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What to see in New Orleans: sights

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What port city USA combines the Sass of jazz music and the luxury of French elegance, gaiety of the seaside city and the traditions of the German, French, staromaryinskoe and Creole cultures?

It's all New Orleansattractions which make it not just a city, and the whole world with its own rules and its own atmosphere.

New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of the major cities of America, port and tourist centre.

Where and how to get there?

The city is located near the area where the Mississippi river empties into the Gulf of Mexico, on the South-East of America.

New Orleans is the most populous and cosmopolitan city in Louisiana.

In the area of the international airport, where planes land from all over the world. From the airport to the outskirts of the city can be reached by bus or taxi.

Plane tickets you can buy right here using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date of departure and the number of passengers.

From all corners of the country to New Orleans is moving many routes trains and intercity buses. Read more to learn the schedule and the cost on the town's website.

Historical note

istoricheskie svedeniya

This territory was opened by the Spanish invaders in the 16th century. After that, the area was captured by the French, who colonized the then southern province of Mississippi. The area began to grow roots, and in 1718 , New Orleans, which still exists the historic French quarter.

The name of the city was named after the Regent of FrancePhilip of Orleans, who got his nickname from the name of the eponymous French town. In 1763 the Spanish forces, the city was recaptured, and in 1801 he returned again under the power of France. In 1803 the ruling Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to sell New Orleans together with the whole of Louisiana to the United States.

After the sale the city and state were actively populated English-speaking immigrants who often clashed with the French living here.

In 1815, under the city, a battle was fought between the British and the Americans, which became a critical battle during the Anglo-American war and secured New Orleans in the States.

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By the end of the 19th century the city flourished economically and was the richest city in the country, however after the industrial boom, the importance of the city fell. By this time the number of the French population greatly diminished and the city became actively populated by immigrants from:

In the 20th century the economic importance of the city continued to decline – New Orleans was now the center of Commerce, not industry. In this century exacerbated the conflict between the white and black population of each group lived in different areas, and the level of income between whites and blacks differed significantly in front of the first. Because of this, black neighborhoods have grown much crime of various kinds.

In 2005 New Orleans was hit by hurricane Katrina - 80% of the city was flooded. The majority of the evacuated people had not returned to their former homes, so the city's population has decreased by half. Today, New Orleans is home to about 350 thousand people.

Architectural landmarks

In addition to the history anda unique flavor, New Orleans is also famous for the cultural attractions. This is one of the most popular tourist cities in America.

Cultural objects

In New Orleans many interesting places, and most of them are in the French quarter, it is not only the oldest historical part of the city, but the focus of modern culture.

  1. Bourbon street. This famous street opens French quarter and is home to exclusive entertainment venues. Here there is no traffic and all the roads given over to pedestrians.
  2. Here are held all sorts of entertainment events, carnivals and parades.

    kultura Burbon-strit

  3. Jackson square is in the heart of the quarter and named in honor of General Jackson, who was driving the army of the South during the Civil war. The square is the venue for meetings and presentations of creative people – musicians, poets, artists, and others, as well as many ordinary viewers.
  4. The French market is a wonderful place where every tourist can afford to buy something for memory about this city. Here you can buy traditional Souvenirsand organic produce from farms, and furniture and utensils. The market also hosts a variety of exhibitions and events.
  5. Crescent Bridge. This design is of two pair of bridges with a total length of about four kilometers above the waters of the Mississippi. This facility is among the five longest bridges in the world. Design often appears in Hollywood films due to the picturesque and impressive.
  6. Cemetery Saint Louis. This old cemetery is in the French quarter and is one of the main attractions of the city. Graves and gravestones are of interest not only for its historical value, but the architectural and cultural. Here you can see many tombs, including the tomb of the recognized voodoo witch Marie Laveau, who is revered still.

Religious buildings

Talking about attractions, not to mention the facilities of a religious nature. Like all structures in New Orleans, temples and cathedrals are distinguished by their uniqueness and historical significance.

St. Louis Cathedral (St. Louis). The building of the Cathedral was erected in 1727. Married here, baptized and burial service nobles in the last century and a half. Unfortunately, the original building burned down, and in its place was built a new.

The Cathedral of Saint Louis is a structure with three pointed spires, as if stretched up and slightly towers above the other buildings. The temple is located near Jackson square.

religioznyj sobor Sent-Luis

Monastery Old Ursulin-Convention. This is the oldest extant building in New Orleans – the building dates from 1745 year. This is a beautiful Catholic Church, in which are hung the flags of different countries that have a relationship to this place – American, Spanish, French and others.

Museum complexes

The city has many museums and various exhibitions of various arts.

Museum complexes varied in their subject matter areas, and every curious tourist will be able to find a Museum to your liking.

  • The national world war II Museum. The Museum has collected and presented the exhibition since the Second world war, the role of the participation of the USA in the war, historical documents and weapons of those times. In the Museum there is practically no mention of the participation of the Soviet Union and other allied forces. The Museum is quite large, and full tour lasts 1.5-2 hours.
  • voennyj muzej

  • National Museum of the Cabildo. The Museum's name literally translates as "city hall". The building was once a prison, then the city, after the government meeting, and now it is part of the cultural heritage of the state.

    The building of the Cabildo was erected in 1799 by the same architect that built St. Louis. All three floors of the building displays the history of the city since its formation. Among the exhibits of the Museum include also a cannon of the times of slavery, the death mask of Napoleon, and much more.

  • Museum of art. This Museum has collected the work of contemporary French, English and American artists and works of art of Christian and pre-Christian periods. Among the exhibits you can see works by Monet, Picasso, Degas and other artists of the world level.

    The Museum building was donated to the city an elderly planter. Since then, it had been repaired several times, but in General remained unchanged. The Museum is open every day, except Monday.

What else to see?

Besides cultural and historical attractions, New Orleans may present a rainbow of entertainment and beautiful natural landscapes. It is a city festivalwhere almost every day there is some party or the magical carnival.

Natural beauty

The nature of Louisiana you can call exotic – subtropics and hot weather in the middle of a big city makes you feel like a hero of the novel "gone with the wind".

  1. New Orleans city Park. The Park is one of the rare peaceful places in the city where you can just sit and relax from the Madding crowd.
  2. The Park has more than a century and a half, and it was miraculously restored after destructive hurricane "Katrina".

    prirodnaya krasota gorodskogo parka

  3. The Botanical garden is located near the city Park and it will be very interesting for children. In the garden represented a large number typical for this band species of plants and trees.
  4. District gardens. This neighborhood was built on former plantations during the prosperity of the slave South around each HOMESTEAD was surrounded by gardens with mazes and fountains. After the fall of the South the tradition of constructing gardens, it was decided to keep, and now the magnificent gardens can look anyone.
  5. Mississippi River. From the river the mysterious Orleans looks completely different, so on the river to raft on a small boat – a full copy of the steamer 16th and 17th centuries. The vessel offers stunning views, and onboard snacks.


After visiting all the interesting tours and attractions New Orleans offers the entertainment and truly relax.

  • Zoo Audubon. This large zoo will appeal to both adults and children. Here the animals are kept in spacious enclosures that are as close to natural habitat. In the Park there are comfortable places to relax and escape from the summer heat.
  • Preserves Hall (Hall of preserving) – this building, which in 20 years was the center of jazz music of New Orleans. There still are jazz musicians, and on weekends the hall is filled with Amateurs in this direction.
  • The Mardi Gras Carnival. In February, Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday") attracts people from all over the world.

    This festival of dolls of different sizes and made of any material takes place in New Orleans.

    Here anyone can walk with their doll, or to wear any colorful costume, and walk down the street with merry people. In the brilliance and gaiety of Mardi Gras much bypasses even the famous Brazilian carnival.

In this video you can see part of the sights of New Orleans: