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Bus tour in Europe - opinion

Avtobusnyj tur po Evrope - otzyv

Greetings to all. I want to write about a bus tour of European countries in which we went with my wife. The route was as follows:

1 day – departure from Kiev to Lvov walking tour around Lviv;
Day 2 – transfer Lviv – Warsaw; travel to Warsaw, night crossing to Berlin;
Day 3 – travel to Berlin, a night in Wroclaw;
Day 4 – travel to Wroclaw, night return to Ukraine.

We got married recently. Before the wedding, the question about the honeymoon was an edge, but here's the thing – the passport for the wife to alter to a new name have not had time and decided to go on a tour of the parts of our country. But I'm not informing his then-fiancee, has applied for a emergency visa to her new passport. In the end, the travel Agency helped us not only to issue a document, but visa organized. Therefore, what we eat in a bus tour of Europe, for my baby was a surprise and, I confess in advance about this wedding we only dreamed of.

So, our route was: Kyiv – Lviv – Warsaw – Berlin – Wroclaw – Lviv – Kyiv. Next, I propose to read in detail all that we saw every day.

The first day

After arrival in Lviv, we were immediately fed into a very beautiful cafe with Ukrainian cuisine. It was a pretty tasty dinner, we were well fed and after that reinforcements were ready to begin to perceive positive emotions. After the meal began walking excursion around Lviv.

Avtobusnyj tur po Evrope - Lvov

In General, the whole tour was designed so that the participants seemed to them gradually led to the "Western world" because of the lions – though the city post-Soviet space, but in our city it does not look like – no architecture, no people, no respect, no culture. Narrow stone streets, the cleanliness and comfort, the beauty of the houses. It felt as if time has stopped and we are in a time when all this beauty was built – so beautiful and pristine looks, the architecture of this city with all the churches and cathedrals, markets and squares.

The evening dinner was in the coffee shop and the coffee and sweets we will remember forever – they taste was absolutely unique. For the night we settled in a fairly comfortable hotel, we slept off a good way.

The second day

After Breakfast we went to Poland. Crossed the border without any problems and soon were already in Warsaw. Say it's the city of kings. Yes, architecture is definitely Royal! This impression creates the so-called Royal route – the street, the sides of which there is almost all sights of Warsaw:

  • churches
  • the real palaces
  • interesting museums
  • three residences of former kings

Avtobusnyj tur po Polshe

Also struck by the famous siren of Warsaw on the Vistula river is the main, perhaps, a local landmark. Had lunch in a cafe, then walked the tour of the places where often visited by the famous Polish composer, Chopin. Closer to the night went in the direction of Germany.

The third day

On the morning we arrived in Berlin. It is a unique town – it combines everything we have inherited from former times and the contemporary local flavor. The famous Reichstag, the Cathedral, and, most importantly - the Brandenburg gate! And after lunch we decided to visit the Pergamon Museum with a real masterpiece of architecture. Also managed to the square, where open world-famous film festival "Berlinale". Learn more about the attractions of Berlin read here.

The fourth day

The next day we spent in Wroclaw, Poland – probably the greenest of all the cities. We saw for the whole journey. The number of plantations us never ceased to amaze. Created sometimes the feeling that we are not in the city, and alone with nature. The old part of town was also very beautiful (by the way, this is where we did most of our photos). Visited the second largest market of Wroclaw (the highest - Cracow).

Vroclavskij rynok

We have seen this day, probably the most memorable – and old town hall with sundial and "enchanted" ostrów Tumski, where the Church of St. Elisabeth. The tour group dispersed at a great distance, because everyone wanted to capture all this beauty and didn't want to leave the target site. Had to announce the General duties. Thank God that all the people were punctual and did not have to wait for anyone for a long time.

The overall impression from the bus tour

So, to sum up the entire trip. After so many kilometres travelled and spent energy, we can confidently say about that. This tour is suitable for active people, able to perceive the information, moving by foot, as most excursions – Hiking (and in another you will not see anything).

About whether to go on this tour – definitely Yes, because for four days you can smoothly get into the world of Westernculture and mentality, to taste all the delights that the Europeans inherited from their forefathers.

All of the described city is quite established so there is something to see.

Yes, I want to add to the opinion a little about that before Warsaw tours, our guide gave gifts to all newlyweds – bottle of champagne, so, if someone is going on a honeymoon, then we urge you not to delay bus tour of Europe can give you as many pleasant surprises as we...