs is, what to see and where to spend time with pleasure - resorts of Mexico on the Caribbean sea and the Pacific coast are very popular.

Resort cities of the Caribbean sea on the map

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Mexico is in North America and nearly 300 years of its history was a Spanish colony.

The coast of the country washed by the Mexican and California bays, the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea. Each of these parts of the coast resorts.

If there is a choice, where better to go, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular resorts in absentia.


One of the popular resorts of Mexico, who ranked among the ten best in the world. Until recently, everything was not so rosy here. To the 70-ies of the last century, Cancun was a very pitiful sight. Today from Russia to get to the resort by flight of airline "Transaero".

It is a modern resort with well-developed infrastructure. There is a large number of attractions, hotels, bars and restaurants. Cancun is surrounded by several national parks.

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Special admiration are the local beaches. They are covered with white sand and are Federal property. The entrance to the beaches is free. They are equipped with sun loungers, hammocks and sun loungers. The beach is divided into:

  • safe (no waves);
  • extreme (with waves).

The lack of waves on the beaches due to the fact that in their way lies the island of Isla mujeres.

The length of the safe beaches are 10 km away, and in these places there are no undercurrents.

The coast of Cancun is great for families with children. Among the best safe beaches:

  1. Pearl. This is the most clean beach of Cancun. It is fully equipped and is located on the 2nd km of the location. On the beach there are cafes, restaurants and a relax area in the shade;
  2. Langust. The most visited and well-equipped beach resort. Located on the 5th km of Boulevard Kukulkan;
  3. Linda. Is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Located near the entertainment center El Embarcadero and folk art Museum;
  4. Turtle. The sea near this beach is turquoise. On the beach there is an indoor flea market.

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Travel time from Moscow to Cancun direct flight is 13 hours. Near the resort is one of the centers of Mayan civilization in Tulum. Swim in the depths with dolphins and see the beauty of the underwater world in the National Park of Xel-Ha.

The Island Of Women

This place is opposite the resort of Cancun. Its length is 8 km and width of 700 meters. The main attraction of the resort is the Cancún underwater Museum. The name of the island derives from the large number statues of goddesses that were on it.

In the North of the island are sandy beaches, while to the South the rocky steep coast. To get to the island is by ferriesthat depart from various piers and beaches 1 through 9 km of Cancun.

All the restaurants, shops and hotels island located on the street, which is the only resort.

The Riviera Maya

From Cancun to Tulum along the Caribbean sea extends one hundred km coastal strip, which was called the Riviera Maya. In its entirety isresorts which are popular with European tourists. The most popular ones are:

  • Puerto Aventuras. The resort, known for its best children's beach in Mexico and a number of wealthy gringos. The natural landscape has made this resort a unique place.
  • Most of the resort settlements separated by channels and lagoons. It is a real Paradise for relaxation.

  • Playa del Carmen. Fishing village attracts the attention of tourists with white sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation that surrounds the resort.

    This place is suitable for lovers of silence and solitude. Tourists love to do here excursions to lagoons the coast and visit the national Park of Xcaret.

  • Plajya-del-Karmen v Rivera-Majya

  • The Island Of Cozumel. It is the largest island of Mexico, which is the town of San Miguel. To get to this place by boat from the beach Playa. The rest of the island attracts the attention of divers. The resort is the world's largest coral reef.
  • The most famous landmark of Cozumel is a Marine Park Chankanaab.

  • AKUMAL. A quiet resort whose name in the Mayan language means "place of turtles". It is a quiet place with a small influx of tourists. Often lovers come here beautiful, deep landscapes.
  • Tulum. In the vicinity of the resort is the world's second largest barrier reef. It is a true Paradise for divers. One of the attractions of the resort are the ruins of ancient Mayan villages.

The best resorts on the Pacific coast: where to rest?

The Pacific resorts of the country are the West coast. Its length is several thousand kilometers. Many of the best resorts located in this part of Mexico, well known to the Russians on numerous serials, which were popular in the last decade.

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vid na Akapulko

Before the development of Cancun as a resort, Acapulco was considered the tourist capital of the country. It's a place like politicians, stars of show business, cinema and theatre. Here you can rent for vacation luxury Villa and apartment with ocean views.

In the translation of the resort name means "the place where the cane grows big".

Fans of extreme sports to entertain themselves in Acapulco diving from La Quebrada cliff. Tourists interested in history, discover the resort the fortress of San Diego. It was built in the city in 1616. The city has many clubs, restaurants, Aqua Park and a gorgeous Botanical Park.


One of the largest ports in the Pacific. The resort is actively developing and needs to become in the near future, the best in Mexico. The city is home to more than 400 thousand people, and the main source of income which is tourism.

Here are the longest beaches of the country. The popular surfing beach of Playa Altas Otas. It is called the beach wave heights.

The largest number of bars and restaurants can be found near the beaches of Stone island.

Near Mazatlán is a natural Park called the Reserve crested jays.


This resort area has 9 bays and 42 sandy beach, a larger number of these beaches are wild. They are all very clean.

This place is popular among locals and Canadians. Most of the flights from foreign countries coming here from Vancouver.

buhta v Uatulko

The resort is the most quiet and Sunny place in Mexico. The city is surrounded by amazing picturesque hills and cliffs. To its shores come the cruise ships, and here are preparing the most delicious in the country Mojito.

The main feature of the local hotels, fish restaurants. In order to stay in the hotel Huatulco, you need to pre-book rooms.

This can be done using this search form. Enter the name of the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Los Cabos

The resort is famous for its white sandy beaches, pristine desert and rocky cliffs. On the coast 20 gorgeous beaches. One of them, the beach Palmia, is particularly popular with photographers.

The most famous beach in Los Cabos Is Chileno. Next to it is the amazing beauty of the reef. The beach is well equipped and has good infrastructure.

From June to Decemberthe beaches of Los Cabos turtles find refuge. In the sand they lay their eggs and take their young.

Cabo San Lucas

infrastruktura Kabo-San-Lukas

The resort is considered the best on the Peninsula CA. The water in the bays of Cabo San Lucas has an amazing turquoise color. The city itself is similar to the American enclave in the country. Nearly 90 foreign tourists arrive at the resort from English-speaking countries.

It is a modern resort with well-developed infrastructure. On its coast it is possible not only to sunbathe, but to surf, sport fishing and diving.

Beach vacation in Mexico

According to the existing in Mexico law, all beaches belong to the state or hotels. Almost all of them are protected by reefs and is divided into three zones: the Gulf coast, the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea.

Best beaches - photos

All the beaches located in the picturesque lagoons and bays. Some of them are completely protected from the waves. Among the best beaches in the country include:

  1. Maroma Beach. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Covered in white sand and has crystal clear sea. From the hustle and bustle of the beach, separated by dense thickets of the jungle.

    The inaccessibility of the beach made it a perfect place for a secluded quiet vacation surrounded by beautiful nature.

    In this Paradise there is a beautiful tourist complex with bars, restaurants and entertainment centers;

  2. Sian Kaan. Located in the heart of the biosphere reserve near Tulum. On the beach there is the usual bars and restaurants, but there are clear sea and the shore covered with white sand;
  3. Playa del Amor. Located on the shores of the Pacific ocean and the sea of Cortez to the West of the resort town of Puerto Vallarta.

    This hidden beach on the Marieta island, which is located in the cave is a natural pool filled with crystal clear water. The beach was formed as a result of tests of military equipment. Access to the beach is possible only by tunnel.

    skrytyj plyazh Plajya-del-Amor

    Nature has transformed this small, gated patch of land into a veritable Paradise, but because of the wide popularity it is always crowded. This is a great place for diving. Around the island you can see a real whale;

  4. Manzanilla. Located on the shores of the Pacific ocean near the town of Lazaro Cardenas. Famous for its beautiful landscapes. Has a well-developed infrastructure and large white sand resembling grains of rice;
  5. North beach. Is a continuation of Mazatlan. Popular with athletes who love to do in the area Jogging;
  6. Tenacatita. This quiet sandy beach with a small cafe is located in the state of Jalisco. There are going to surfers in search of big waves.

Also among the best included the above snow-white beaches of the Eve. They are all protected from waves and perfect for families with children.

The nudist recreation areas

To find a secluded beach for Nude recreation in Mexico is not difficult. Best of them is the beach of the hotel Hidden Beach Resort. It's not just the beach and luxury nudist resort, located an hour drive from Cancun airport.

Initially, the hotel Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club 5* was built as a place for an intimate vacation.

Hidden Beach is a member of the Association of Nude recreation. Throughout the resort you can walk in the costumes of Adam and eve.

See the overview of the resort areas of Mexico in this video: