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What to see in Singapore: a map with landmarks in Russian

chto posmotret v Singapure?

Singapore – the place is amazing. It is an island, the state and the city all at once. Here mingled the traditions and characteristics of several Eastern cultures. And the city seems to be located in two tiers, where the lower – temples, houses, colonial buildings, old growth trees.

Top tier – surreal skyscrapers, giant Ferris wheels and huge futuristic fountains and a bridge in the form of the DNA helix. In General, the question of what to see in Singapore, will disappear by itself.

Map of Singapore attractions in Russian

karta goroda s dostoprimechatelnymi obektami na russkom yazyke

This state wrote in his Chronicles of the ancient Chinese historians. There was a time when the island of Temasek, as Singapore was called in antiquity, was part of Krivajska Empire. In the 15-16 century it was part of the Sultanate of Johor. And then the island passed from hand to hand. It was ruled by natives of Portugal, Britain, Japan, Malaysia.

Not by chance the premises at all times divided - too tidbit was an island located at the crossroads of important trade routes.

And only in 1963 appeared on the map of independent state of Singapore.

Although Singapore is a tiny country, it has something to surprise even the most experienced traveler. There are many attractions, and to get to know them in detail, not enough for the month. There are architectural monuments, and religious. Despite the fact that the island is not large in size, there are also a large number of interesting natural attractions.

The main architectural buildings - photos, names, and description

osnovnye ekskursionnye sooruzheniya s foto

Singapore is an unusual city-state in all. Unusual is its architecture. Here are combined modern skyscrapers, original buildings and old colonial houses:

  • The Marina Bay Sands hotel is the most fancy and expensive hotel in the world. It is a city in the city. It has everything - shops, restaurants, clubs, a huge casino and even the channels with the boats.

    The original and appearance of the hotel is a three high-rise towers that have 55 floors, the roof of which is a swimming pool, similar in shape to the boat, standing on those three towers. Near metro Bayfront;

  • The authors of the project have threatened to recreate the Gardens of Babylon and even created something like that, so being on the roof of skyscrapers in the indoor pool, you can see the bottom of gardens.

  • Fountain of Wealth – quite a bulky design, which entered the Guinness book of records. The fountain represents a ring, mounted on four pillars, they symbolize the four religions and the four main Nations living in Singapore. The ring is a symbol of peace and unity.

    Not accidental and the material from which made the fountain – he's bronze. Bronze and water together according to Feng Shui lead to success. In the twilight here begins a fantastic laser show. You can get on the subway to City Hall or Promenade;

  • opisanie glavnogo fontana

  • The name of the city translates from Malay as "lion city". According to the legend, Prince sang Neil Then discovered the island, saw a sea creature off its coast, it seemed to him that this sea monster was the head of a lion.

    Fraser Brunner has created the fountain, which is a statue with a fish body and a lion head. The lion symbolizes Singapore. And the fish is a symbol of the old city – Temasek, which grew from a fishing village;

  • Fountain "Fish-lion" stands in MERLION Park, Raffles Place MRT.

  • Museum of Science and Art is a new and modern Museum, it looks like a blossoming Lotus. The longest petal of this flower 60 meters. The Museum building is a new symbol of the city. It is located near the metroBayfront;
  • Near the island in the Marina Bay mounted floating platform stadium. The stands can accommodate 30 thousand people. Description: metro Promenade. Moreover, the floating stadium is used as the route for carrying out of Formula 1;
  • Fort Siloso is a defensive structure, it is perhaps the only historical landmark of Singapore. It is located on Sentosa island. To him, as to any object on the island, can be reached by Express train Sentosa Express, it goes through the whole island from North to South;
  • The Esplanade in the Bay of Marina Bay. It is a huge complex with a theater hall that can accommodate up to 2000 spectators and a concert for 1600 persons. Yet there are exhibition halls, a library, several restaurants and bars, a large shopping center. A 10-minute walk from the metro theatre Esplanade Circle Line;
  • Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, the tallest on the planet. The height of a 50 storey skyscraper. It is clear that it is possible to see the whole view of Singapore, and along with neighbouring Malaysia with Indonesia.

    It is considered that, when rotating clockwise, the wheel, according to Feng Shui, attracts a money flows. The wheel has a Vip capsule where during the rotation you can have dinner at the same time to serve the customer will have a personal waiter. The wheel makes a full circle for half an hour. Close to the subway City hall.

And this is only the most famous sights.

Interesting religious sites

interesnyj religioznyj hram SHri Mariamman

So historically, in Singapore coexist peacefully from several religions. The main are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. In Singapore there is a synagogue. There are many temples located around the city.

  1. The Sri Mariamman temple is the most famous Hindu Shrine on the island. Not understandable why the temple was built in the heart of Chinatown. But in Singapore it does not bother anyone. To explicitly examine the temple will take two to three hours. Next to Chinatown MRT.
  2. The temple from afar like a huge cream cake, which is adorned with countless figures. People in pink, gods in blue, the sacred cow is white.

  3. The Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic. Is there a tooth of Buddha in the temple or not is not known. For this reason are a perennial controversy. It is believed that the tooth was brought from Myanmar, but most likely, no teeth, at least don't show it to anyone.

    But the temple is very beautiful, built in traditional Chinese style, it has a small Museum which houses a collection of utensils of the temple and relics of Buddhism. Located near Chinatown MRT station.

  4. Sri Thandayuthapani – Hindu temple of goddess Muruga, the patron Saint of hunting, love and war. It was built in 1859. Here a glass ceiling to the room penetrated the sun's rays. Next station Dhoby Ghaut MRT.
  5. religiya v SHri Tandautapani

  6. Sri Veeramakaliamman temple is goddess Kali, she is considered the protector against evil spells. Interesting murals on the walls of the building – it depicts a Lotus flower, the goddess herself. Located beside Farrer Park MRT station,.
  7. Chesed El – this synagogue built in 1878. Here are stored the Torah scrolls brought from Baghdad. Is near the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.
  8. Abdur-Gaffur – the most beautiful mosque in Singapore, built in the traditional style. The mosque is located near the metro Rochor.
  9. The Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator is the Armenian Church and the oldest Christian religious building in the city. The Church was built in the 18th century. The white temple is built in British colonial style. While there are a lot of Armenian elements. Description: metro Citi Hall.
  10. The Church of our lady of Lourdes – Catholic Church in neo-Gothic style. Built on the Basilica in Lourdes. Near stations of Bugis and Rochor.
  11. Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew. The temple was repeatedly rebuilt. Modern Cathedral built in neo-Gothic style. Near the subway there, but there is a bus stop Andrewʹs Cath.
  12. Anglican Cathedral of St Andrew painted in white color a special tool, called "chunam".

Natural objects

Nature the tropical island of Singapore is beautiful all year round. Here are able to appreciate nature. So many parks and gardens with different themes and with different vegetation.

  • The Botanical garden is a unique place. It occupies a large area, which is home to the Orchid Garden, the ginger Garden, rainforest, Palm valley, Fern greenhouse, Garden of evolution. Plus, the glades, where you can have picnics, special interactive programs for children and youth. The garden was founded by sir Stamford Raffles.
  • prirodnyj botanicheskij sad

  • The national Orchid garden is part Botanical garden. Here there are about six thousand colors. The inhabitants of the country to the Orchid special treatment. For garden orchids collected from all over the world.

    The Park is divided into zonescolor: yellow, Golden and pink and white orchids in the spring, juicy red, raspberry, Burgundy in summer, orange - autumn, blue-gray and white - winter. The closest metro station to Botanical garden, Botanic Gardens Station.

  • Wetland reserve Sungei Buloh is a nature Park, which features paths for walking, there are routes of different duration. Here, the thick mangroves, lots of birds which can be seen in the special Observatory, monitor lizards, crabs, crocodiles in the ponds, giant lizards and squirrels. Metro station Kranji.
  • Chinese and Japanese gardens – this is an original landscape parks, where there are tea houses, gazebos, pagoda, koi ponds. There is also a garden-bonsai and the Museum of turtles.
  • Jurong , the bird Park, where live more than 380 species of birds, 29 of which are close to extinction. For each created certain conditions: some live in cages, others free, third are special climatic conditions, for example, for the penguins maintain freezing temperatures and a pavilion for owls and night is day and day is night to be able to see visitors.
  • Metro station Boon Lay is the reference point for visiting the Jurong, it is also close by and with the Japanese and Chinese gardens.

  • Changi Beach Park – Cocos palms and two kilometers of white beach. Here a beautiful sea view, especially at sunset or dawn. On the beach there are all conditions for comfortable rest. You can get there from metro Tanah Merah bus No. 2.

Self-guided tours

Singapore is easy enough to move around and almost impossible to get lost, since the main transport in this city-state – metro. But to decide exactly where to go and what to see, it was very difficult for the traveler there are a lot of temptations. But if time is limited, use it to the maximum.

What to see in 1 day?

If you have to spend in Singapore one day, it is best to choose for inspection one urban district. And even then, you will see a lot of unusual and not spend precious time on long journeys.

chto posetit za odin den?

Central district:

  1. Here built the Empress place building - Victorian building. It is now a Museum, art gallery and restaurant;
  2. In the center is also worth visiting the Catholic Cathedral of the good-shepherd, the Armenian Church of St. Gregor St.;
  3. Singapore art Museumlocated in the house of colonial architecture;
  4. If you have time, you can see the statue of Stamford Raffles, MERLION Park, go to the market Telok Ayer.

Nature lovers will be interested to spend a day in Orchad road. Most importantly, there is a Botanical garden, the National Orchid Park. After spending the day in the Botanical garden, the evening can be spent relaxing in the night clubs, to go to the concert hall, enjoy an evening shopping.

Fans of exotic can spend the day in Chinatown. Here a small two-storey houses, plane trees, small shops sell exotic products. At the crossroads of mirrors to ward off evil spirits.

In this area there are Hindu and Muslim temples, the oldest in Singapore.

There is a street of death where the Chinese were brought to die old. But right now Club street, where you somersault acrobats, clowns laugh, surprise the audience jugglers – there always is a bright circus performance.

Sentosa island is a amazing nature, where you can admire all day. Here is a Museum of history of Singapore, a Museum of Paintings of Singapore, butterfly Park, underwater world and MERLION tower with a viewing platform from which one can see almost the whole Singapore. To explore all this, you will need the whole day.

And, you can spend the day at the amusement Park on the same island, especially if you are travelling with children. Universal Studios is divided into 7 zones, each dedicated to a certain geographical and historical place: Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, new York, Hollywood. There are magical places – the Kingdom of Shrek, a city in space, lost world.

odnodnevnaya ekskursiya

Here constantly there are a variety of rides, are highlights of the show. Works aquarium and water Park, which is located in the large pool, where visitors swim among the corals with colorful marine fish.

What to do in two days?

2 days can be distributed thus:

  • First day to devote to the examination of one of the areas of Singapore and visit one of the museums, and in the evening enjoy the laser show at the fountain of Wealth, or to purchase tickets for the concert inthe Esplanade and enjoy the music in a hall with unique acoustics;
  • The second day to use to visit one of the national parks.

The second option is a two-day trip might be:

  1. On the first day to get up in the morning on the Ferris wheel and then take a tour of two or three Hindu and Buddhist temples, to get acquainted closer with the culture of Asia;
  2. The second day to go until the evening on Sentosa island.

There is a third option: to visit the Museum of science and art, then visit the fountain of wealth, to climb on the Ferris wheel, and on the second day to go to the Botanical garden and look at the national Orchid garden.

Where to go in 3 days?

The more time there is for sightseeing of Singapore, the easier it is to decide what to watch and where to go.

  • The first day is to explore the most famous sights of Singapore: fountain of Wealth, the Museum of Science and art, climb on the Ferris wheel. The day, of course, will turn out dense, but these objects are not so far away from each other, so all you can manage.
  • kakie mesta posetit za troe sutok?

  • The second day the nature of the island and to go to any of the national parks. You can have time to attend even two – the Japanese and Chinese gardens and the bird Park, which are nearby.
  • The third day is devoted to the national culture of the country and to explore the temples.

However, there is another option:

  1. In the first to devote a full day of sightseeing in the Central district. This will allow an overall impression of a typical Asian city with colonial architecture, churches of various religions, Eastern market, plus to see the Museum;
  2. On the second day of inspection of the fountain of Wealth, MERLION Park, the Museum of Science and art. And you can go to any of the national parks;
  3. On the third day you can go to Sentosa island and spend the whole day there. Those who managed to get tired for two intense days, you may choose to unwind in the Park, Changi Beachto have a little lie on the beach and swim in the sea.

Travel tips

The Republic of Singapore – a country where respect for religions and national cultures. Here love tourists and they try to create all the conditions for them. But in Singapore there are a number of rules of behaviour, prohibitions and conventions applicable to tourists. About them should know:

  • In public places nobody here smokes, does not drink alcohol-containing beverages;
  • The gum is also impossible to chew, the more of it to inflate bubbles and to attach on any surface;
  • Not posted ads on the streets of Singapore, to decompose and distribute the brochures of any content, set the flags.

  • Of course, anywhere it is impossible to litter;
  • In public transport can not eat anything, to drink even water, to breast-feed babies;
  • To anyone you cannot touch, should carefully avoid even accidental touches;
  • It is impossible to remove from the pockets and bags of the lighter, which is even very remotely similar to a firearm, firecrackers, swords;
  • You can not reach to shake his left hand is the left hand, as it is, as everywhere in the East, is considered unclean.
  • It is considered impolite when greeting and talking to look the interlocutor in the eye;
  • In temples it is impossible to photograph, you have to take your shoes off and be dressed very modestly, so that arms, legs, neck were closed maximally;
  • Not to feed stray animals and birds (really, the homeless animals on the streets of Singapore).

Very tempting to go into a "banana-lemon Singapore". Even for one or two days.

See in this videothat is worth visiting in Singapore in the first place: