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Holiday in Venezuela: leisure, climate, visas for Russians, weather by months

otdyh v Venesuele

Venezuela is one of the difficult for Russians countries, which will cost the tourist a lot of money for a transatlantic flight.

However, the rest of Venezuela will be remembered for a long time and will surpass your wildest expectations. First and foremost is the merit of the extraordinary beauty of the local nature and low prices for goods and services within the country.


Bolivarianskaya Respublika

The official name of Venezuela is Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The name perpetuated the memory of the famous Simon Bolivar — national hero of Venezuela and many other countries in South America, played a decisive role in the liberation of South American colonies during the war for independence from Spain.

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Venezuela is located in the Northern part of the South American continent. The state is washed by waters of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, the coastline length is 2800 km. the Country borders with these South American States like Colombia, Guyana and Brazil. The total area of the state a little over 910 km2.

The capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Caracas - a city of over 3 million people.

Also to large settlements include:

  • Maracaibo (2 million people);
  • Valencia;
  • Barquisimeto;
  • Barcelona.

Climate and weather by months

klimaticheskie i pogodnye usloviya po mesyacam

The climate of Venezuela is sub-Equatorial, characterized by high temperatures and humidity. The peculiarity of climatic conditions in countries of their dependence on the altitude poyasnosti.

Coastal areas of the country differ in the stifling heat and high humidity, so much less populated than the Midlands.

Most major cities of the country is located at a height of about 100 meters or more above sea level, where climatic conditions are kinder to the man — below temperature and humidity.

Due to the close location to the equator the weather does not practically change during the year, the temperature almost always stable, and depends on the location of terrain above sea level — the higher, the cooler. However, there are differences in humidity, when there is an alternation of rainy season and dry season.

December, January, February and March — the period of the dry trade winds, when the entire country is dry and hot weather. It is that time in Venezuela is called high season, most suitable for tourists. The temperature in the Venezuelan capital Caracas ranging from +20-23°C at night to +30°C in the daytime.

In April, the wind direction starts to change gradually, and in may comes the rainy season, which lasts until November. At this time, there are constant rains, and the air is saturated with moisture. Due to high air temperatures (over 30°C on average), to be on the street at this time difficult, so this time of year is considered low season.

In November, the rains gradually cease, and the country again set dry air mass.



Flights to Venezuela as in any other country in South America, quite expensive, costing a sum with four or five zeros.

Visa for Russians

With most South American countries, Russia has a visa-free regime. Is no exception to this rule, and Venezuela. Russian citizens visiting Venezuela for up to 90 daysfor tourism, private visit or business trip visa permit is not required.

Of border crossing for citizens of the Russian Federation must provide:

  1. passport;
  2. paid for selling tickets;
  3. filled migration card, which is issued on the plane or at the border crossing;
  4. financial support (cheques, confirmation of booking a hotel room, cash, or Bank statement).

How to get how long is the flight from Moscow?

If you do not take into account such an exotic vehicle like a transoceanic cruise, the only way to get to Venezuela is airfare.

Direct flights between the two countries is not, therefore, from Moscow and other Russian cities will have to get a transfer to one of European aviation hubs. Optimal connecting airports are located in Paris, Rome, Madrid and Lisbon.

The journey time is approximately 3-4 hours prior to your connecting airport and about 10 hours for flights to Venezuela. By this time, you need to add the waiting period the transplant, so to get to Venezuela will take about 15-20 hours.

All international flights takes the capital airport of Venezuela, located near Caracas.

This search form will help you to find and book plane tickets. It is enough to specify the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Time zone Venezuela is UTC -4, the time difference with Moscow is 7 hours.

Vacation in the country

kanikuly v strane

Vacation in Venezuela will be unforgettable adventurethat can accommodate as impressions from the beautiful surroundings and unique culture of the country and an increased level of danger, which will suit the tastes of tourists who love the thrill.


Venezuela is recognized as one of the most dangerous countries in the world from a criminal point of view, the country's capital Caracas in the ranking of most dangerous cities competing with San Pedro Sula in Honduras. However, this does not mean that arrived in the country on a tourist immediately attacked the crowd of criminals.

The main danger is a visit to the slums ("Barrios"), which are home to the poorest residents of Caracas and other major cities.

At the same time stay in the Central tourist districts of Caracas is quite safe, except for pickpockets, which can be found in any major city in the world. In hotels, valuables best placed in hotel safes. In small towns of Venezuela is quite safe, with the exception of the border areas, where widespread smuggling and the traffic of drugs.

A few tips for ensuring own safety:

  • like other countries of Northern South America, Venezuela is a danger from the point of view of drug distribution, so it is not necessary to take on the road parcels from the local residents;
  • when travelling in the country you should always have your passport with youas police inspections — very common thing;
  • if you have any issues you must contact the police, especially dressed in red berets, the so-called "tourist police", designed primarily to ensure the safety of foreign tourists;
  • as for health, before a trip to Venezuela you need to do a comprehensive vaccination against infectious diseases;
  • also you should be careful of insects, especially in wooded areas of the country;
  • water should use only bottled;
  • bathing in marine waters and generally safe, but freshwater is better to avoid.


transportnye seti

Venezuela is a country with a developed road transport, but railway network presented here is weak, so tourists have to travel by bus or rent a car.

As for bus service, the shipping is low, and most large and medium cities are linked by direct routes. So the bus is the most convenient and inexpensive means of communication.

For those buses seem too dangerous or uncomfortable to the service are offered a developed network of domestic aviation. Especially it is necessary when travelling in remote mountain regions, where there are no roads with a firm covering. The total number of airports and airstrips in the country370.

Inside the cities you can travel by public bus or use a taxi, prices for services are low and comparable with a trip on public transport. It should be noted that with the onset of the evening (usually at 20:00), the fee is doubled. Also within Caracas you can get around using the metro.

For those who are closer to independent travel around the country, always available car rental.

Renting a car can only person with rights to drive the car of international standard and have attained the age of 21.

In most cases, a daily car rental will cost twice morethan renting a taxi for the day, so it is better to move around by taxi.



The national currency is the Venezuelan Bolivar suffered from hyperinflation, so arriving in the country, tourists should not be surprised that in exchange for a small amount of dollars they get from the pile of banknotes. For 2017 the exchange rate of the Bolivar to the dollar fell by more than 10 times.

Another complication is that the official rate of the Bolivar is significantly different from the rate on the black market, with illegal sharing is prohibited and punishable by law. So currency is better to exchange or official exchange offices (unprofitable, but safe), or the so-called "House with columns" (cheaper, but semi-legal).

Also exchange services provide police themselves, but their exchange rate is almost equal to the official exchange offices.


Hotel chain Venezuela meets all international standards. Tourists are available hotels of all categories from 2 stars to 5 stars, including the world famous brands.

Because of the constantly declining rate of the Bolivar rates low and affordable even to the budget tourist. In addition, the level of service generally exceeds the stated category. Alternatively tourists can choose hostels or pensions.

To book a room in a suitable hotel, you can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.



Despite the negative image associated with the criminal situation in the country, stay in Venezuela will impress even the sophisticated tourist. First of all, it was the stunning nature of the country, and secondly, the violent history, embodied in the architectural attractions of Venezuela.


Entertainment in Venezuela are somehow connected with the natural conditions of the country. 2800 miles of sea coast, of which about 1700 — first-class beaches, allows tourists to take full advantage of the beach lifestyle.

Besides the popular places for a beach holiday, such as the States of Anzoategui and Carabobo, vacationers can relax on the secluded Islands. For example, the Margarita island and the archipelago Los Roques are among the best in South America.

All the beaches in the Republic of Venezuela sand, without any admixture of clay or stones.

The water of the Caribbean sea is fairly clean, the entrance to the water is quite shallow, which allows you to relax with your family.

Associated with the sea and the main entertainment, vacationers can enjoy one of the many types of active rest:

  1. surfing;
  2. kitesurfing;
  3. diving;
  4. snorkeling.

Especially popular place to dive is located in the archipelago of Los Races where the water is extraordinary clean.

Another form of entertainment associated with the Caribbean sea, this fishing, which can also be found on the Islands of the archipelago. Fishing is popular near the capital Caracas in the town of La Guaira, and in the Orinoco river basin, you can enjoy exotic fishing piranha.

Another pride of the country is, of course, the majestic Andes mountains. Hiking and Cycling in the highlands and climbing attract fewer visitors than the coast. For especially courageous tourists available extreme sports: paragliding in the heart of Merida, which is considered the "Mecca".

kak razvlechsya?

As for shopping, like in other Caribbean countries, Venezuela you should definitely buy the local rum, which argues for the title of best in the world. Also, you should definitely buy local coffee and chocolate that make great gifts for loved ones.

Venezuelan cuisine — Latin-American standard, main ingredients: meat, beans, corn, vegetables and spices. Restaurants in Venezuela it is customary to leave a tip of 10% of the invoice amount.


Important national treasure of Venezuela's magnificent angel falls, the highest waterfall on the planet. Heightwaterfall — almost 1 thousand meters, and continuous water drop height is over 800 meters. The waterfall is located in Canaima National Park in the middle of a tropical jungle.

To reach the falls only by air to the village of Canaima, and then a tour group going rafting down the river to where the waterfall is located.

Popular and other natural attractions in Venezuela:

  • the basin of the river Orinoco;
  • "lost mountain" Roraima;
  • the majestic Andes mountains;
  • national parks La Llovisna, El Guacharo, Moisten and Morrocoy.

Like other countries in South America, Venezuela boasts a great legacy of the colonial time. From the colonial period the country has got many architectural monuments. They are especially rich in the country's capital Caracas, Barcelona, Merida, Valencia and Coro.

The exciting adventures in Venezuela in this video: