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The state of Australia: the main attractions of Perth and other cities

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Australia is a marvelous country, which is both the smallest continent and the largest state.

Australia on the whole continent, which is the sixth area in the list of the world's largest continents. Almost a third of the state is located in tropical latitudes, however, the dense vegetation there is little the largest part of Australia is covered by deserts.

The state's population is 24 million, of which almost 85% live in the coastal zone.

Despite the size of the country, the main public monuments are concentrated in Sydney. As for natural attractions – their variety and the variety will amaze any traveler will remain in the memories for a long time.

What a unique place on this continent?

  • The first state visit to Australia, you should visit the Sydney Harbour. Its length is as much as 240 km away, where many parks, gardens, as well as the world-famous Sydney Opera house, the view which is breathtaking.

    The Opera house is unique – similar structures in the world. The Opera house was built directly at the Harbour and looks like a magical shipthat raised their sails. The roof of the Opera house consists of a million tiles.

    For the construction of the Sydney Opera house went 14 years and 102 million dollars. Now Sydney Opera house is the most recognized symbol of Australia.

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  • Mount Kosciuszko is the highest peak of the continent. The height of the mountain is 2228 m. However, fans of climbing rocks here is to expect disappointment. Mount Kosciuszko offers so good that even the laziest tourists will be able to go on top of it.

    It is on this mountain, the plot of the famous book, looking for Captain Grant and his children.

    Currently, the peaks of the mountain operates the ski resort. In the area adjacent to mount Kosciuszko, is situated a large Park with thermal lakes and pools.

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  • Beach Bondi beach – national heritage of the state Australia. The length of the beach along the shore-line is nearly a kilometer. Its width in some parts is 50-100 km.

    The beach is fully accessible to everyone. Workers daily impose order not only on land but also in water. To protect the sharks that can swim close to the guests, tensioned with a special protective network.

    The main danger beach – strong underwater current. However, experience is not necessary, because the beach lifeguards always on the alert.

    Bondi beach is also popular among surfers, which often have competitions.

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  • Great barrier reef is probably known to many since school geography lessons. The largest coral reef in the world attracts many divers from all countries. This unusual place is a single living organism, the size of which extend for as much as 300 km.

    There is something to see a variety of corals, ocean fish, shimmering in all colors of the rainbow, giant clams, amazing algae. The variety of flora and fauna will leave a lasting impression on every tourist.

    To observe all the splendor of nature can not only underwater, but also from a boat or a plane.

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  • The next unique place – it's solid rock Ayers Rock. The rock is part of the missing mountain chain Peterman and its height is 348 meters. For geologists around the world remains a mystery the disappearance of the rest of the circuit Petermann as close to Ayers Rock is completely smooth desert.

    The rock is associated with many local legends and stories. The stones are huge dents, which, if left ancient beast. The cave has petroglyphs of ancient people.

    The most amazing fact is that during the day the solid rock changes its color.

    This phenomenon is still a mystery to science.

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What else to see?

The Barossa valley attracts all wine lovers. The valley plays an important role in the development of wine industry and tourism in the state. In the Barossa Valley produces world-famous varietieswines.

Kakadu national Park. Located in the Northern part of the state and is known for its large number of cultural sites preserved since the first aboriginal people of Australia.

The Island Of Tasmania. Tasmanian nature reserve is virtually untouched island. Here is preserved a large number of plants and animals that are under state protection. It is here possible to meet a Tasmanian devil – hero of the popular children's cartoon.

All the sights of Australia in one video:

The top best tourist cities

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Perth – the young capital of Western Australia and is located on the banks of the Swan river. Near the town are open to the public deposits of gold, Nickel and diamonds.

District Kimberley, which is close to the city, is a true natural monument. Here you can watch the magnificent scenery of magnificent nature, rare plants, and is home to animals that are on the verge of extinction.

Kimberly primarily recreates typical Australian landscape of fiery red sand, multiple rocks, green trees and a sky of a saturated blue hue.

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The local fauna allows you to meet here such animals as crocodiles, wallaroo (a gigantic kangaroo) and the rare black-footed Wallaby.

Not less picturesque gorge located along the Fitzroy river, crater is Wolfe Creek, formed after the fall of the meteorite, as well as natural parks, Gibb river road and Bang-Bang.

At a distance of 260 km from Perth town national Park Nambung, which is one of the main attractions of the state of the petrified ancient forest Pinnacle. This region also is the Stone Wave, which was formed in the great red Sandstone.

Due to the special climate conditions, 280 km from Perth city preserved the unique forest of giant trees curry. River valley Margaret, known as one of the main areas of the state produced wine.

For those who love to observe underwater beauty, there is the small town of Exmouth. In addition to the embellishment of the underwater world, there is a chance to see whale sharks right off the coast. Near Perth is located the excellent beachesthat are available for tourists all year round.

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Adelaide – the most colorful city of Australia, which is also located on the coast. Adelaide is famous as the country's largest wine-growing centre.

Near the city there are vineyards, and the main attraction of Adelaide is the Wine center. Here there is a Museumwhere you can see objects connected with wine.

The guide will tell everyone the most interesting facts from the history of the wine industry and the tourists have the opportunity to try rare types of this drink.

The largest vineyards are located near Adelaide is Barossa Valley, which is available for tours.

The heart of Adelaide's most picturesque and varied. It abounds in greenery, there are multiple parks and no traffic.

The coastal zone is located many kilometers, however, the water here is practically not heated to a comfortable temperature.

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Multiple bays warmed up much better, so they can always meet those wishing to relax on the coast.

Among the tourists arriving in Adelaide, the popular boat trips on the river Murray. Walks on special ships, the appearance of which resembles the style of past centuries. Boat trips attracts not only the travelers but also the locals of the city.

For those wishing to get bright impression there are tours on Kangaroo island. This picturesque nature reserve inhabited by rare species of this extraordinary animal, and sea lions performing their time on the coast of the island. Here you can buy local honey that is brought from nearby apiaries.


Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. History of Sydney began with a small settlement, which was founded 1788. a few convicts. In its short history, the city managed to grow to a modern city, which with trepidation to their traditions.

The city really is something to see. The architecture of the buildings in different districts is significantly different from the futuristic skyscrapers in the modern city center, the historic buildings in the rocks and to kings Cross.

Tourists also should visit the Asian district Citation, EuropeanLiverpool-street. In the city a lot of greenery in almost every area, there are several spacious parks and boulevards.

The district is known for its Homebush Olympic buildings. The area of Sydney harbour is located in the homonymous Bay, which is one of the largest in the world.

From the height of the Sydney head offers magnificent views of the city, and there are also restaurants with cuisines from many countries.

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Oxford street is popular for its plethora of bars, restaurants and clubs. The most selected outlets in the city are in the areas of George street and Market street.

Right in town is the beach of Bondi beach. In the area of darling harbour you can also visit the city aquarium and zoo Torongaopened in 1916.

Sydney Opera house – a symbol not only of Sydney, but throughout Australia, is open for tours. A large number of plants collected in the Royal Botanic garden.

The city's many museums. In the area of Woolloomooloo is factory opals, where you can learn more about this mineral and see the process of manufacturing jewelry. Here you can buy jewelry made from stones and minerals.


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Travelers arriving to this city, eager to visit the resort island of Phillip island, which is the Penguin Parade. Here is the Great Ocean Road, national Park, Port Campbell, which are a natural statue made of limestone.

It makes sense to see lamassu of Otways-Ranges, the ancient city of miners of gold Sovereign hill near Ballarat. In this town, you can experience firsthandhow it looked Australia during the "gold rush".

50 kms from Melbourne is mount Dandenong ranges, where you are tours. From Melbourne pass the path of the old locomotive Puffing Willie, ride where you can see the variety and picturesqueness of the surrounding nature.


Canberra is a green city, where there are many gardens and parks. The style of the city fascinates with its simplicity and harmony. Even the simplest shops or cafés give the impression of a work of art.

The structure of the city was designed in such a way that the city looked as a single architectural plan.

The Botanical gardens of Canberra – the main asset of the city. The garden covers about 50 acres. There are more than 6 thousand different species of plants. The garden is a grove of eucalyptus and meadow herbs.

For those wishing to learn the history of the local aboriginal people daily opened Australian national gallery. In the halls are about 70 thousand pieces of history that talk in detail about life in those times.

In 1994, in Canberra, was opened by the national Portrait gallery, which often hosts private exhibition of talented artists and collectors.

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