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Florida attractions: what to see in Miami and the surrounding area?

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Miami is the main resort area of the United States, which attracts millions of tourists from other States and around the world. Popularity the city has gained among the Russian tourists who come to relax on the famous beaches of Miami.

Besides beaches, attractions Miami can offer its guests a varied cultural program, during which you can meet short but colorful history of the city and its inhabitants.

Map Of Miami

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The population of Miami is small and is of about 450 thousand inhabitants, however, the agglomeration of the city reaches 5.5 million people and is one of the largest Metropolitan areas in the United States.

Among affluent Russians has become fashionable to have a property in this city, although the prices are among the highest in the United States.

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Miami is in the South-East USA in the state of Florida on the Atlantic coast. The city is located in the plain between Biscayne Bay and the endless swamps of the Everglades.

The main areas

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County Miami-Dade County, or the "Big Miami", it is a chain of cities on the Atlantic coast, including:

  • The city of Miami isdivided into North, South, West and Central part;
  • Miami beach is a separate municipality, separated from Miami by Biscayne Bay;
  • The HOMESTEAD is a charming, impressive green rural oasis;
  • Sunny Isles beach, or as it is called "Little Moscow" due to the large number of Russian immigrants, as well as other towns and villages.

A major resort city in the Metropolitan area is Miami beach, which houses the best beaches of the tourist area.

Directly to Miami's main tourist destination is the Central part of the city, which is South beach Miami. The Central part of the city is the main financial, cultural and educational center of the "Big Miami."

The main attractions - photos, names, and description

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The main attractions of Miami related to the nature of Florida and a colorful history of the city in the XX century.

Architectural structures

Due to the youth of Miami in the city of old historical monuments, but rapid development in the XX century, formed their architectural masterpiecesthat, despite the relative novelty, attract the attention of tourists.

  1. Freedom tower was built in 1925 and still remains the main symbol of the city.

    The height of the tower is 78 meters, the building was built in the style of a Mediterranean Renaissance.

    Originally the tower was a publishing and printing house of the local newspaper, and his name she received in 1960, when it housed the reception center for Cuban refugees after the victory in the island's socialist revolution. Since 2008, the Freedom Tower is a listed historic monuments in the USA.

  2. Coral castle is located in the suburbs of Miami town of HOMESTEAD. The castle was built by Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin alone for 31 years. The building was built in honor of the cancelled bride's eccentric Builder, Agnes, Scuff (real name Ermina more), broken engagement with Edward.

    Now coral castle is a listed historic monuments in the USA and remains a symbol of unrequited love. The uniqueness of the castle is that it is still not clear how Leedskalnin alone, the building was built of large limestone monolith, weighing up to 30tons.

  3. District "Little Havana", or Latin quarter, is one of the oldest in the city. Visiting the area, you can get into a colorful and vibrant world of Latin America right in the middle of Miami.

    The main population of the district are immigrants from Cuba and other countries in Central and South America.

    The main places of leisure and entertainment in the "Little Havana" is the Calle Ocho and the Cuban national Boulevard. Sure to visit the local cafes and restaurants and taste the national cuisine of Latin America.


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The Holocaust memorial in Miami is dedicated to the memory of Jews who died during the Second World war. It was opened in 1990.

The center of the composition is a monument of "Love and misery", in the shape of a giant hand, reaching for the sky.

Around the monument there is a small sculptural form, depicting members of a Jewish familytrying to help a friend. The edges of the composition are the black granite wall carved with the names of Jews killed during the Holocaust and also with the names of the concentration camps of the Second World war.

Extremely unusual collection of monuments in Miami is memorial Neptune's — an underwater cemetery of cremated remains 5 kilometers from the coast. The underwater city of the dead was arranged in 2007 and is an artificial reef where everyone can bury the remains of their relatives.

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In the center of the cemetery is located square with a statue of lion, from which depart the alley with monuments and benches.

To visit this is one of the most unusual places on Earth, have to learn scuba diving.

Religious buildings

  • Despite his youth, Miami miraculously got a's oldest monastery.

    Spanish monastery of St. Bernard has a long history. It was founded in Spain in the city of Sacrament in the XII century. After the dissolution of the monastery in the XIX century, almost a century it was used as a warehouse.

    In 1925 the monastery was dismantled and transported to the United States, and in 1952 assembled in North Miami beach Americans Raymond moss and William Edgemon. So Miami has got a historical landmark, the age of which far exceeds the age of the city and the whole country.

  • Episcopal Holy Trinity Cathedral was established even before Miami got the city status in 1886. The original temple was built of wood, and its modern appearance, the Cathedral was received in 1912, when it was rebuilt in stone. Now Holy Trinity Cathedral is the pride of the city and listed on the national register of historic places.
  • Gesu is the oldest Catholic Church the Church in South Florida. It was founded in the late nineteenth century and was originally built of wood, in 1921, was laid a new stone building of the temple.

Throughout the twentieth century Gesu Church was the main Church of the Hispanic Diaspora in Miami, primarily immigrants from the island of Cuba.



In Miami there are a great many museums dedicated to different aspects of human life.

  1. Museum "Vizcaya and gardens" is located in the Villa Vizcaya, built in 1916 in the neo-Renaissance style. In our time, the building was declared historical monument, and within its walls is a Museum of fine arts, with a collection of paintings, furniture and sculptures of the Renaissance.
  2. Historical Museum of Miami is one of the largest museums in the Southeast United States. The Museum's collection includes more than 13 thousand exhibits from the pre-Columbian era in America to the present day.
  3. The children's Museum in Miami is a miniature city in which children with active games learn about the adult world. The Museum is divided into thematic zones, the movement between which the child will "change" profession. Here there are 14 permanent exhibitions, and the highlight of the exposition is a two-story Castle of dreams.
  4. The bass Museum of art has grown from the private collection of John and Johanna bass, transferred in gift to the city. The art Museum is a classical Museum with works by Rubens, Picasso, Matisse and other artists, religious tapestries and various works of art. The singularity of the Museum lends collection of Haitian art, made in the tradition of the mysterious Voodoo.
  5. The Museum of modern art is located in the Northern part of the cityand is dedicated to the works of contemporary artists, primarily Hispanic.

The modern art Museum features interactive exhibits and displays where you can view the picture.

Natural objects

The main natural attraction of Miami is Everglades national Parklocated South of the city. It's the third popular national Park in the United States. The Everglades is tropical climate in marshy thickets and swamps, so crowded with alligators and crocodiles, one of the symbols of Florida. Also inhabits rare species of Florida pumas.

Nacionalnyj prirodnyj park Everglejds

Park "Jungle monkeys" is located in the suburbs of Miami. The Park is home to more than 400 representatives of the primates of 30 different species. Monkeys are willing to contact with tourists, so every visitor can not only feed the inhabitants of the Park, but to make a picture with them.

What else to do in the city - interesting places

If time allows, you should not limit yourself to one Miami, because Florida itself is an amazing state in its surroundings you will find many natural and man-made attractions.

What to see tourists in 3 days?

Cape Canaveral, located just North of Miami, is part of the "space coast." This place is the Kennedy Space center, where American astronauts launch into outer space.

The spaceport tours, so everyone can observe his life. Around the Space center there is a National seashore Canaveral wildlife reserve and secure the national territory.

It is home to over 300 species of wild birds, and the coast stretches a wild beach with a length of 24 kilometers.

After exploring the must-see Miami attractions, you should visit Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. "The world heart of Walt Disney" or "Disney world Orlando" consists of 4 theme parks:

  • Magic Kingdom;
  • Animal Kingdom;
  • Hollywood studios;
  • Epcot.

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Disney world Orlando is the most visited entertainment complex in the world. In the Park "Magic Kingdom" built the famous Cinderella Castlethat will delight any tourist. Tour to Orlando will take at least 2 days because of the huge size of the complex.

Where to go with kids?

Miami — city by the ocean, so his life is closely connected with the sea and its inhabitants. Sea aquarium Miami at the time of opening in 1955 was the largest aquarium in the United States. And now the younger guests and their parents will be amazed the amazing inhabitants of the sea depths and the surface: sharks, various species of fish, turtles, reptiles and other species of animals and birds.

In the aquarium you can dive into the depths and observe the life of the inhabitants of tropical reefs.

Every day at the Sea aquarium of Miami held a presentation with the participation of dolphins and orcas, one of which, the killer whale Lolita, is the oldest representative of this species living in captivity. Each year, the aquarium is visited by over 500 thousand tourists.

The Miami zoo is the largest in Florida and is the only US tropical zoo, which is home to many species of animals, including rare. The zoo is divided into 4 zones in which the relevant species:

  1. Asia;
  2. Amazonia;
  3. Africa;
  4. Australia.

On the territory of the zoo running a petting zoowhere children are allowed to communicate with the animals and feed are not dangerous animals.

See also the video with the best sights of Miami: