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The largest and main city of Australia - detailed map in Russian

krupnejshie goroda Avstraliya

The world's only country occupying from edge to edge the whole continent (7 692 000 sq km), one of the few countries that do not have land borders with neighbouring countries.

Indigenous people living in isolation with unimaginable Neolithic times, strange animals and endemic plants — all this fancy coexists in Australia with the global civilization of the XXI century.

And how many of them all - a detailed map in Russian

The national flag of the country was created in the early last century. As a sign of loyalty to tradition, it depicts the Union Jack of the British Empire, the Imperial Commonwealth star of seven rays, and the brightest constellation in this part of the world — the southern Cross. Red, white and blue color scheme went to the Australian standard are also from the British.

The crest is decorated with Mimosas. The branches located ostrich and kangaroo, which is holding a shield with the heraldry of the six regions (States) of the country.

The official language in the country is English.

Australian dollar (AUD) is among freely convertible currencies, These bills are not paper. Australians first in the world sealed the money on the plastic.

podrobnaya karta Avstralii s gorodami

Australian cities consistently are among the most comfortable. And recently (2011) Melbourne even headed the prestigious ten of these "cities for people". In the top ten were three more Australian megalopolises Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

In Australia only 89 cities, and by European standards they are very young. The first was based in Sydney (1788), now the largest ocean port on the East coast of the country.

But the country's capital Canberra was barely a hundred years. It was founded in 1913.

The most important - the capital is Canberra

The capital metropolis is Canberra way — its population is slightly more than 358 000 citizens, but by Australian standards it is a great city.

Concept architects during the construction of the capital was to create a garden city, which was successfully implemented.

The capital it was decided to build in the center of the country, directly at the National Park Namadgi. The city has become one of the greenest in the country, Australians call Canberra the Forest capital.

glavnyj gorod Avstralii

In the political center of the state are the embassies and trade offices, Newspapers, news agencies and TV companies.

Here the seat of government and Parliament, major museums and cultural centers, several universities and military academies.

To the most popular objects include:

  • Theatre Centre Canberra;
  • National Museum Of Australia;
  • The national dinosaur Museum;
  • Memorial Of James Cook;
  • excursions to the nearby national Park "Namadgi";
  • Wildlife Park "Tidbinbilla".

Australian cities

Only five cities the number of inhabitants exceeded one million.

The most beautiful Australian cities, watch the following video:


(4 504 469 inhabitants)

The state capital of New South Wales, the oldest and largest city of the continent. It is located in a wide valley bounded by mountains and rugged coves of the coast line of the ocean.

Most immigrants from around the world arrived in Australia through Sydney's sea port and international airport. Many remained in the city forever. So the city gained its special multicultural and multinational.

samyj krupnyj gorod - Sidnej

The sights of the city:

  • Opera house. Unique architecture, design and the dramatic story of years of construction (1958-1973) made this beautiful building internationally recognizable hallmark of not only the city but throughout Australia. Prominent building listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • Australian Museum. In the vaults of the collected works of art, artifacts of archaeology, history, palaeontology, Zoology and other fields of science. A rich collection of household items,art and culture of the Australian aborigines.
  • Sydney tower (1981). A place of pilgrimage for tourists. Restaurants, shops, observation deck (250 metres).
  • Sydney aquarium. The world's largest underwater construction of this type. Tourists watching underwater life of coral reefs, walking on the ocean bottom in the tunnels of transparent acrylic glass composite.
  • Harbor Bridge. Another all Australian card of Sydney, the world's largest arch bridge, built of steel (1932). Popular group climbing the arch of the bridge (134 m over water).


(3 806 092 inhabitants)

The main town of Victoria, one of the world's best cities to live. Located on the Bay of Port Phillip, in the valley surrounded by mountains. The industrial and financial center. The headquarters of international companies, corporations and banks. Universities, theatres, museums, cultural and science centers, Aquarium.

Gallery of world art. In the art collection — paintings by Veronese, Rembrandt, Rubens, collections of art objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The Eureka Tower. On the 88th floor of this skyscraper is an observation deck (285 m). Overlooking the city, ocean, nearby mountains.

Melbrun - bolshoj gorod v Avstralii

Concert center. Surprised by the strange yet attractive art design. The building (2009) is like a rough sketch of the architect, by chance incarnate in metal and concrete.

Phillip Island. Conservation parks themed areas.

In the morning and the evening, the main spectacle - a Parade of penguins. In another part of the island is the Koala conservation centre. They live at liberty in a large eucalyptus forest.

The Great Ocean Road. It's a winding panoramic highway, cut into the cliffs over the ocean.


(1 945 639 inhabitants)

The capital of Queensland, is a thriving business capital of Australia, the traditional destination for international conferences scholars and political summits. Lots of hotels, business, shopping and entertainment centers. The main airport of the country. Modern architecture seamlessly coexists with urban parks.

The most popular:

  • Big Pineapple. Amusement Park and farm on the Sunny coast in the town of Woombye. Tourists visit a pineapple plantation, the rain forest, the zoo, and then go to ocean beach.
  • "Lone pine". The Park, home to koalas and other representatives of the Australian fauna. It is allowed to hold the hands of the bear-a Koala, Pat a kangaroo, feed the animals.
  • The Queensland Museum. The main exhibition took place at the Cultural center of the state and is adjacent to the Queensland Art gallery. In one of the campuses of the Museum operates a Help center that represents the real life and traditions of the aboriginal tribes, their culture and beliefs.


Pert v spiske krupnejshih gorodov Avstralii

(2 039 200 inhabitants)

In the capital of Western Australia is home to ¾ of the state's population.

Perth closes the top ten most comfortable cities on the planet, although there are working, chemical and textile industries, food processing factories, a shipyard.

Business card of the city:

  • The Perth Bell Tower. Since its construction (2001) this 82-metre tower became a symbol of the city. There is a Museum of Time. On his displays, antique clocks, bells, optical devices.
  • Aquarium Of Western Australia. Five sections transparent underwater introduce visitors to marine life and underwater landscapes of various areas of the Australian coast.
  • Zoo. One of the oldest in Australia (1898), with a rich collection of animals and birds from all corners of the planet who live in this Botanical garden, grown here for centuries.
  • Stone Wave. The famous rock formation resembling a petrified ocean waves. Depending on the weather and time of day, the rock changes color. Scientists have determined its age to 60 million years.


(1 138 800 inhabitants)

Quiet and green the state capital of South Australia. Several high-rise office buildings tower over the tidy buildings buildings well-kept streets, seldom exceeding two stories. The city is surrounded by parks and gardens.

bolshoj gorod Avstralii - Adelaida

Nearby, in the valley the Barossa is one of the best centers of winemaking in Australia.

National wine centre. The wine Museum and tasting rooms representing a variety of South Australian wines and winemakers from other regions of the country.

Kangaroo Island. From the port of Adelaide pleasure boats deliver tourists to the protected island of untouched nature.

Tandanya. Aboriginal cultural centre. In the halls of the center are exhibited paintings, sculptures, works of appliedart created by the natives.

Rapid population growth continues

krupnye goroda po chislennosti naseleniya

Australian cities are developing rapidly, the population of some of them increases by several thousand people a day thanks to an influx of immigrants.

So, for biggest cities is quickly approaching Newcastle (552 766 people).

More than two hundred thousand inhabitants account for Wollongong, sunshine coast and Hobart.