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Saint-Martin on the map of the world: airport Princess on the island of St. Martin

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Saint Martin island, which is one of the most unique in the ridge of the Caribbean archipelago. More than 350 years, this small area is divided into two States. South islanders are residents of the Netherlands, and in the North - French subjects.

Saint-Martin on the map of the world

territoriya na mirovoj karte

Between North and South America is inhabited and the uninhabited Large and Small Antilles, which are better known as the Caribbean.

Saint Martin or Sint Maarten - one of the fifty Islands of the Caribbean, the representative of the Northern windward Islands.

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Geographic features

The island is located East of Puerto Rico, and through the Straits is adjacent to the island of Anguilla (in the North) and Saint Barthelemy (South-East).

The waters of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean wash only 87 square kilometres of land, resulting to more than 9 million years ago. The island has a volcanic origin to the present time he is in the zone of high seismic activity.

The highest point in a hilly part of the French territory - the mountain Peak-heaven, rising on which you can see the outline of the borders of this Caribbean island. Relief Central part has hills and hills and the sea and plains with wide shores Sands of white and yellow flowers around the perimeter.

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On the island is scattered with numerous salt lakes, and streams that occasionally filled with rainwater. Along the coast are many bays and far out to sea leave the capes and peninsulas.

Climatic conditions

For Sint Maarten typical moderate tropical climate , with dry warm weather and moist air. Meteorological features contribute to year-round visit to the island by tourists.

Constantly blowing trade winds neutralize the moisture formed as a result of heat and of short duration running from April to November rains.

The upper daytime temperature in the summer is not over 32 degrees, and winter is not below +23C°.

The average annual rainfall is around 1000 mm, and their peak is in September and November. From February to April, the probability of rain is minimal.

The most favorable period to visit is from mid-December until the end of April.

General information

obshaya informaciya

The amazing story of the two countries coexisting peacefully for many years - a good example of tolerance for all States. The island is absolutely harmonious surroundings and a respectful attitude to representatives of different cultures and nationalities to each other and to the guests.

Historical note

Isla del Sol or Land of Women – the so-called St. Martin's island, the arawaks, originally living in the Caribbean is still in the 5-6 centuries of our era. Christopher Columbus in 1493 called the island of Saint Martin in honor of a Catholic Saint during the application open for them at the map.

Gradually there began to develop Spanish, French and Dutch, periodically changing its priority position. Only in 1648 was held section of the island between France and the Netherlands and this agreement is valid until now.

In subsequent periods, there were attempts of the occupation of the island by the Maltese, British and Americans, but today there peacefully coexist two territorial entities:

  • self-governingthe Autonomous state of Sint Maarten within the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • overseas community of France Saint-Martin, with wide Autonomous powers.

Between countries there are no official borders, except for a symbolic pillar, near which love to be photographed by tourists. It is located on mount Concordia.

The internal structure

The population exceeded 74 thousand people, and most are descendants of introduced in the colonial period slavesmastering the plantation:

  1. Creoles;
  2. African Americans;
  3. mulatto;
  4. Indians.

Only a quarter of residents are white groups.

The city of Marigot - ACP French territory, has about six thousand people. It is the largest city island population.

gosudarstvennyj stroj

About a thousand people living in Philipsburg, Netherlands the ACP site.

The majority of the population professes Christianity. Most believers are Catholics and Protestants, there are Pentecostals, Adventists and a small part of the Jews.

The official language on the French territory - the French, on the territory of the Netherlands – Netherlands. But everywhere you hear English and Spanish speech, as well as the everyday Creole.


An important part of the economy of the island is the tourist business, which began to develop in the early seventies. From all over the world tourists come to get unforgettable impressions and to spend their money.

The biggest transport hub in the Caribbean international Princess Juliana airport. It is located on the Dutch part and is considered one of the ten most dangerous airports in the world. It is named in honor of the Queen of the Netherlands - Juliana, who even as crown Princess during world war II visited the island.

Directly above the Maho beach, which is directly adjacent to the runway (2180 m), regularly fly planes only 15-20 meters above the tourists. The border of the beach and the airfield separated by a mesh netting.

Watch for extreme flying there are a large number of spotters, which, because of the possibility to see everything with your own eyes and capture it on a photo or video, choose to stay exactly Saint-Martin.

Throughput of the airport to 1.5 million passengers per year.

And a plane ticket you can find right now using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

raznoobrazie transporta

In Dutch Philipsburg, every day cruise ships with tourists for a few hours stopover in Porto.

Intra-island movement occurs primarily on leased and public transport. The length of roads is about 50 km from the neighbouring Saint-Martin Islands float boats.


Going to Saint-Martin should get a special visa for the overseas territories, if the passport is no long-term Schengen. The list of documents does not have large differences from the conventional package, there is a difference in filling up the questionnaire.

Is this visa in the consulates of the country where the stay will last longer.

But since the inside of the island borders does not exist, then internal traffic will be no problem.

Tourism on the island of St. Martin

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The Caribbean island attracts with its charm, an increasing number of lovers of the exotic from around the world. Daily sail the ships and fly the planes with tourists who wish to experience the atmosphere of this Paradise on earth.

The natural world

On the coast of the bustling night life alternates with calm or on the contrary very active vacation, but the most important thing that fascinates tourists is the white sand and beautiful sea.

The nature of this region does not look defiantly. In the hilly area of Saint-Martin green forests in which there are several hundred different species of birds. The rest of the grow mainly palm trees, hibiscus, many different varieties of cacti. Has a great diversity and the fauna is represented mainly birds and lizards, as well as feral domestic animals.


Attractions and entertainment

Every state can be proud of, and visitors enjoy visiting and taking pictures near local attractions.

In Marigot is worth a look:

  • old Fort St. Louis with fine views of the coast;
  • museums of history and culture;
  • romantic street of the Republic;
  • the butterfly farm.

In Philipsburg there are:

  1. monument to Queen Wilhelmina;
  2. Museum of Saint Martin;
  3. FORTS Willem and Amsterdam;
  4. area Watney;
  5. zoo;
  6. Botanical garden.

Every year the Dutch are throwing a carnival birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. This celebration traditionally lasts for 17 days.

The French are also not indifferent to events and carnival they make during Lent.

Beach vacation

plyazhnaya zona

Most importantly, why tourists come to the island is a luxurious sandy beaches with emerald water, coral reefs and almost no waves. Beaches on the island are about forty and each of them has its own flavor, so it is best to examine their rental car.

Crystal clear sea allows the lovers of the underwater world to snorkel, dive to a depth diving and large waves from the Atlantic ocean will appeal to surfers. There are shallow beaches, where a good rest with small children and there is a special beach where the nudists.

Crowded on the beaches, where well-developed infrastructure, a lot of water sports and evening music in the coastal restaurants. One of the best beaches are the following:

  • Long Bay;
  • Nettle Bay;
  • Lovers’ Beach;
  • Happy Bay;
  • Great Bay;
  • Simpson Bay.

The majority arrived on the island of tourists included in the mandatory visit to the most popular beach Maho beach. He is small and cosy, with clean water and eateries on the shore. The length of the strip to stay only 300 meters and width no more than 20 meters.

But I come here for a beach vacation, and to see how we sit or fly airplanes.

If you check the schedule of flights Princess Juliana airport, you can be lucky and see the huge modern transatlantic liners that fly right over the beach.

Air flow at the same time raise unexpected waves, so the coast is near the airport attractive for windsurfers. But the area near the beach because of the strong flow of air is completely devoid of greenery.

The popularity of the Caribbean Islands is confirmed by the stories of those who returned from the trip with unforgettable impressions. Saint-Martin-famous people from around the world that do not skimp on enthusiastic statements about the island. And many celebrities even get an apartment, then to another and again to experience the charm of the "island of eternal holiday".


St. Maarten is a duty free zone. Therefore, in the supermarkets you can purchase affordable alcoholic beverages and delicacies from around the world.

Here to bring you handcrafted gifts with Philipsburgh market, spices and sauces, made on the island. On the Dutch side of the brand stores of clothes, chic boutiques with cosmetics, accessories and jewelry.

Prices generally quoted in eurosbut you can pay and dollars, and credit cards.

Watch video about recreation in Saint-Martin: