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The main attractions of Mexico: Cancun, Mexico

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Most travelers Mexico is associated with the sombrero and pistolstucked in his belt, deserts and her dark-eyed residents, as well as burritos or tacos.

Here offer tourists more than three hundred varieties of tequila, flavored not with salt and lime, chili and tomato juice.

But above all, Mexico is incredibly beautiful and very interesting state, which has a huge variety of attractions both natural and historical.

Where is Mexico?

Mexico (United Mexican States) is a country located in North America.

The state occupies a large part of the continent. Its Northern borders pass nearby with the United States of America, South-East neighbours of the countries are Guatemala and Belize.

From the West side of Mexico bordering the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California and East coast come into contact with the waves of the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

This country has a long and still poorly known history. She played a very important role, "the cradle of civilization".

Now, hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year to Mexico city, to admire the rich heritage of the Maya and Aztecs.

What to see?

While in Mexico, tourists trying to visit as many interesting placesto see many different attractions. Because the country is famous for historical and natural monuments of great beauty.

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Mexico city

One of the most interesting places in Mexico city is the zócalo – the historic centre of the city. This is the main square which is better known as Plaza de La Constitucion. It is the largest in Mexico and is quite beautiful.

Every night in the Zocalo is the ceremony of lowering the flag is a very impressive sight.

Near the main square is the Cathedral. Near often it is possible to observe the Mexicans, disguised as Indians, who are dancing with tambourines. Another attraction is the Palace of the President of Mexico.

You should also visit the market where you can buy Souvenirs and different things. There you can feel the local flavor in all its colours.

Furthermore, while in Mexico, you need to visit other interesting places:

  • Templo Mayor ("Great temple") with the Museum of temple of the Aztecs;
  • the Park Alameda Central;
  • Palace of fine arts Palacio de Bellas Artes, which shows the frescoes of Siqueiros, Diego Rivero and Orozco;
  • Torr of Latinoamericana (Latin American tower), which reaches a height of 180 meters;
  • the Church of Santa Veracruz;
  • Museum muralee D. Rivera;
  • Plaza Garibaldi;
  • town's main Avenue Paseo de La Reforma;
  • the Bohemian district of Coyoacán, featuring the national colours and tidiness;
  • the forest of Chapultepec ("Hill of the grasshoppers");
  • the island of dolls, located in Xochimilco Ecological Park, where tree branches hang old dolls and worn plush toys;
  • Trotsky's house;
  • the Frida Kahlo Museum;
  • Chapultepec Palace;
  • The national Museum of anthropology;
  • the stadium "Estadio Azteca";
  • the ancient town of Tenochtitlan.

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Cancun is a famous Mexican cityfamous for many interesting places:

  • Chichen Itza;
  • seaport-the fortress of Tulum;
  • the island of Women;
  • Black coral reef;
  • National anthropological Museum;
  • the island of Cozumel;
  • the seaport was Ha;
  • The ceremonial center of Uxmal, located on the Yucatan Peninsula;
  • the Maya Museum;
  • Isla Mujeres;
  • Seven Mouths Cenote;
  • The Xcaret Eco-Park;
  • Koba;
  • Playa del Carmen;
  • Dolphin beach with a very nice view;
  • the Dolphinarium;
  • Museum of underwater sculptures;
  • temple of the Scorpion;
  • Arena Plaza de Toros.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum through the eyes of tourists


Merida is also called the "White city". On the territory of the city are parks and nature parks, and places where archaeological excavations are carried out, and the beautiful coast.

Tomonuments and interesting sites of Merida include:

  • one of the oldest temples of the country – the Cathedral of San Ile de Fonso with the statue of Christ, Cristo de las Ampollas;
  • The house of the founder of F. de Montejo;
  • the Church Iglesia de Jesus in the Park, Hidalgo.
  • a delightful building of the Teatro Peón Contreras (Opera house);
  • El Paseo Montejo is a beautiful green street with lots of cafes;
  • plantation Hacienda Yaxcopoil;
  • the Museum of mérida;
  • beautiful Park Santa Anna.

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Monterrey is rightly called the richest settlements of the state, sometimes the city is also called the Sultan of the North. While in Monterrey, it is necessary to visit such places:

  • the area of La Gran Plaza (Macroplaza), with multiple green spaces;
  • fountain with eight figures cast in bronze, is the God of the sea Neptune;
  • lighthouse Commerce (Comercio Farodel) – the highest monument;
  • Pink area – the oldest quarter with Spanish flair, luxury hotels and fashionable buildings;
  • the Museum of modern art (de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey);
  • Museum of Mexican history (de Historia Mexicana);
  • Museum and puppet theater in the Barrio Antiguo (Teatro);
  • Cathedral.

Mexico is a colorful and picturesque mixture of colorful cultures of three countries: India, Spain and the Caribbean Islands.

To visit this country in order to visit amazing places, see many interesting architectural sights, historical monuments and local parks.