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Photos, description and map of the attractions of the Prefecture of Tokyo in Japan

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Thanks to the extensive collection of ancient and contemporary sights of Tokyo that perfectly coexist under the "one roof", the Japanese capital attracts visitors from around the world.

Map of Tokyo in the Russian language

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Tokyo is a relatively young city – it has about 400 years. But even in that short time he experienced many things that have an impact on its appearance.


For many years, Tokyo is Japan's capital and its main economic, industrial and political center.

Several centuries ago the city was a small village called Edo.

The village has existed exactly as long as in 1590, due to shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, the settlement began to develop actively in the role of the capital of the Shogunate.

Since then Tokyo has grown in our days one of the biggest cities in the world occupies the North-Western part of the island of Honshu and also the island chain that stretches for tens of kilometers. It is believed that the town is one of the most dangerous regions of our planet – at the junction of four tectonic plates. For this reason, often there are earthquakes and typhoons happen.

Travel niche

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Cultural heritage, Tokyo is incredibly rich and diverse. The people of this country are proud that their attractions are attracted to the capital by millions of tourists from all parts of the world. However, as noted by many tourists, in a constantly evolving city is very harmoniously look glass skyscrapers with neon billboards, busy street, as well as parks and ancient temples hidden in the most unexpected, quiet and comfortable.

Among the cultural heritage of Tokyo it is worth noting architectural monuments and interesting museums, a variety of entertainment that is available at any time. Definitely worth a visit are the ancient palaces, modern TV tower and the popular areas. This will give the opportunity to better get to know the city and its attractions.

For travelers of interest to the Ginza district is the most active part of the city, bustling, regardless the time of day.

In this part of Tokyo are theatres, museums, shopping centers and various establishments.

Once in the city, is also worth a look for the TV tower, which offers a magnificent view of the city, visit the street Omote-Sando and a few other Tokyo neighborhoods.

Popular areas

rajon Asakusa

Tokyo consists of many districts, some of which are of particular interest. These places in the first place, include the Asakusa district , the ancient territory to preserve the historic character of old Edo. On the main Nakamise street is the legendary Kabuki theatre, and not far from her beer Tower, Sumida Park and Museum of drums.

A unique place in Tokyo not to be missed – Shibuya – crossing, appearing in many movies and commercials. The crowded area can be seen in such films as "lost in translation" and "fast and the furious".

populyarnyj perekrestok Sibuya

Its popularity has earned the crossroads because the traffic lights here are lit simultaneously from four sides, and then the flow of people moving toward each other with a solid wall.

Areas worthy of note:

  1. Akihabara is a Paradise for lovers of modern;
  2. Ginza is one of the most luxurious areas of Tokyo.
  3. Harajuku – the center of youth street fashion and cosplay;
  4. Roppongi – an area known for boring nightlife.

Attractions of the Prefecture - photos and description

The number of attractions in Tokyoso broadly that not enough weeks to explore them. But even though the city may seem like a concrete jungle, this will not deter travelers who come here.

Architectural objects

arhitekturnyj Imperatorskij dvorec

The best way to see Tokyo is to visit the main architectural monuments that have become the hallmark of not only the city, but Japan as a whole. The main tourist attraction – the Imperial Palace – a magnificent construction, which trips through the metropolis.

The Palace is situated in the heart of the city centre, but it will be difficult to find as it is hidden behind dense trees and surrounded by ditches and channels. This structure appeared in Tokyo in the XV century and for many centuries of existence he had to endure events that significantly affected its appearance.

In Japan, it was decided to build the palaces of wood, so fires in such structures are not uncommon.

Imperial Palace several times through this disaster, so part of its structures remained intact. The Palace suffered from bombing during the Second world war.

Now the entrance to the Palace is limited, but for tourists is in East Park – the area, walking along which you can enjoy Japanese Park art and the ancient walls of Edo castle. There are other architectural monuments, such as steel bridge Nijubashi, stone Megane-Bashi bridge and watchtower Fushimi-yagura.

prirodnyj obekt imperatorskogo dvorca

Among the ancient architectural sites in Tokyo are:

  • The Inuyama Castle;
  • The ladder on the hill of Otoko-zaka;
  • Palace Geihinkan;
  • Akasaka Palace;
  • The Keio University.

Very interesting is a visit to Palace square – the territory located in the historic centre of the city in front of the Palace cook – the residence of the Emperor. This place offers a magnificent view of the two bridges, and in its centre stands a wishing well.

Luxurious and attractive look modern architectural sites in Tokyo. Among them stands out the Tokyo tower "Tokyo Tower", reminiscent of the Parisian Eiffel tower.

arhitektura telebashni

Some noteworthy attractions of Odaiba – bulk piece of land, which became a new district of Tokyo. Previously, this area was a fortification spanning the entrance to Tokyo Bay.

Eventually the island was abandoned and turned into a dump, but in the 90-ies, the Japanese began to beautification here and there are many new attractions.

zodchestvo ostrova Odajba

Odaiba area and Honshu are connected by the Rainbow bridge – one of the main attractions. Also not inferior to the beauty and popularity of the architecture of this district.

During a trip to the island should visit the iconic Tokyo tower "Tokyo sky tree" – the highest in the world, as well as the building of Fuji TV.

Religious buildings

The unique heritage of Japanese culture – Tokyo temples, many of which have historical value. In quite a lot of Shinto and Buddhist religious structures.

The most famous Buddhist Shrine – temple complex in Narita-San , an ancient monastery built in the year 940. On its territory there are old and new temples, Peace Pagoda and several important structures. The property has a picturesque Japanese garden.

religioznyj kompleks

The main relic Shrine – the Meiji Jingu Shrine , the largest pagan sanctuary, which appeared here in 1920.

The temple is located in Yoyogi Park, whose territory is planted with tall trees. This feature gives this place a sense of mystery and abandonment.

In Tokyo you can meet other religious buildings:

  • Asakusa Kannon;
  • Futarasan;
  • Diuine;
  • Yakuoin;
  • Kanta-be.

All the temples look incredibly authentic and majestic, and being in them evokes the peace and quiet.

stroenie hrama Asakusa Kannon


Tokyo does not have many known monuments, but those that can meet during the tour, causing a genuine interest. The most famous monument in the city is very unusual for this place – the Statue of Liberty, erected in 1988 on the island of Odaiba. This monument is a scaled-down version of what is in US, but he is also popular with tourists.

Not less well-known landmarks around Shibuya station. Miniature sculpture of the legendary dog Hachiko, who became the epitome of devotion and loyalty, is a favourite meeting place for locals and tourists. This monument was erected in 1934 to honor the dog who has come here for years, waiting again to meet his master.

pamyatnik Hatiko

Among the other popular monuments worth mentioning is the giant spider sculpture Maman, the statue of the legendary Kusunoki, Mamaliga, sculpture, Saigo Takamori, as well as sculptures of robots RX-78 Gundam and Transformer.


Many museums in Tokyo offer the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating immersion into the diverse culture of the city. Here of particular interest are the large collection of the most unusual exhibits, from the famous cartoon heroes to colorful objects of history.

First and foremost, you should visit Situasi – living area, allowing you to see Tokyo, which barely survived to the present day.

On the huge territory are exhibits telling about the everyday life of ordinary Japanese – coppersmiths, rickshaws, also merchants shoes and sweets, blacksmiths and other professions.

In Tokyo there is a Museum telling about the future – Merican. In this place exhibited the achievements of these Sciences – biology, computer science, space exploration and robotics. All exhibits can not only see but also touch, feel, turn on and learn how this technique works.

muzej Mirajkan

Often those who decide which Museum to visit in Tokyo, is a great opportunity to visit the metro Museum. On the vast territory of the interactive exhibition is an opportunity to learn more about the intricate scheme of the Japanese underground, to see the layout of the underground tunnel, watch out for moving trains in real time.


Despite the fact that Japan, especially Tokyo, is considered a progressive country, where they worship nature and tried his best to protect it. The capital is home to several picturesque parks and gardens, lakes and other interesting places.

Incredibly beautiful lake Tujan-JI temple, especially in spring when everything around is painted in pink hues of cherry blossoms.

prirodnoe ozero

Also impressive Shinobazu ponds – ponds covered with beautiful Lotus flowers. They appeared here in ancient times and perfectly preserved to our days. Near the lakes is an ancient temple Beenten-up, which makes this place even more charm.

Among the parks and gardens worth noting:

  1. Riku garden – traditional Japanese garden, built in 1703;
  2. Ueno Park – the place where along the long pedestrian zone planted Sakura;
  3. Todoroki valley – a corner of untouched nature in the heart of the metropolis.

Interest is Devil's Gulch – an area with high volcanic activity, where still erupt clubs volcanic steam.

Near Tokyo is known to many mount Fuji is a sacred place of the Japanese.

priroda u gory Fudzi

What else to visit in Tokyo?

Tokyo is an incredibly multi-faceted and diverse city, which will be interesting for adults and children, young people and couples. Here gathers a large number of attractions that everyone can find something new and interesting.

Traveling with children

Especially for young travelers to Tokyo opened such wonderful museums as the Museum of anime Studio "Ghibli". This place was filmed the famous cartoons scripted by Hayao Miyazaki – "My neighbor Totoro", "spirited away" and "From up on poppy hill". Without these cartoons is simply impossible to imagine modern culture of Japan.

Very unusual Museum of the little Prince is a real area of Provence, recreated by the Japanese. In a small area, where there are hot springs, managed to build a small town with exhibits from the life of this character.

Kids will love Tokyo Disneyland is familiar to many amusement Park built here, the first immediately after the United States. This place is entertainment for every taste, as well as numerous cafes and hotels.

puteshestvie po tokijskomu Disnejlendu

Territory amusement Park is so big that to get around it in a day is not possible.

You can also look in the local Ueno zoo and the Tokyo Aquarium, where kids will be incredibly interesting.

Tour 3day

The traditional route to Tokyo is a trip on the main streets, squares and landmark attractions of the city. This trip will look at all the objects "one eye", then had the opportunity to choose what is worth to see in details. For such purposes there is a ring line metro and buses.

The second day is devoted to the study traditional Japanese culture:

  • To attend a tea ceremony;
  • Enjoy the performance of actors in the Kabuki theater;
  • To visit training of a sumo;
  • Relax on the massage shiatsu;
  • To try traditional cuisine.

trehdnevnaya poezdka

The third day is perfect for Hiking in a variety of museums. Local exhibitions unique in nature, so tourists will no longer be possible to become acquainted with such valuable exhibits.

What to watch in a week?

All of the above attractions are not to study even for a week, but worth a try. But the journey to Tokyo is not limited to banal familiarity with architectural beauty, monuments of culture and history, as well as with natural objects.

In addition to visiting traditional places in Tokyo is to provide a few days to explore the world's largest fish market Tsukiji.

Attractions in Tokyo are not only fun, but also relax. This city is widely developed the culture of Onsen – visit to the baths, where there is immersion in very hot mineral water, as well as a selection related procedures – Spa, massage, peeling and care for feet using Garra rufa fish.

If you suddenly have time, you should walk through the famous areas of the city and also go out of town to explore the national parks and ancient temples located in them.

See this video for a description of these and other attractions in Tokyo: