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How many hours to fly to Australia, the flight Moscow-Sydney

Avstraliya dlya nachinaushih

Australia is a huge islandsurrounded by oceans and in size comparable to a continent.

The Central part of Australia is an extensive area of hot desert, shallow salt lakes, desert plains and arid impenetrable thickets of prickly shrubs - skrebov. In the light of the setting and the rising sun clearly discernible outlines of smooth ancient rocks.

Opera house, koalas and kangaroos: what the hell?

The area of Australia is 7 682 324 sq. km. Is the sixth largest country, which is about 5% of the land.

The Capital - Canberra.

The national and official language of the country - the Australian modification of the English.

There are calculated the Australian dollar.

materik Avstraliya

The Central part of the continent bordered by savannahs, tropical forests, drainage areas of the so-called cries (rivers, rising only periodically), and areas of fertile land.

In the extreme East is the Great Dividing range, rising to the highest peaks of the Australian Alps. The South-Eastern portion of Australia crossing the Murray river and darling.

Off the East coast there is the huge coral reef in the world - the Great barrier Reef. To the South lies the island of Tasmania, separated from the mainland by the Strait Baskovym.

Controlled island in the Indian ocean is Tasmania, which is approximately 240 km from Australia. The island's area is 68 400 sq km of Australia is situated the large island of New Guinea, with size 790 000 km2.

To visit Australia, the citizens of Russia need a tourist visa which is valid for 12 months.

In order to get it, you need to provide:

  • color photographs;
  • copies of domestic and foreign passport (in this case it is desirable that there were already other visas, e.g., Schengen);
  • insurance;
  • the travel route with the statement of a hotel reservation (it is also advisable to have already booked a car and booked tours).

All information must be in English.

How many hours have we shared? Travel time

vremya v puti

Time difference between Australia and Moscow is 8 hours.

How long is the flight?

  • flight from Moscow to Australia will take from 18 to 24 hours, during which time the aircraft will overcome the distance of 14 500 km;
  • from St. Petersburg from 18 to 25 hours, the plane will fly 15 000 km.

Direct flight - is it possible?

To reach the island in several ways:

  1. Direct flights from the capital and St. Petersburg to Australia there. This is due to the range and need to refuel;
  2. Flights with one change:
    • Moscow - Tokyo – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Hong Kong – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Dubai – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Abu Dhabi – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Bangkok – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Singapore – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Shanghai – Sydney;
    • Moscow – London – Sydney;
    • Moscow – Ho Chi Minh City To Sydney;
    • Saint Petersburg – Hong Kong – Sydney;
    • Saint Petersburg - Dubai – Sydney;
    • Saint Petersburg – Seoul – Sydney;
    • Saint Petersburg - London – Sydney;
    • Saint Petersburg – Shanghai – Sydney.

    vidy rejsov

  3. Flights with two changes:
  • Moscow – Doha – Perth – Sydney;
  • Moscow – Istanbul – Singapore - Sydney;
  • Moscow – Bangkok – Seoul – Sydney;
  • Saint-Petersburg – Moscow – Dubai – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Doha – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Urumqi – Guangzhou – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Minsk – Abu Dhabi – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Abu Dhabi – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Dubai – Perth – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Helsinki – Bangkok – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Istanbul – Seoul – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Amsterdam – Denpasar Bali – Sydney;
  • Saint Petersburg – Frankfurt – Bangkok – Sydney.

Airlines commit flights

In this video you will find helpful tips on Sydney flights with different airlines:

Russian companies

  • Aeroflot;
  • Transaero;
  • Siberia;
  • S7;
  • Ural Airlines.
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Foreign airlines

  • Virgin Australia;
  • Montenegro Airlines;
  • Etihad Airways;
  • vidy rejsov

  • Emirates;
  • Qantas Airways;
  • Qatar Airways;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • Air India;
  • Germanwings;
  • Gulf Air;
  • Montenegro Airlines;
  • Etihad Airways;
  • Emirates;
  • Qantas Airways;
  • Cathay Pacific;
  • China Southern;
  • Air Pacific;
  • Air New Zealand;
  • Asiana Airlines;
  • Thai Airways;
  • Vietnam Airlines;
  • Korean Air;
  • Japan Airlines;
  • Air China;
  • Jetstar;
  • Finnair;
  • Air France;
  • Lufthansa;
  • British Airlines;
  • KLM.

Find tickets online

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Who lives there? The Population Of Australia

Most Australians do not live in the Australian Outback, where in sparsely populated areas are mainly engaged in farming and mining, and in major coastal cities, such as Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. There is a high standard of living, and people can afford to enjoy all the benefits of the local nature, to relax on the beaches and surfing.

For many immigrants who arrived in Australia from Europe and Asia in recent years, it seems to them a new country. But in fact it is an ancient country with a rich history.

Due to the fact that Australia is cut off from the rest of the world, there are a lot of these animals that does not exist anywhere on earth. For example, echidna, kangaroo, platypus.

The indigenous people of Australia - aborigines - were there roughly 50,000 years ago.

In 1788 on the shores of botany Bay near present-day Sydney, the UK has created a settlement for the exiled, and this time Europeans began to colonize the continent.

Many Australians now maintain close ties with relatives and try to stay true to English tradition. But modern Australia has long stood in the way of development, has become one of the most powerful Nations of the Pacific.