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From the sights to see in Bangladesh?

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Bangladesh — a rare visitor in the tourist routes. People prefer to visit India, although the trip to Bangladesh, attractions of the country and way of life will leave an unforgettable impression.

Everything that is "famous" for India, in Bangladesh is presented in exaggerated form because of greater population density. But Bangladesh is not only a crowded city, but also a crossroads of cultures: Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic.

About Bangladesh

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The name of the state comes from the name of the largest ethnic groups in the country — Bengalis, who make up 98% of the population of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is located in South Asia, which is often referred to as the Indian subcontinent. The country is bordered by India and Myanmar.

Historical note

For centuries, Bengal was an integral part of Great India. Traditional culture, ethnic origin and religious beliefs for Bengalis not distracting from the all-India series.

With the massive spread in Bengal Islam from the XII century, the country began to acquire the differences from the main part of India.

After India's independence from great Britain there was a religious division of the country into 2 States: a mostly Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Bengal became part of the latter as the province of East Pakistan.

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After the uprising in the mid 60-ies of XX century, Bengal became an independent state called Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a rapidly growing number of inhabitants and a predominantly Muslim culture with strong influences from the pan-Indic traditions.

What to watch: Bangladeshi architecture

The architecture of Bangladesh is a bizarre synthesis of traditional Indian styles, traditions of Muslim architecture and colonial architecture, borrowed during the colonial rule of great Britain.

Majestic building

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Secular architecture of the country represented by outstanding monuments from the times of the Mughal Empire to the present day.

  • The pink Palace (Ahsan Manzil) was built in the mid-nineteenth century in Indo-Saracenic colonial style and is now one of the most recognizable landmarks of Dhaka. With this style, the British government wanted to show the continuity of its power from the Mughal Empire that once ruled almost the entire India.

    No less popular style and used by the local feudal lords, one of whom, Abdul Ghani, and erected the Pink Palace. Now the building houses a Museum.

  • Bangladeshi Taj Mahal — one of the youngest sights of Bangladesh, built in 2008 in the suburbs of Dhaka at the initiative of an influential movie producer of Ahsanullah Moni.
  • Despite the fact that the Bangladeshi Taj Mahal is only a pale copy of an Indian original, this unusual building attracts many tourists who wish to compare structures.

  • Fort Aurangabad is a Palace-fortress, whose construction dates back to the days of the Mughals. The Fort was built in the mid-seventeenth century in the traditional Mughal style and is now a wonderful example of traditional architecture of India.

Religious buildings

Despite the fact that Bangladesh is now a predominantly Muslim state, historically a huge impact on the country providedHinduism and Buddhism in traditional Indian subcontinent.

  1. Somapura of Mahavihara — the largest in all of the "Big India", the Buddhist monastery (Vihara), located in the North of the country in the town Paharpur. The total area of the monastery more than 85 thousand km2.

    religioznyj monastyr Somapura Mahavihara

    In the center of the structure stands a Grand Buddhist stupa, around which are located the wall with 177 monastic cells. The temple was built in the VIII century BC, but with the arrival in Bengal of Islam, he was abandoned.

  2. Only in the XX century, the complex was reconstructed, and at the end of the century he was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

  3. Hindu temple Kantanagar located around the city of Dinajpur in the North-West of the country. The temple, built in the XVIII century, is a masterpiece of terracotta architecture, especially striking images on the walls and columns that describe scenes from the Ramayana, the exploits of Krishna and the life of the local aristocrats of the XVIII century.
  4. Star mosque is situated in the Central part of Old Dhaka. The mosque was built in the XIX century. The main attraction of the temple are its interiors, which are decorated with images of hundreds of stars from which came the name of the temple. Image made from shards of broken Chinese porcelain (so-called style of "Cinetique").

    Now the Star mosque is one of the few representatives of this style have survived to our time. So, Star mosque, originally had no historical value, has become one of the main attractions of Dhaka.

  5. The historic city of mosques in bagerhat district is a cluster of religious monuments and a UNESCO world heritage site.

    The main attraction of the historical complex is a mosque Gunbad. Considered one of the oldest Muslim temples of Bangladesh, the mosque Gunbad has a second name — the mosque of Sixty Domes. The temple was built in the XV century and nowadays is a place of attraction for Islamic pilgrims and tourists.

  6. Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection is one of the few historical Christian churches of Bangladesh. The Church was built in the second half of the eighteenth century by members of the Armenian community of Dhaka, which despite its small size (maximum of 40 families) differed in influence and wealth.

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    Now from the historic Armenian community of the city is not gone, but the beautiful temple you can visit, however it is necessary to obtain special permission from the authorities of the city.

Museum complexes

Museums of Bangladesh can open the history of Bengal as part of India, the nature of the country and the modern achievements of Bangladesh in various fields.

  • The ethnological Museum in one of the largest cities in Bangladesh, Chittagong is the only Museum of its kind in the country. The Museum presents the objects of the national life of the Bengalis and other ethnic communities in the country, some of which have long since disappeared.
  • National Museum of Bangladesh is situated in the capital Dhaka and is one of the largest in the Indian subcontinent. Huge Museum exposition devoted to the history, archeology, Ethnography and culture of the country and its inhabitants. Of particular interest is the archaeological collection, with exhibits from the prehistoric era to later times.
  • Here rich collection of art objects, coins, sculptures, weapons and other artifacts.

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  • Dinajpur Museum is located in the eponymous town in the North of the country and is dedicated to the history of North Bengal. Here are collected the sculptures of the representatives of one of the oldest religious beliefs of India — Jainism, also of great interest is the collection of the swords of Mughal era.

Natural attractions

Bangladesh is located in the Delta of two great rivers: the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. Due to the high humidity and low positions relative to sea level, the country is threatened by floods. The vegetation of the country represented by tropical flora, including jungle.

Forests and parks

Bangladesh is famous for its dense tropical forests, among which stands out the famous mangrove forest, the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest on the planet, occupying an area of over 6 km2. This unique nature reserve is both a national Park and UNESCO world heritage in the category of "Natural monuments".

The Sundarbans is the habitat of a huge number of animals of various kinds: from Bengal tigers and estuarine crocodiles to river dolphins and bull sharks living in the Ganges Delta.

Ecosystem Sundarbanis a unique example of mangrove forests and the country's national heritage.

Lakes and waterfalls

Bangladesh — this country is water, in addition to the great rivers and the coast of the Bay of Bengal of the Indian ocean here you can visit the majestic waterfalls or explore the unique beauty of the lake.

Lake Foy — an artificially created pond on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in the Eastern part of the country. The lake is located right in the heart of one of the largest cities in Bangladesh, Chittagong.

ozero Foj

Lake Foy, differing special beauty, along with the surrounding area turned into a theme Park "the World of Foy" with many attractions, restaurants, Hiking trails and concert venues.

One of the most popular natural monuments of the country — falls Madhabkunda, located in the Eastern part of the country on the border with India. The height of Madhabkunda — more than 60 meters, it is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Kaptai lake is another man-made lake near the city of Chittagong. As the lake Foy, Kaptai differs extraordinary beauty, it is located among dense forests, and for much of the year completely covered with Lotus, which gives it a kind of Lotus meadows.

Lovers of fishing will especially enjoy underwater fishing in the local bass, species which in these waters can reach 50 kg in weight.


Due to the fact that Bangladesh was not completely developed in relation to tourism, the beautiful beaches of the country is not bursting with foreign tourists, although the qualities they are not inferior to the best beaches in South-East Asia and even the world.

Characterized by sandy beaches, set amongst palm trees that hypothetically could have attracted in Bangladesh crowds of tourists from all over the world.

  1. Beach Cox's Bazar is located in the East of the country on the border with Myanmar and has a length of 200 km, making it the longest beach in the world.
  2. Beach Patenga is located in the vicinity of Chittagong and is famous for its beautiful sunsets, when the sun "falls" into the depths of the Bay of Bengal.
  3. Beach Kuakata is located South of Chittagong in the southern part of the country. Kuakata stretches for 30 km along the Gulf coast, it is a beige-pink sand, which is also referred to as marble. As much as Patenga beach Kuakata famous for its sunsets.

In this video you will be able to know what attractions you can visit in the capital of Bangladesh - Dhaka: