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The Caribbean on the map: which countries and Islands washed by the sea - the list

spisok stran Karibskogo bassejna

Popular places of recreation for many people from different parts of the world began in the Caribbean. The list has expanded both the mainland and island States.

Caribbean sea on world map in Russian language

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The Caribbean sea is known in the modern civilization since its discovery in the 15th century. The discoverers gave the name of the sea on behalf of the tribes of the Caribs, who inhabited the coast, although in the entire history of the sea many times changed its name.

The Caribbean sea is more romantic and sinister history of piracy, the rise of which falls on the 18th century.

Piracy have gone in the past, but is of interest to this day. It is the story of pirates of the Caribbean and became the plot for the same movie. Modern Caribbean sea is the most fashionable and popular resorts in the world, attracting people with its amazing heavenly beauty.

The Caribbean an attractive place to stay. You can choose the rest to taste in any country, almost any time of the year, aided by the climate. The Caribbean is a territory of eternal summer!


The Caribbean sea is an open sea in the Western hemisphere, in the basin of the Atlantic ocean, it connects the two parts of the American continent, situated between South and Central America and the Antilles Islands. Through the Panama canal connected the Pacific ocean, through the Strait of Yucatan has access to the Gulf of Mexico.


klimaticheskie usloviya

The climate of the Caribbean is tropical, with prevailing easterly winds – the trade winds. Not rare and tropical hurricanes, especially strong in Northern areas of the sea. The hurricane season from June to November. Most often destructive hurricanes, which suffered the inhabitants of the coastal areas, occur in the first months of autumn.

Sometimes the storms are so destructive that this event becomes part of history.

The amount of precipitation can vary depending on winds and in what region the sea is this or that island.

The temperature in the Caribbean is about the same. The average temperature in summer +28°C, in winter from 23 to 27°C.

List of basin countries

The Caribbean sea washes the shores of many States and territories, both continental and insular.

What territory is washed by the: States and their capitals

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Continental Stateswhich are washed by the Caribbean sea, located in the Northern, Central, and South America.

The only country in North America to the Caribbean, Mexico or, as it is called in the official language, the United Mexican States. Capital - Mexico City.

South America:

  • Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia. Capital - Bogotá;
  • Venezuela or officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Capital - Caracas;
  • The Republic of Panama, is partly located in Central America. The Capital Of Panama.

The Countries Of Central America:

  1. Republic of Nicaraguacapital - Managua;
  2. Republic of Hondurascapital - Tegucigalpa;
  3. Republic of Guatemalacapital - Guatemala city;
  4. The Republic of Costa Ricacapital - San josé;
  5. Belizecapital - Belmopan.

The island nation of the Caribbean:

  • Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba, unofficial - the Island of Freedom. Capital - Havana;
  • Dominican Republiccapital - Santo Domingo;
  • Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti, the capital Port-AU-Prince;
  • Jamaicacapital - Kingston;
  • Puerto Rico, officially known as the free Associated State of Puerto Rico or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The Capital San Juan.

You can individually highlight areas that are part of the European countries: the UK (Anguilla), France (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint barthélemy, Saint Martin), the Netherlands (Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius); it is connected with the history of colonization of lands in the Caribbean. As well as the territory belonging to United States - virgin Islands of the United States, the capital - Charlotte Amalie.

Bordering the Islands

ostrovnye territorii

The Islands of the Caribbean is the Antilles Great and Small, and the Bahamas.

  • Greater Antilles include the island of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands. The smallest island is little Cayman, its area is 28.5 km2.
  • Lesser Antilles it is: a chain of small Islands, the largest of them Trinidad and Tobago and Martinique, the smallest - Small Martinique, only 2.4 km2, with a population of 900 people.
  • The Bahamas include 700 small Islands, and are inhabited only 30 of them.

Tourism in the Caribbean

The variety of resorts in the Caribbean makes it difficult to select the best, as each island is good in its own way. In the Caribbean everyone will find a rest for the soul. For Russian tourists the obstacle is long and expensive path to the Caribbean.

A nice bonus is that for entry into some States, the Russians do not need a visa.

Popular resorts

Resorts where a possible visa-free entry:

  1. Cuba. Attractive to Russian tourists since the Soviet era. It was probably one of the Islands accessible to the rest of the Soviet man in the Western hemisphere. The famous Kuban revolutionaries, cigars, rum, sombrero fascinated and attracted to its mystery and remoteness.

    Varadero is the largest resort in the Caribbean, the beaches stretch for 20 km of White Sands, Varadero, warm, protected by coral reefs sea, nature, immersing in the bliss and peace of mind, is not the only advantage of this resort.

    Interesting history of the island both ancient and modern, Cuba gave the romantic name of "Liberty Island". For the modern Russian tourist is a journey into the past, as it is possible to plunge into the atmosphere of the Communist regime that persists in Cuba.

  2. kurort Varadero

  3. Dominican Republic. The country provides an amazing opportunity to feel the influence of colonial culture, to feel like a pioneer on this earth to enjoy amazing and unique views of the sea and shore, which opened up to Columbus.

    The main language spoken by Dominicans, it is the language of the discoverer of these lands – Spanish. A large flow of tourists from the U.S., led to the fact that the island began to actively master the English language.

    The identity of this country is manifested in the presence of its own music and dance culture. It is in this country originated the music and dance style merenguein the late 20th century which spread around the world.

    populyarnaya Punta-Kana

    Resorts in Dominican Republic offer great opportunities for choice:

    • Punta Cana is an attractive for families;
    • Boca Chica is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, many possibilities for water sports;
    • the resorts in Cabarete and Sosua - vacation spot of youth and party people.

    Saona island (which is bounty island) and national Park Del este, although they are not resorts, but provide an opportunity to experience complete detachment and merge with nature.

    The major draw of this island is the so-called natural swimming pool, which, as part of the sea, is a Bay, with a depth of only one meter, the pool stretches for 8 kilometers.

    You can become an Explorer of life of marine animals in the waters of the natural pool, where there is a great variety. The fact that shallow water is very well warmed by the sun and creates a comfortable environment for many marine organisms.

    Especially in the natural pool a lot five-pointed sea stars, which are not dangerous to humans.

    You can just wallow in this amazing place, where you can perfectly relax your body and relax. The territory of the natural pool is protected, tourists are brought there on a tour.

  4. Jamaica. The state allows you to experience not only amazing nature, but also in the mixing of European and African cultures, feel the uniqueness of this island, distinguishes it from allothers.

    The mixing of cultures is felt in the language. The inhabitants of the island speak English, but because of the influence of Spanish and African languages, he is not like the classic English. The main symbol of the country is living on this island, a Hummingbird.

    kurortnyj Montego-Bej

    The musical style of the island, has long published outside it - famous reggae, fully represented in the world musical culture creates the atmosphere and mood of the holiday at the resorts of Jamaica:

    • Montego Bay is a resort for lovers of fun, movement, "hip-strip". The city does not fall asleep in the port and luxurious hotels;
    • Negril – white beaches, peace, the Kingdom of palm trees, natural area, remote from the noise of cities and industries;
    • Ocho Rios is charming with its inconsistency: on the one hand - a quiet fishing towns, on the other hand, the center of cruise tourism. And lovers of privacy and admirers parties can find their place at this resort.

The best beaches

Among the best beaches in the Caribbean are the ones that deserve extra attention:

  • Beach Varadero Cuba is famous for its white and long, the proximity to the capital makes a beach holiday rave and informative;
  • The beach of Playa Sirena on Cayo Largo in Cuba for its excellent purity of the sand and the sea. The romance and beauty of this place is transmitted in some scenes of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". The history of this island is inextricably linked with the history of piracy, not one ship sank off the coast of this beach;
  • Playa El Cortecito in Dominican Republicwhite sand, calm sea protected by coral reefs from dangerous sea creatures;
  • Harbour island is an amazing pink beach in the Bahamas, a very prestigious and expensive place of rest. The beach stretches for 22 km Pink sand comes from the abundance of coral insects, with a pink shell, which, dying, leave their shells and paint the water and shore in romantic pink color;
  • luchshij rozovyj plyazh

  • The beach is Rum point in the Cayman Islands is renowned for its combination of features and advantages of civilization and pristine nature;
  • Rum point beach is even more beautiful due to rocks that like are out of the water, creating a cozy Cove.

  • Shoal Bay East beach in Anguilla the famous pearl sand, unique coral reefs and the amazing flavor of English traditions and local exotic. In the sea you can often see yachts;
  • Palm beach , Aruba's famous beach, with a sandy beach, with many palm trees. This is the beach with the best conditions for surfing, there usually is held the world championship. Nearby butterfly farm, which is also attractive for lovers of fragile beauty;
  • Orient beach on St. Maarten, sometimes called the French Riviera, one of the most famous nudist beaches. It is a Paradise for sun lovers and bright sun, you can fully enjoy the sun and sunbathe without a bathing suit;
  • Seven Mile beach in Jamaica is the longest beach. The popularity of this beach starts from the moment when he noticed hippies in the sixties of the 20th century. Thanks to them, the beach spread the tradition of the Nude, and now you can also find naked people.

The Caribbean sea is attractive comfort, romance and a certain degree of risk, as the beaches of the Caribbean often find themselves in the path of hurricanes. The strongest winds and calm serenity, the opportunity to choose a vacation and the beach to taste, to enjoy water sports, observe the plant and animal life in pristine nature, attracts people from all over the world.

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