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Peach asphalt lake asphalt lake in Trinidad


Lakes on the planet Earth set. They are different in origin, size and chemical composition. But in addition to the usual lakes, whose Cup is filled with water, there are lakes, the bowl of which is asphalt. The one that laid on the road. However, the natural, and therefore of high quality. Among these lakes and Peach lake.

The appearance of the asphalt lake

poyavlenie ozera

Such lakes there are in several places in the world: California, Turkmenistan and near the red sea.

And on Sakhalin island you can see one such lake. There are also quite large, occupying an area of about 3 hectares.

Peach lake is the largest asphalt lake on Earth. It is situated on the island of Trinidad (South–Western part of the state of Trinidad and Tobago) in the Atlantic ocean near the village of La Brea, just 10.6 miles from neighboring Venezuela - they are separated by the Gulf of Paria.

A legend that tells of the appearance

Like any decent lake, Peach lake has its own legend, which tells about its origin.

Indian village tribe chima stood on the shore of beautiful blue lake. The gods to favor its inhabitants and granted them the Hummingbirdto improve their life. The plumage of the tiny bird changed its color every time the sun's rays fell on the other side.

legenda o kolibri

The gods decided that beauty will make people softer and kinder to teach them to enjoy the beauty of nature. Another quality in the souls of the Indians was to awaken the bird – courage. She always courageously defends her nest and often wins. But it didn't happen like they thought of gods. Spirits of darkness have captured the minds of the people, and they conceived a terrible thought.

Watching the hummingbirds that hung over the flower and a long beak stretched out his nectar, the Indians began to reason: if the bird is drinking the most delicious – sweet contents of the plants, what taste has she? And if you cook it in banana leaves? And they set the nets and catch a lot of hummingbirds.

But the feast has not turned out too tiny was the prey. The Indians left the remains of the pier into the lake and went to sleep. The gods became angrylearning that people did with their gift.

Waking up in the morning, the Indians saw instead of a smooth crystal surface of your lake of viscous gray mud.

This story now told in the village of La Brea and surrounding villages. But if you look at the surface of a lake on a Sunny day, you can see how to Shine bitumen oil, playing with all the colors of the rainbow, like a multicolored feathers of the little Hummingbird.

The opening of a place by Europeans

kak otkryli mestorozhdenie bituma?

The legend, of course, beautiful and instructive, but scientists she is not convinced, and they for the past few centuries arguing about the reasons for the emergence of Peach lake already from the scientific point of view.

There are several theories about the origin of the lake:

  • natural asphalt has accumulated in the crater of a sleeping volcano, oil coming out of the ground, mingled for centuries with the ashes of the volcano, and the result was asphalt boiler;
  • the lake is formed at the intersection of two faults in the Caribbean plate, which is why there is always bitumen resumes;
  • 50 million years on the seabed was the decomposition of dead marine life, thus formed the oil, and then due to the movement of the crust, she rose to the surface and thickens under the influence of the sun.

An asphalt lake knew long ago. Sailors from Europe often used the bitumen to smoleni their vessels, believing him to be a better resin as the bitumen will not melt in the heat. The first written mention of the island left English Explorer and pirate Walter Raleighwho visited the island in the XVI century, ordered to cover the hull of his ship bitumen by weight from the lake.

Currently, these places became tourist attraction. Every year there isup to 20 thousand tourists.

Features Peach Lake

This place has a lot of features, and for many centuries has accumulated a large number of interesting facts associated with it.


The lake bowl is filled with asphalt. The lake depth is 82 meters in average, an area of 40 hectares. There are places where the surface is quite dense and able to hold the weight of the person.

A large part of the lake is dark brown, blowing bubbles constantly for concentrations of sulphurous gases of the boiler.

From the middle of the lake to its shores is constantly coming in thick waves, this occurs during the ascent of tar from the depths to the surface. Elastic oily mass on the surface of the lake it is possible to scoop or pull on the stick.


Here to produce hundreds of tons of asphalt, but the lake is getting smaller constantly going on the restoration of a bituminous mass. Scientists believe that the extraction of asphalt there will be another 400 years.

Unusual and interesting finds

First, the lake absorbs whatever is on its surface. But any subject is bound to be pushed up. However, this can happen hundreds of years later. For example, during production of the asphalt is raised:

  1. dinosaur bones;
  2. the tooth of a mastodon;
  3. the well-preserved skeleton of a giant sloth.

This sloth was walking in these places is about 11.7 thousand years ago.

In the beginning of the last century, the lake returned to a tree, drowned about 4 thousand years ago, that was proved by examination of the cut stem. And, of course, on its surface constantly there are various objects of everyday life of Indians living on the shores of the lake.

Interestingly, the lake has tiny island, they grow stunted trees and bushes. Experts believe that layers of asphalt accumulate a substance similar in chemical composition to the soil that allows trees to grow. And this is not the only life in the lake and in the immediate vicinity:

  • German scientists who examined the bituminous lake, discovered anaerobic bacteria, group of methane-producing microbes break down the oil and form a bitumen;
  • in the coastal swamps are home to rare birds – masked white-headed duck, Jacana, small mullet;
  • in the water near the shores of the lake, near the tarmac, there are small freshwater fish and even caimans.

In 1876 it was decided for the first time to use asphalt from the lake to cover the roads. This idea was implemented in Washington (USA) on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The coating quality was high, it stood without repairs for 11 years. Now this asphalt is used to cover highways, bridges, piers.

udivitelnye svojstva i yavleniya

One of the advantages of this asphalt is that it has a matte finish, so the road can be clearly seen in the light of car lights, besides, it is less stalled – all this reduces the number of accidents.

They cover a runway that can withstand enormous loads. With this band coating is not susceptible to erosion under the influence of fuel oils and de-icers and serve up to 20 years, maintaining the 40-degree heat and 30-degree frosts.

Take out the asphalt and in the UK. So, they covered the Avenue pall Mal, leading to Buckingham Palace.

How to reach bitumen deposits?

Trinidat and Tobago is an island country in the southern hemisphere, and to reach it is not so simple. First of all, you need a visa. The Consulate of this small state is not in Russia. Visa is issued the British Consulate. Direct communication between Moscow and Port-of-Spain (capital of the state) either. There are several route options:

  1. via London;
  2. via Frankfurt;
  3. via Amsterdam (overnight).

The flight lasts approximately 17 hours in all cases.

Plane tickets can be purchased by using this form search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

You can reach the capital of the Trinidat and Tobago through Venezuela, neighboring Trinidat country.

From the capital of Port-of-Spain to San Fernando can be reached by bus or taxi. From San Fernando to the lake will be only 22 km away. more will have to rent a car or take a taxi to La Brea. In the capital, and San Fernando organized a bus tour with a guide.

Near the lake is forbidden because of the danger of ignition of sulfur, which is contained in large amounts in the air.

Peach lake is open for tourists from 9:00 to 17:00. For trips on the lake you should choose comfortable running shoes, long pants or shorts.

See also the video about the lake Peach lake:

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