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Where in Australia is Sydney - photos attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Sidneya

One of the two largest cities in Australia, Sydney is in a perpetual dispute with rival Melbourne about which city of this continent more and more important for the country.

And if Melbourne features a more solid historical buildings and the European spirit of the city, Sydney pulled ahead thanks to an interesting modern facilities, developed infrastructure of entertainment and recreation and diversity of cultural activities.

Sydney on the world map

Gorod na karte mira

For Russian or European tourist Australia and Sydney are on the "edge of the earth".

The way to the city even on the plane subject to the direct will take at least a day.

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Sydney is located in the South-East of the continent Australia, on the coast of the Tasman sea. The city is the state capital of New South Wales.

How old is the city?

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and the first place, which settled the English colonists on the continent. The founder of the city is English captain Arthur Phillip founded in 1788 , the settlement of convicts, from which originated the city.

What is famous for?

Sydney — the largest on the population city in Australia, the number of inhabitants reaches almost 5 million people. Now it is the main economic and cultural center of the country.

The city is famous for being a symbol of the country, almost on a par with kangaroo became the Opera house, which is depicted in all the brochures and pictures associated with Australia.

Interesting areas

centralnyj rajon

Sydney is a huge city with a variety of areas different from each other.

  • District Central Sydney accommodates much of the city's attractions, including the Opera house.
  • PARRAMATTA historic area of Sydney. It was here at the time, landed the first European settlers of Australia.
  • District "Northern beaches" is located on the shores of the Tasman sea and is popular due to its beaches and recreational areas.
  • The most famous neighborhoods in the area: palm beach, manly and Mona Vale, which are the habitat of the wealthy residents of Sydney.

  • The lower North shore is just across the Bay from Central Sydney. Especially interesting here quarter Kirribilli to Luna Park, Taronga zoo and the beautiful waterfront.

Attractions - photos and description

In order to visit all the interesting places and sites of the city, not enough for a few months, so if a short trip is recommended to explore the most popular and well known among them.

To make it easier to navigate the city and find the necessary objects, you can buy a map showing the main attractions. But the map is in English, so the translation will need to work hard ourselves, or to buy in addition to the map PhraseBook.


In Sydney can meet soon interesting modern monument than sculpture or monument dedicated to famous figures of history or culture.

Grand the Archibald fountain in Hyde Park is one of the most popular tourist sites of Sydney. Fountain with bronze figures of ancient gods and heroes is especially beautiful by night with colorful lighting.

grandioznyj pamyatnik-fontan

Interesting Monument matches the famous Australian artist Brett Whiteley. The composition of two matches, one full, the second burned, is located in the centre of the city near the Sydney tower.

Attractstourists and touching monument to Donna, dedicated to a guide dog, entered in the Guinness book of records as the longest-lived dog in the world.

Other interesting monuments of Sydney include:

  1. The monument to the diver;
  2. The monument to the hog;
  3. The fountain children.

Religious buildings

Religious architecture of Sydney can not boast an abundance of interesting buildings, but the variety of religions is striking, here you can find temples in almost all religions of the world.

  • Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary — the main Catholic temple of the city, with the status of "minor Basilica" has the Pope in 1930. The largest Church in Australia was built for almost two centuries, the first stone was laid in the Foundation in 1868, and spires was built only in 2000.
  • The Cathedral is built in the style of the Gothic revival of the 19th century and was intended, primarily, for the local Irish community.

  • The Cathedral of St. Andrew, built in 1868, is the largest Protestant Church of Sydney. Built in neo-Gothic style, the Cathedral preserves the interiors and the stained glass Windows of the 19th century.
  • Baha'i temple House of Worship in Sydney by Charles Mason Rimi was opened in 1961. Domed architecture and unusual interiors of the temple attract many tourists. Access to the temples of the Baha'i is open to people of any religion.

Architectural structure

arhitekturnyj opernyj teatr

Sydney might not boast an abundance of period features, but modern facilities of the city are the most interesting in Australia.

The most famous symbol of Sydney and across the country — the building of the Sydney Opera house, designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon in 1973. Despite its youth, the Sydney Opera house in 2007 joined the list of UNESCO world heritage.

The building is designed in the style of expressionism, the most striking element is the roof resembling the sails of ships.

The second most famous architectural object of the city — Sydney tower, the second tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Its height is 309 metres and the observation deck is located at an altitude of 260 metres. The building was completed in 1981 and since that time has become one of the trademarks of Australia. Climb to the observation deck on the Elevator or on the staircase consisting of 1504 steps.

The harbour bridge, which connects Central Sydney with the Northern shore, was opened in 1932. This is one of the largest bridges of its type in the world, in their form received from the citizens a funny nickname "Hanger". On the top of the bridge you can take a tour with a special guide to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city.

The Queen Victoria building, built as a market hall in 1898, occupies almost the entire block. The beautiful building is designed in neo-Romanesque style with a rich external decoration and internal decoration. By the middle of the 20th century the building fell into disrepair and threatened by demolition, but was taken to restore and remake it into a shopping center.

stroenie korolevy Viktorii


Sydney is a huge number of museums dedicated to a variety of phenomena and history of the city and the country.

  1. Sydney Observatory — home of the Australian Museum, dedicated to the study of the cosmos. In the Observatory it is possible not only to observe the position of the stars and heavenly bodies of the southern hemisphere, but also to see the view in 3D space theatre. Sydney Observatory is the oldest Museum in Australia and the act since 1858.

  2. Art Gallery of New South Wales was opened at the end of the 19th century and located in the Park of the "Domain". In the collection of the Museum includes works of artists from Australia, Asia and European artists, including such prominent artists as Rubens and Picasso. Art gallery is a public organization and a visit to its rooms, absolutely free.
  3. hudozhestvennyj muzej

  4. Australian national Maritime Museum located on the shore of darling harbour in Sydney. The Museum contains several exhibits depicting the Maritime history of Australia from the aboriginal tribes to the present day. In the Bay next to the Museum moored a whole fleet of ships, which you can also visit:

    • The Destroyer "Vampire";
    • Lightship "Carpentaria";
    • Merchant ship "James Craig";
    • The submarine "Onslow" and some others.

Gardens and parks

In a huge city there is a wide variety of gardens and parks where you can retire and relax from the urban bustle.

Sydney's Hyde Park, which got its name after a London namesake, is located in the Central part of the city and has operated since 1810. One of the favorite places of rest of citizens and guests of the city is remarkable Avenue of Fig trees, the famous Archibald Fountain and GardenNagoya with huge chess pieces.

Chinese Garden of Friendship is located near Sydney's Chinatown and made in the style of traditional gardens in China in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.

The Park recreates the atmosphere of the wild nature with waterfalls, lakes and forests that attract visitors looking for privacy and calm amidst the bustling city.

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney has a collection of 7500 species of plants, including standing on the brink of survival. The Park is rich not only by its flora in a small area of 30 hectares and is home to many species of local fauna, such as parrots, bats and foxes, tropical birds and possums.

What else to visit?

A trip to Australia and Sydney will be remembered the unusual nature of this country, unlike the nature of other countries and continents.

Natural objects

prirodnyj plyazh

The main natural attraction of Sydney — the many sandy beacheslocated right in the city. The best time for a beach holiday in Sydney from January to February, when the southern hemisphere is summer.

  • The most popular beach of Sydney is Bondi beach-the beachlocated in the Sydney suburbs. This beach is popular for swimming, while the southern part is favored by surfers.
  • The palm beach is a favorite place for surfers and lovers of active marine recreation. Despite the name, this beach has almost no trees. But sea water is the cleanest in Sydney.
  • The beaches of manly and Mona Vale in the Northern part of the city popular all weekend.

Also in Sydney you can visit the wildlife such as national Park "botany Bay" or the Royal national Park.


Sydney is a large city with the developed infrastructure of entertainments, rest here with the children of diversity and availability of cultural programs.

  1. Sydney aquarium houses more than 650 species of fish and marine animals. The main "highlight" of the aquarium is a huge tunnel with whale sharks, the passage through which leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Another attraction of the aquarium is an exhibition dedicated to the inhabitants of the Great Barrier reef.

  3. Zoo "Taronga" the oldest in Sydney, it opened in 1916. In his area of 21 hectares there are more than 2600 species of animals, many of which are endemic to Australia.
  4. The amusement Park "Luna Park" is located in the district of Kirribilli and has been protected as a national treasure. The motto of the Park is the phrase: "the Place where happiness dwells".

See the beautiful sights of Sydney in this video: