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Sights of Samara: pictures and description of the city and region

foto i opisanie dostoprimechatelnostej Samary

Samara – a major city in the Volga region with a large and interesting history. Located at the confluence of the rivers of Samara and Volga on the high and picturesque Bank, near the Zhiguli mountains.

The history of

istoriya vozniknoveniya goroda Samary

The first documentary mention of the pier with a similar name belong to the 14th century, when the transfer point is reflected on maps of foreign guests. As a fortress and a formal settlement was formed by the late 16th century From now an Outpost on the border with Asia is a major obstacle for enemy raids and a customs post for merchants.

At all times Samara has played an important role in the history of Russia. Is no exception and the Soviet period, when Samara was renamed Kuibyshev. In time of war, the city became one of the main points of the defence industry and possible evacuation of the government.

Today, Samara is part of the top ten largest by population cities in Russia (more than 1 200 000 inhabitants) and is the major industrial, scientific, cultural and historical center of the region with developed infrastructure and preserved the traditions of the peoples of different nationalities. It makes Samara attractive tourism object.

Guide to the Samara region

In the historical part of Samara impression Starokubanskaya city. There are no buildings in the Empire style, and is dominated by buildings of a provincial town in the Russian eclecticism. Sightseeing tour will introduce the history of Samara and the preserved monuments of architecture.

chto posmotret v Samarskoj oblasti?

Diverse religious buildings of Samara. They embody the longstanding culture of relations between people of different nationalities and faiths.

Interest each building, whether a Church, Cathedral, mosque or synagogue.

The most popular among tourists are:

  • Ascension Cathedral (1830.);
  • the five-domed Church of common faith, founded in 1865 to mark the accession of old believers to the Orthodox Church;
  • Iversky women's monastery, opened in 1851;
  • dostoprimechatelnosti Samary za 3 dnya

  • Pokrovsky Cathedral, belonging to the Russian old Orthodox Church;
  • old believer Church of the Kazan image of the blessed virgin Mary, erected in 1915;
  • the temple of the sacred Heart of Jesus – neo-Gothic building in the historical centre;
  • Lutheran Church of St. George;
  • Catholic Church;
  • Church of the Holy cross Armenian Apostolic Church;
  • Samara Cathedral mosque;
  • Samara choral synagogue.

luchshie mesta Samarskoj oblasti

In addition to the religious buildings of interest are the numerous monuments, squares, parks, observation deck overlooking the Volga and Zhiguli, museums, and archaeological evidence of life.

The Volga region over the 3 days

In a lot of places where tourists can stay during their stay. Hotels for every taste and in a wide price range solve the problem of relaxation after sightseeing.

For 3 days you can see all the sights of the city and its environs, constituting the individual plan.

luchshie mesta oblasti za 3 dnya

It certainly should include:

  • tour of the old city will be immersed in the history of Samara;
  • familiarity with modern architecture;
  • a visit to the brewery factory "Zhigulevsk";
  • walk through the beautiful promenade;
  • stay in the squares and parks, on the beaches of Samara;
  • a trip to Zhiguli mountains is a picturesque reserve with preserved endemic flora and fauna at the bend of the river Samara;
  • visits to museums of choice.

Travel by car in the surrounding area

In Samara can be reached by car from all sides – the city are a good the Federal and regional highways.

Inmore than 100 hotels will accept guests with car. When hotels have Parking for transport, the area has motels and campgrounds.

If the card of the city and suburbs having a car will facilitate independent attractions, especially outside the city limits.

Other interesting objects

Picture of the town will help to make museums, theaters, catering establishments, entertainment facilities, recreation parks, transport.

foto i opisanie interesnyh obektov Samary


Local history: the largest Museum in the region. Funds are distributed in several buildings, only in the main area of the exhibition space of 3,500 m2. The exposition must be given a reasonable amount of time.

Samara art Museum: originally established as an exhibition of works by local artists. With time turned into the exposition of Russian painting 17 -21 centuries.

Submitted artwork reflects the development of fine art, its styles and directions.

chto posmotret v muzeyah Samary?

According to the wishes and preferences, you can choose to visit several exhibitions: the Museum-estate of Alexei Tolstoy, the bunker of Stalin, the Zoological Museum, football Museum, and some others.


Here there are 5 state theatres:

  1. academic drama theatre founded in the 19th century, and in 1936 bears the name of Maxim Gorky;
  2. academic theatre of Opera and ballet gives performances since 1931;
  3. theatre of the young spectator "Samart" was created in 1930;
  4. theatre "the Samara area" was organized in 1991. by converting the youth theatre-Studio of the Palace of culture;
  5. social Experimental theatre "Wings" - the enterprise of alternative art, created in 2003.

Numerous scenic sites also offer a variety of theatrical performances.


parki - interesnye mesta Samary

  • Children's Park of culture and rest them. Yuri Gagarin: attractions, among which the water – there is an artificial pond; winding paths and benches for rest, a lot of cafes;
  • Central Park of culture and leisurepaths among greenery, several cafes, a restaurant, numerous and varied attractions. Has an equestrian club for horseback riding teaching.
  • In the cold season equipped with ski slopes, organized sledding, buns and snowboarding.

  • Strukovsky garden: green area, close to drama theatre on the banks of the scenic views of the river Volga;
  • Park "Voronezh lakes": years of oaks on the shore of a natural lake complex is recognized as a natural monument.

Trade and entertainment

Like any major city, Samara has a huge number of shopping establishments and entertainment venues. Shops, restaurants, cafes, Nightclubs welcome guests at any time of the day.

Transport operates around the clock – there is always a way to get to the destination.

Samara is rich in history and sights of the city. The tourism industry here is developing rapidly. A large number of natural, historical, religious sites will provide a new experience to all who visit this city.

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