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How long is the flight to Mexico from Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Skolko letet do Meksiki?

Mexico is a big mountainous country with a tropical climate, it occupies the territory South of the border with the United States on the Rio Grande.

Its Western shores are washed by the Pacific ocean, and Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

It is a country of deserts, forests and volcanoes. Here and there on its territory are found the impressive ruins - the traces of ancient cultures, the creators of which were indigenous American peoples: the Maya, Aztec, Toltec.

Capital - Mexico city - a huge city, covering a large area. It was built on the site of an ancient city of the Aztecs.

They say there is mostly Spanish, some speak both Spanish and Indian, and a small part of the inhabitants does and speaks only the language of the local Indians; and calculated its national currency - the Mexican peso.


  • the country is bordered by Belize, Guatemala and the United States of America;
  • more than half the population profess Catholicism;
  • the Russians will be able to purchase electronic a Mexican visa;
  • it is prohibited to take out of state currency by more than 5 000.

How long is the flight to Mexico?

How many hours to fly to Mexico from Moscow? So, the flight Moscow-Mexico (Cancun): journey time is 14 hours and 43 minutes, during this time, the aircraft will overcome the distance of 10,800 miles.

How much to fly to Mexico from Saint-Petersburg (SPb)? Approx 13 hours 25 minutes, the aircraft will fly 10 to 100 kilometres.

Is there a time difference?

The time in Mexico, behind Moscow and St. Petersburg for nine hours.

Est li raznica vo vremeni?

How to get there?

Flights to Mexico from Moscow and St. Petersburg can be done in several ways:

  1. Direct flight from Moscow to Cancun.
  2. Flights with one change:
    • Moscow – New York - Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Washington – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Munich – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Frankfurt am main – Mexico city;
    • Moscow – Amsterdam – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – London – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Madrid – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Miami – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Munich – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – New York- Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Paris – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Paris – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – London– Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Amsterdam – Mexico City.
  3. Flights with two changes:
    • Moscow - New York- Atlanta – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Frankfurt - Houston – Mexico city;
    • Moscow – Frankfurt - Houston – Cancun;
    • Moscow – Zürich – Washington – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Frankfurt - Zurich – Mexico city;
    • Moscow – Madrid – Miami – Mexico City;
    • Moscow – Madrid – London – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Madrid – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Amsterdam – Atlanta – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Paris – Los Angeles – Mexico City;
    • Saint Petersburg – Amsterdam – Houston – Mexico City.

Kak dobratsya?

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights in this direction:

The planes are what airlines fly to Mexico?

Direct flights and indirect flights to Mexico from Moscow and St.-Petersburg carry out the following Russian companies:

  • Aeroflot;
  • S7;
  • UTAir;
  • Transaero.

Foreign carriers:

  • Delta;
  • US Airways;
  • Germanwings;
  • United;
  • Finnair;
  • easyJet;
  • American Airlines;
  • Aeromexico;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • Cubana De Aviacion;
  • Vueling;
  • Turkish Airlines;
  • Virgin Atlantic;
  • MAU;
  • LOT;
  • Austrian;
  • Jat;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • airBaltic;
  • Air France;
  • Air Europa;
  • Delta;
  • CSA;
  • Belavia;
  • Lufthansa;
  • Alitalia;
  • British Airways;
  • KLM;
  • Iberia;
  • Swiss;
  • Air Berlin.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Meksiku?

Mexico keeps in its lands the traces of the greatest and most ancient civilizationssuch as the Olmecs, Maya, Aztecs. The results of human activity were discovered in Mexico more than nine millennia ago.

Travelers can see the first temples, pyramids, tombs of the nobles, ceremonial altars and caches.

In the 16th century, Mexico experienced colonization by the Spaniards, and was also exposed to French andthe American influence.

The climate of the country is divided by Tropic of cancer into temperate and tropical.

Discerning travelers should try the local Mexican cuisine: corn tortillas, tortillas, beans, chilies, corn, and snacks, such as nachos, chili con carne, supplemented with meat or seafood. Caution - very spicy!

Mexico - Cancun.