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Bangladesh on the world map and Asia: Dhaka, the capital of which country?

Bangladesh na karte mira

Bangladesh on the world map, you can find not the first time, because it is difficult to call the "tourist Mecca". Here seldom look tourists and foreigners come usually. The cause of this is poverty and the unique culture of the locals.

Perhaps there are no countries that should not have to visit at least once. To feel the crazy rhythm of Dhaka, terrified and amazed at the local cities, once you arrive at this extraordinary country.

Bangladesh on the world political map and Asia on the Russian language

strana na mirovom atlase na russkom yazyke

Historically, Bangladesh is part of a Large India — a vast and populated region.

The whole history of the country is closely connected with India and separation from this state was caused by religious reasons.

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Bangladesh is located in South Asia on the Peninsula of Hindustan. The territory to the South of the Himalayas, where Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, often referred to as the Indian subcontinent because of the location on the Indian tectonic plate separate from the Eurasian.

Almost the entire territory of the country lies in the Delta formed by the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, the plains of the Delta are the most fertile lands in the world. The coast of Bangladesh is formed by the Bay of Bengal of the Indian ocean.

Who is on the border?

s kakimi gosudarstvami granichit?

Almost all along the state border with neighbor Bangladesh is India. In the South-East a small section of the border that separates Bangladesh from Myanmar.

What is a country?

After the partition of India into Hindu and Muslim parts in 1947, Bangladesh was part of Pakistan called East Pakistan.

The state gained independence in 1971 after the armed uprising in East Pakistan, caused by flooding and lack of help from the Central authorities.

At independence, the new state chose the name of the main ethnic groups in the country.

The internal structure

Bangladesh is one of the most populated countries in the world. The state is home to more than 168 million peopleand the population continues to grow rapidly. Due to the small area of the country (approximately 150 km2) the population density is one of the highest in the world and the highest among major States.

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98% of Bangladesh's population is ethnic Bengalis, the state language of the country is Bengali, although English is widely used. A large part of the population is Muslim (90%). About 9% of the population is Hindu and the rest Buddhists and Christians.

Political system — parliamentary Republic, the post of President is largely representative in nature, and the highest powers are the Prime Minister elected by Parliament.

A visa to the country

To visit the country the Russians need a visa, which can be obtained at the Consulate of Bangladesh in Moscow or upon arrival. Visa is issued on the spot at the airport of Dhaka, a service fee will be 51 dollar.

You must have a passport and return ticket. The validity of this visa is 15 days.

For a tourist visa at the Consulate is required to submit the following:

  • Passport;
  • 3 photos 3×4 cm;
  • The completed questionnaires;
  • The invitation or a copy reservation in the hotel.

The service fee will be about $ 50, periodvalidity of the tourist visa issued at the Embassy is 3 month, transit 15 days.

What is the climate?

The climate of Bangladesh is tropical monsoon, with very mild winters and hot humid summers. The coldest month of the year is January while the hottest is April.

klimaticheskie usloviya

In winter, the rainfall is low, but because of the enormous amount of precipitation in summer (average of 1900 mm to 3000 mm) Bangladesh is one of the first places in the world by their number.

Because of this rainfall, low sea level and prone to soil erosion some areas of the country are the area of climate disasters — there often there are devastating floods, the largest of which left homeless about 30 million people.

How to get there?

Direct flights from Russia to Bangladesh is not, so will have to get with transfers. You can fly via a European international airports, but the best option — transfer to one of the neighboring countries: India, Malaysia or Thailand. In this case, the travel time can be from 12 hours.

The best conditions for such a flight gives airlines of Gulf countries.

Other modes of transport in Bangladesh can only be reached from India. Train Kolkata — Dhaka walks daily, journey time is about 10 hours. Vehicles or on foot to cross the Indian-Bangladeshi border can be several transitions, but this method is not recommended because of the difficulties at the border and the high incidence of extortion.

And a plane ticket to any of the neighboring countries of Bangladesh can be purchased by using this form search. Indicate cities of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

The people's Republic with cities

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Only 27% of the population of Bangladesh lives in cities, the rest are rural residents.

Administrative division

Bangladesh is a unitary state, divided into 8 administrative regions, named after the largest cities:

  1. Dhaka;
  2. Barisal;
  3. Rangpur;
  4. Mymensingh;
  5. Khulna;
  6. The Chittagong hill tracts;
  7. Rajshahi;
  8. Sylhet.


Despite the fact that most people in Bangladesh live in rural areas, the country has several cities-millionaires, and the Bangladesh capital Dhaka is one of the largest cities in the world.

It is planned that by 2025 its population will be 25 million people, and the agglomeration of the city already reaches the mark.

Now Dhaka is extremely overpopulated and one of the most polluted cities in the world. With a population of roughly equal to Moscow the city has a 10 times smaller area.

This city is impressive and terrifying at the same time, the abundance of people and debris are much higher than even in the big cities of neighboring India, and chaos on the roads will stun the most seasoned traveler. Daily on the streets of Dhaka goes 400 thousand rickshaws, which wound tens of kilometers through the streets of the city. In short, Dhaka is a place that is worth a visit once in a lifetime.

Other major cities of Bangladesh are:

  • Chittagong (5 million);
  • Narayanganj;
  • Khulna;
  • Joydebpur.

Chittagong is world famous for its ships cemetery, which also bears the name "beach of the dead". Because of the coastal location and extremely cheap labor is utilized up to half of the world's supply of decommissioned ships.

Annually up to 200 ships this is about local people working waist-deep in swampy sticky mud. The sight of the dismantled skeletons of ships and thousands of people, using only manual labor, leaves a lasting and horrible impression. "Beach of the dead" in Chittagong is one of the most polluted places in the world.

However, despite the poverty and difficulties, Bangladesh is committed to the development. 160 km from Dhaka built nuclear plant in Ruppur, located in the eponymous town.

The construction of the power plant is a Russian state Corporation "Rosatom".

NPP aims to provide electricity to the most populous areas of the country first and foremost, Dhaka.

Detailed location of Bangladesh on the world map you will see in this video: