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Where is the Arabian sea on the world map and what the ocean is?

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The Arabian sea and numerous resorts located on the coast, is especially popular with those who prefer first-class beaches, ancient sights and a large selection of modern entertainment. Due to the popularity of the coastal areas of the Arabian sea on the map it is easy to find.

Arabian sea on world map

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The Arabian sea is one of the most large and deep, and its temperature is perfect for swimming at any time of the year.

Green, Persian, Eritrean – such names were given in ancient times the Arabian sea.

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Where and what the ocean is?

The Arabian sea is located in the Northern hemisphere in the Asian part of the world. In the East it borders the Indian subcontinent, and the West – the Arabian Peninsula. The area includes several bays, the largest of which are:

  • Omani;
  • Of Cambay;
  • Quality;
  • Aden Bay (connects to the Red sea).

The midst of the seas, part of the Indian ocean, the Arabian and the Red sea ahead of its neighbors, being the largest of them. They connect Babel-Mandeb Strait, and most remarkably, the Red sea is to the West.

Climatic features

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The climate of the Arabian sea – warm monsoon, and significant impact on it depends on weather conditions of the Indian subcontinent. The average seawater temperature on the coast ranges from +22 to +28°C. Its performance does not fall below 20 degrees.

Such conditions especially attractive for those who prefer the resorts in this area – one of the most popular tourist.


Not just the Arabian sea is one of the largest in the Indian ocean, and occupies the fifth place in size and deepest in the world. Its area is 3.8 million sq km and a maximum width of up to 2400 km Deep in some places – 5800 meters.

The topography of the Arabian sea is heterogeneous according to the feature, it has a General slope from North to South. The coast is indented with bays and coves, some high and rocky, others low-lying Delta. The Carlsberg ridge separates the bottom into two larger parts, forming two basins. The first of them – the Arabian, the second Somali.


A very rich and diverse underwater world of flora and fauna of the sea. It is home to kelp, brown and red algae. Among the living organisms is dominated by about 100 commercial fish species, shrimps, crabs and lobsters. Also found in Arabian waters clown fish, angelfish, gobies, triggerfish, lionfish, sardine.

In the Arabian sea inhabited by sharks – tiger, Mako, reef, cherepennikova and blue. Off the coast of the Indian subcontinent is especially developed for industrial fishing. Here they catch tuna, Marlin, mackerel and sardines.

Map of the coast

Countries, Islands and resorts, lapped by the Arabian sea – one of the most popular among tourists from all over the world.

Tourism demand due to the warm climate and excellent conditions for recreation.

What are the continents and the country washed by?

Since the Arabian sea is the northwestern part of the Indian ocean, its waters wash the coast of the countries of Asia and northeast Africa. On the part of the Indian subcontinent these include India (including Goa), Pakistan, the Maldives and the Seychelles. The countries of the Omani Peninsula, bordering the sea, include Oman and Yemen, and on the African continent – the coast of Djibouti and Somalia.

Large resorts

The most popular and largest resorts of the Arabian sea in India, its Goa, the Maldives and Oman. They all attract travelers to the incredible exotic, luxurious coast, developed infrastructure and great potential for a fabulous holiday.

One of the most vibrant places – Goa – resort which has everything necessary for tourists. Of all the Indian States he is best suited for relaxation, although it represents only a narrow coastal strip. First and foremost, it offers a variety of beaches and the opportunity to relax inexpensively.

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Goa is divided into South and North, and their main differences in the level and quality of service. On North choose to come for those who prefer an inexpensive, yet dynamic holiday. There are enough budget places to stay, reasonable prices for services, but not always, clean beaches. But never boring – on the coast of the Arabian sea are constantly held noisy parties.

But despite the noise and fun, vacationers have the opportunity to find a secluded beach and spend a nice time.

The most popular resorts of North Goa:

  1. Arambol;
  2. Anjuna;
  3. Morjim;
  4. Candolim;
  5. Calangute.

In South Goa come to those who want to spend time in solitude and silence, surrounding himself with first-class service. In this part of the state is dominated by the hotels of 4-5 stars, the coast is always clean and well maintained. There is a lot of interesting historical sites and attractions, reminiscent of the colorful past of this country.

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In India also following the popular resorts of the Arabian sea:

  • Mumbai – the local beaches are some of the warmest, so you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing space;
  • Mangalore coast is ideal for beach holidays, walks on it, but bathing is difficult due to strong underwater currents;
  • Kerala is a charming place with crystal clear waters and small fishing villages every year becoming more and more popular with tourists.

Tourism Oman is not as popular and hyped as the coast of Goa, but you can also have a great time, enjoy the Arabian sea. The most famous and beautiful resorts in this country – in Muscat and Salalah. They represent an ancient city with a superb coastline, countless gardens with fruit trees and places for exciting excursions.

All the beaches of Muscat and Salalah sandy, well-maintained, and the sunbeds and umbrellas they offer for free.

Couples are familiar with one of the most romantic resorts in the Arabian sea – the Maldives. In this tropical Paradise come to those who are willing to spend time on one of the best exotic Islands. Local coastline is unspoilt sandy beaches, blue lagoon, beautiful nature and complete privacy in a fabulous location. Service in hotels is available only at the highest level.

Especially popular in the Maldives diving. Tourists flock from all over the world to admire the underwater life of the Arabian sea while in the water with a comfortable temperature. The best time for this area is considered to be the period from January to April when the water is as transparent as possible and the weather is Sunny.

Interesting facts

  1. Local resorts – a Paradise for seafood lovers. In the coastal cafe, you can find a variety of fresh squid, mussels, shrimp and crab.
  2. The maximum temperature of the sea is reached in may to 29 degrees in winter +22°C and in summer 27 degrees.
  3. The inhabitants of the Maldives completely lack sources of fresh water, so they collect rainwater or desalinate seawater.
  4. There are special types of fish – grouper. Their weight is 400 kg, and because of their size, they are too slow, making them fairly easy prey for fans of underwater hunting.

See this video on the coast of the Arabian sea: