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Taxi in Australia: what you must carry taxi drivers in the trunk?

chto obyazany vozit taksisty v Avstralii

Australia is a Sunny country, where modern cities are easy to get along near the places where not set foot human leg.

On this continent has everything that attracts the modern tourist : the beckoning expanses of the ocean, mountains, deserts and volcanoes, rainforests with rare flora and fauna.

Here you can try yourself in the role of gold digger, to scuba diving among the coral reefs, take a journey in a balloon, to get acquainted with the life of the aborigines, to hand-feed kangaroos.

And you can just hire a taxicab (the so-called taxi in Australia) and one day to travel the most famous Australian city of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and down.

What tourists should know about local taxis?

On the roads of Australia drive comfortable cars, taxi. Most often it is the Mercedes, fords, Toyotas. Popular air taxi (van / helicopter) that allow you to quickly get to places, passing many kilometers of traffic jams, and taxi on the water.

Features taxi in Australia:

  • "catch" taxicab easy, as well as in Russia, waving a hand at the roadside or by calling by phone
  • Be careful: if you first visit this country, it's easy to confuse a taxi car with the police: and they both have blue numbers and blue stripes on the sides, but the police stripes, not smooth and checkered on the perimeter in three rows.

    taksi v Avstralii

  • movement levostoronnee. Necessarily fastened and the driver and all passengers. The fare is usually rounded, and in a big way;
  • Australian taxi driver can be not a simple laborer, and, for example, a qualified doctor or a teacher, an immigrant who just was not able to confirm his diploma in local Department and is now forced to turn the steering wheel, earning a living;
  • taxi drivers in Australia are forbidden to use mobile while driving, even just holding it in his hands, not talking. For violation of this law can be fined a large amount. Take the phone in hands it is possible in one case: in order to pass it to the passenger sitting next.

Why drivers hay?

One of the most ridiculous laws is the responsibility of the Australian taxi drivers to carry in the trunk of a bale of hay. This was taken during the cabs (kèbbi) to feed tired in the way of the horse.

Since then, the country is still waiting for amendments in the legislation, and poor drivers all also ride with a dry grass. Moreover, the rejection of this duty entails a huge fine and license revocation.

zachem voditelyam seno v bagazhnike

What else surprised law?

The law on taxi drivers and the Seine is not the last strange "quirk" of the legislation of this country, also get acquainted with the rest:

  • Australian citizens are prohibited at night to wander the city streets, wearing the dark clothes and boots of felt and smeared with Shoe Polish face;
  • children can not buy cigarettes, but to smoke this poison they are not prohibited;
  • it is impossible to leave the ignition keys in the car;
  • light bulbs, burned-out, can replace only a qualified electrician (this law is valid in the province of Victoria);
  • it is prohibited to approach to the living and the dead whales closer than a hundred meters;
  • considered a crime divination by Tarot cards, a horoscope page. All of these actions are regarded as magical;
  • life imprisonment may not last more than 25 years;
  • rule left-hand traffic is observed not only drivers, but pedestrians who are required to travel only on the left side of sidewalks.

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