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Green card USA: what is, how to win and get the citizen of the Russian Federation - the lottery

kak poluchit Grin-kartu SSHA grazhdaninu RF?

Especially for those who would like to live and work in the US, there is a green card is an important document, giving the opportunity to legally earn a living while in the country. To become a resident, you need to know how to get a green card USA citizen of the Russian Federation.

Green card in USA

dokument v Soedinennye SHtaty

Often and quite rightly a green card compared to the"residence permit" or the main "document for permanent residence", which provides certain privileges to its owner, but also requires a strict order and observance of certain duties.

This is what it looks like?

Green card – an official document giving the holder 100% chance to freely enter the territory of the United States, to find a job or get an education, take out a loan just to live, and after five years apply for citizenship.

But to change the status of "immigrant" to "resident", you first have to prove that a permanent human presence will benefit the state.

Initially, a green card looked like an ordinary sheet of paper on which were noted all the most important information, but in connection with frequent cases of forgery, it was decided to remake it. Now a green card looks like a plastic paper, reminiscent of the ID-card. The final design was formed in 2010 and she really has a green hue on the surface of the personal details, period of stay, fingerprints and photos.

kak vyglyadit kartochka?

The ancestor of the modern plastic ID cards has become a form AR-3 (Alien Registration) is a document, which appeared in 1940.

By law, every alien was obliged to have registration. In order to get it, had to fill in a postal questionnaire, which is then sent to the service for immigration and naturalization.

After processing this document back mail delivered ready prototype for a green card.

Benefits, rights and obligations of the holders of

Obtaining a green card – a great chance to benefit from many advantages while in the USA. Thus, while the benefits offered by this document are quite identical to those received by citizens. The only rights that will not be available to immigrants – the ability to vote or hold management positions at work.

This document gives the owner the following advantages:

  • To obtain discount to pay for the education in the country;
  • To take the credit loans from banks on preferential terms;
  • Some times travel to and from the country;
  • Transport in USA wife and children;
  • To apply for any job vacancies;
  • To pay taxes on more gentle percent;
  • High chance to apply for US citizenship.

chto dolzhny znat rezidenty?

On this basis, in the duties of the holder of the Green card includes the payment of taxes, including income, including salary money and other methods of their production. Also have to get up for military service, if the immigrant is male aged 18 to 26 years.

It is important to remember this caveat, as the duration of stay – country not allowed to leave for a period of more than six months. Otherwise, the United States Department may consider the continued presence meaningless.

As practice shows, immigrant status is simply cancelled. In order to avoid this, it is essential to comply with the laws, in particular, not to spoil the life of others, while drunk or start fights. In the event if they violated the laws set for the owner of the document, the person will be immediately deported with no right of return.

In addition, it is important to remember that in different States there are different and sometimes the most unusual laws. For thisthe reason it is important to read them in order not to violate the entrusted obligation.

Methods of obtaining

For residents of Russia , there are many ways to obtain the coveted permission to enter – many of them quite easy, but it will have to comply with the formalities.

Family reunification

If the citizen of the Russian Federation wishing to obtain a Green Card, there are close relativesliving in the U.S., such as parents, spouses, brothers, sisters or children under 21 years, this is the reason for applying for this document. But in some circumstances this method can not 100% guarantee a positive result.

Marriage to a U.S. citizen

svadba s grazhdaninom

In the USA there are several types of immigration cards – unconditional – documents, giving you the opportunity to stay in its territory for 5-10 years, and conditional – temporary, which are issued for a period of two years for those who enter into marriage with a citizen of the United States. If at the expiration of the term marriage falls apart, from the status of "conditional" residence permit becomes "unconditional".

The employees of the immigration service will check the marriage to its fictitious nature, and before issuing a green card will have to pass the interview.

The staff has learned to easily distinguish real from fictitious relationship, so necessarily will require photographs showing the existence of family life, as well as Bank statements, documents for the joint estate.

If all goes well, the bride/groom will receive a complete package of all the important immigration documents. The resulting package can not be opened, and all materials inside the letter should be referred to the authorities of the United States upon arrival in the country.


This method of obtaining a green card running less often because it is believed that it is used by those who are no longer going to return home for one of the reasons that threaten the life and health of:

  1. Political or religious views;
  2. Racial characteristics;
  3. Sexual orientation.

To obtain a green card will have to prove that the refugee's life is really in danger. Perhaps for such purposes will need to find competent counsel, and that there will be additional costs. Especially often this method is resorted to by those who live in areas where there is frequent fighting.

Employment and business

rabota v Amerike

Official employment in the United States is one of the most popular ways to obtain a residence permit. The document is issued only to highly skilled specialists, the knowledge which the country needs.

Do not have to have a degree and higher education, it is important to prove that high professional experience, vast knowledge and desire to share fully meet the expectations.

The most popular specialties are considered statistics, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, military science, scientific engineering and Biomedicine. Of course, to obtain a U.S. green card to get a job as a waiter or a maid, it will not be possible. If the employer is willing to take the citizen of the Russian Federation to work, it needs to act as the guarantor, which will employ the prospective employee and assist him move.

Investing in the economy of the country

If your financial capabilities enable you to invest in the US economy sums from 500 thousand to a million dollars, it will allow you to purchase a green card. It is considered the most simple and easy, and get the long awaited permission to enter almost immediately.


A great option is to enroll in a prestigious specialty in one of the famous Universities in the United States. This will allow not only to obtain a green card, but also at the end of education is to interest the employer and extend an existing document.


The easiest way to obtain a green card is to participate in a free lottery. Every year the U.S. state Department is satisfied with the draw 50,000 documents permitting an immigrant. The main reason why there is such method – the need for influx of people.

amerikanskaya lotereya

The lottery is held in several stages:

  • Registration on the website of the Department of the United States;
  • Preparation of the questionnairein electronic form;
  • Issuing unique numbers (note);
  • The choice of a computer 100 000 random questionnaires;
  • An interview with each of the winning participant;
  • The selection of only half of them all won.

This method has its drawbacks, one of which registration should be for a year and a half before the draw and reaction to the victory has to be immediate.

Requirements for candidates is quite simple. The lottery allowed the inhabitants of the countries from which immigrated more than 50,000 people over the five-year period. Priority is given to the citizens, fellow citizens whom already live in the US, but in insufficient number. From year to year this list changes, so it is better to check it on the website.

In addition, mandatory requirements are: two years of experience and a high school education, and criminal record and proof of mental health.

Application form for lottery fully electronic documents for its completion is not required in addition to photos. It is important to know that even a slight deviation from the established form will be deprived of the chance to win, so each field should be filled in carefully and without haste: name, date of birth, gender, place of birth, country of birth, contact details and marital status.

Particularly stringent requirements apply to the photos:

  1. Picture size 600x600 px and only in the format .jpg;
  2. The background behind should be only light, but it is forbidden to make pictures of a window or bright wall;
  3. Forbidden to retouch or alter a photo;
  4. The man in the picture should not be headdress, military uniforms and religious apparel;
  5. Facial expression should be neutral – not to smile.

trebovaniya k foto dlya rozygrysha

After filling out the questionnaire to participate in the lottery each is assigned a unique numberthat you want to record. The US state Department does not send letters of victory, so only using it in the tab Entry Status Check, you will be sure to see if it worked to win.

If you managed to win, the subsequent sequence of actions will be:

  • To visit the U.S. Embassy;
  • Pass the interview;
  • To pay the application fee in the amount of 435$;
  • To go to the country and pay the USCIS immigrant fee of 165$.

At the same time, separately paid medical exam, which you can get at the hospital at the Embassy.

In the interview officials must assessthe health status of the candidate's financial situation, membership in prohibited groups, and the criminal and criminal past.

The collection of documents

To successfully pass the interview have to be puzzled by the gathering of an impressive package of important documents. Is in advance (recommended for 1.5 weeks) to send scanned versions by mail. This will allow officials to prepare for the meeting and reduce the time for admission decisions.

What papers will you need?

If we consider in more detail the full range of documents that may be required to obtain a green card, the list will be quite large. To get started is to fill out a form on the website, and then print it.

To meet with representatives of the Consulate you will need:

  1. The foreign and internal passport;
  2. Birth certificate;
  3. Marriage certificate and the paper about the name change;
  4. Police certificate from all places of residence;
  5. Extracts from judicial decisions;
  6. Military ID;
  7. Documents confirming secondary and higher education;
  8. Photos – 2 visa (50x50 mm) and 5 for medical examination (30x40 mm);
  9. The results of the medical examination;
  10. Employment history;
  11. Documents proving financial independence.

kakie dokumenty trebuutsya?

Ready green card received in 5 days after interview.

Additional documents can be: a job and various papers proving the relationship.

To the list of financial documents include sponsorship letter, an extract from the personal account, the assessment of private property and guaranteed the availability of work in the United States.

The failure in obtaining

The reasons for failure are many. One of them may be an attempt to draw the profiles on the site two times from a single party, especially if one was filled out by the applicant himself and the second his cousin. Also the ban on visa for improper filling out the questionnaire on the website, a clear fraud, incorrect data and incorrect pictures.

Thus,there are many ways to obtain a green card for citizens of the Russian Federation – all you need is to choose the most optimal and convenient option, and then correctly fill in all documents and pass an interview.

Recommend you to resort to the help of this video when completing the application form for participation in the DV lottery: