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USA on the map of the world: time zones, where and with whom it borders the country?

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USA on the world map is not only the most powerful superpower of our time, economic, political and cultural leader of the modern world, but also one of the most interesting in terms of tourism country in the world.

USA on the world map in Russian language

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A vast and diverse territory, large population, large and developed city of bright, though young, history compose the overall picture of the place in which one can travel endlessly, marveling at the variety of natural landscapes, the richness of different cultures and modern achievements of science and Economics.

And let US not so ancient and rich culture as in Europe or Asia, modern advances smooth this relative weakness, and allow US to annually attract more than 70 million tourists.

The number of tourists allows the United States to take second place in the tourism potential, second only to France.

The total area of the US is 9.5 million km2, which allows the United States to share with China the 3-rd and 4-th place in size among all countries of the world.


United States of America are in the Western hemisphere on the continent of North America. From the West mainland of the United States of America is limited to the Pacific ocean, East Atlantic. Also, the country is Alaska, partly bordering the Arctic ocean. Alaska is separated from the main body of the American States by Canada.

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USA belong to different areas, separated from the main part of the country's seas and oceans. The main part of the overseas country:

  • the state of Hawaii in the Pacific ocean;
  • managed territory of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

In the vastness of the Pacific ocean the United States owns some Islands and atolls, not formally part of the state.

With which countries it borders?

Despite the large size of the country, the United States has with other Nations throughout the two borders by land. With whom: in the North the United States border with Canada, southern with Mexico.

The length of the us-canadian border is almost 9 thousand km, of the Mexican American — more than 3 thousand km.

US States bordering Canada:

  1. Alaska;
  2. the state of Washington;
  3. Idaho;
  4. Montana;
  5. North Dakota;
  6. Mn;
  7. Michigan;
  8. Ohio;
  9. PA;
  10. the state of new York;
  11. Vermont;
  12. New Hampshire;
  13. Man.

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The border with Mexico passes through such States as:

  1. Texas;
  2. New Mexico;
  3. Arizona;
  4. CA.

Alaska has a water border with Russia, passing through the waters of the Bering Strait. The length of the border between the two countries is 49 km away.

States and cities

The population of the United States of America is over 325 million people.

The number of inhabitants of the USA takes 3rd place in the world, second only to world giants — India and China.

Administrative division

Administrative divisions the United States is quite complex. The country is divided into:

  • The so-called 48 continental Statesconnected by land borders;
  • 2 state, separated from the mainland (Alaska and Hawaii);
  • D.C. the capital of the country Washington;
  • overseas territories with different legal status (Puerto Rico, GUAM, Palmyra Atoll, and others).

Despite the officially equal status of States, their role in domestic politics and the economy greatlydifferent as the States themselves are extremely heterogeneous. For example, the area of Alaska larger than the state of Rhode island in 430 times, and the population of California exceeds the population of Wyoming in 80 times.

The largest States of the country on the territory are:

  1. Alaska (over 1.7 million km2);
  2. Texas (nearly 700 thousand km2);
  3. CA (420 km2).

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The population of the country is distributed unevenly. The most populated of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Great lakes and the Gulf coast. The smallest number of inhabitants are the States of the Northwest — Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota. The most populated States of the US are:

  • California (40 million people);
  • Texas (27 million people);
  • Florida (over 20 million);
  • the state of new York (almost 20 million inhabitants);
  • Illinois (almost 13 million);
  • Pennsylvania (12.7 million people).

The largest settlements

Listing the largest U.S. city by population, should be considered the preferred type of settlement in this country. In the United States are extremely widespread accommodation in the suburbs outside the administrative boundaries of cities, therefore, the number of the largest cities is not impressive.

American agglomeration created by merging cities, towns and settlements are among the largest in the world.

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At the population within the administrative boundaries of the largest U.S. cities are:

  1. New York, population of 8.5 million people;
  2. Los Angeles, population 3.8 million;
  3. Chicago — 2.7 million inhabitants.
  4. Houston'spopulation of 2.3 million people;
  5. Philadelphia and Phoenix are 1.5 million inhabitants.

List of urban agglomerations shows a completely different number of people involved in labor migration agglomeration kernel:

  • The new York agglomeration — more than 21 million people;
  • The Los Angeles agglomeration of 15 million people;
  • agglomeration Chicago — more than 9 million inhabitants.
  • agglomeration of Boston — 7.2 million people;
  • the Metropolitan area of Dallas and San Francisco have a population of 6.5 million people.

Curious fact that the capital of the country Washington is not listed in the list of the largest cities and agglomerations of the United States.

How to get to the United States of America?

To reach US you can only air transport, except for such exotic and expensive in our time form of transport as a marine.

How many time zones?

Continental United States, consisting of 48 mainland States, has the following time zones:

  1. UTC-4 is in the Eastern time zone;
  2. UTC-5 — Central American time;
  3. UTC-6 Mountain time;
  4. UTC-7 — North American Pacific time.

In the state of Alaska, operates the Alaska standard time — UTC-9. The Hawaiian Islands are Hawaiian-Aleutian standard time UTC-10.

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The maximum time difference in the USA is observed between the Atlantic coast and Hawaii, and is 6 hours.

Because of the huge size of the United States and Russia, and the abundance of time zones in these countries, the time difference may range from relatively small sizes (6 hours between Kaliningrad and the East coast in summer) to almost daily difference at the border of Alaska and Chukotka (the difference in summer is 20 hours).

Thus, when on Kamchatka or Chukotka noon, Alaska time is 16 hours and Hawaii is 14 hours, but the previous day.

The difference between the capitals of countries by Moscow and Washington is 7 hours in summer and 8 in winter.

How to fly from Russia?

Due to the fact that Russia and the United States do not have a land border, virtually the only way to get into this country — to use air transport. Air communication between the Russian capital and the largest cities of the USA developed well enough. From Moscow to fly Russian or U.S. airlines to the following cities United States:

  • New York;
  • Washington;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Chicago;
  • Boston;
  • Miami;
  • Dallas.

Journey time is from 9hours when flying on the East coast of the USA and 12 hours in the West.

Also to the United States you can fly with connecting flights at European airports.

You can find a plane ticket to the States, taking advantage of the search form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

From St. Petersburg the available flights to new York, Washington and Los Angeles, but I have to change in Moscow. Journey time the flight from St. Petersburg to new York with a stopover in the Russian capital will amount to 14 hours. In order to get to the US from other cities of Russia, have to take a connection in Moscow or in European airports.

We encourage you to watch a video about the history of the emergence of the United States: