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International airports of arrival on the map of Philippines: Boracay, Cebu, Clark

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The territory of the Philippines includes more than 7,100 Islands comprising the Malay archipelago. The shores of the country are washed by three seas — the Philippines, southern China and Sulawesi. Best reached by plane to the Philippines. Airports the country has about 250, they are able to take their site different types of aircraft.

Airports of the Philippines on the map

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Air transport is the most convenient way to move around the island country. Air traffic in the Philippines is fairly well developed. In the transport sector work public, private and military companies.

Most airfields have a small runway. Part of the aerodrome intended for receptions of seaplanes.

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International terminals

The largest airport, receiving flights, is 7 km from the capital of Manila. It is not the only international airport of the country. Service foreign flights are the airports in different parts of the island nation. Among them:

  • Ninoy Aquino. The airport is surrounded by several cities. 6 km away Tagbilaran city, 7 km in Lapu-Lapu city, 10 km of Parañaque;
  • Caticlan. Adjacent to Baracael the island. Distance to the Resort is 1.3 km away from a Small airport 6.5 km, to Nabasa - 21.7 km;
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  • Mactan-Cebu. Air harbour is located 10 km from the city of Mandaue and 45 km from Lapu-Lapu;
  • Clark. The airport is on the island of Luzon. Nearest cities - Mabalacat 6.7 km and Angeles city 8 km;
  • Kalibo. The airport is located 3.6 km from Kalibo and 19.4 km from Morales;
  • Palawan. The main airport in Puerto Princesa is located on Boracay island.

International trains are operated by other private and public airports.

The inner Harbor

Internal flights between the Islands are five major companies: PAL, Zestair, Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, Cebu Pacific Air. The majority of flights performed by small aircraft, able to take on Board no more than 15-20 people. For landing such aircraft do not require large runways.

Most Filipino terminal designed to service internal lines represent a small building. The largest domestic airport in the country — Kalibo.

Kalibo is located on Boracay island, is among the most beautiful corners of the world and serves only domestic flights.

To get to the island by the transplant in Manila.


infrastruktura Ninoya Akino

All international airports of the Philippines due to the large passenger traffic are not in the world ranking among the comfortable air harbors. Most of them have a very modest set of services and not very comfortable conditions of stay in them of passengers.


The arrival airport of the capital of the Philippines was named in honor of former Senator "Ninoy Aquino". It is located 7 km from Manila on the border of the cities of Pasay and Parañaque. Currently, this air Harbor serving for a year on average 31 million passengers, of which 6 million people fly to Manila from other countries. The airport has 4 terminals that cater to domestic and international flights.

From the air port there is a runway with a length of 3410 meters. It allows you to take flights on big planes like Boeing or Airbus. Service international flights engaged in the Terminal 1 and the Terminal 2.

The airport receives and maintains the aircraft 30 aviation companies. Including AirAsia Zest, Airphil Express and Cebu Pacific Air, etc. the Main directions of flights — Asia. From Europe to get to Manila you flight from Amsterdam.

Lounges at the airport do not have a high degree of comfort, but there are Lounges for passengers withchildren. At the airport you can take a shower, make purchases in the store, Duty Free, to leave things in the storage room or dine in the restaurant or cafe.

Inter-terminal shuttles and free buses. Not to get lost in the airport scheme. There is also Parking for longer Parking. Staff working at the airport speak English. The ramp serves telescopic ladders. At a distance of not more than 1 km from the airport it is possible to find hotels where you can stay in case of flight delays.

In the "Ninoy Aquino" can exchange currencies, make Bank or postal money order. At the airport there are places for prayers and pharmacies. It is possible to rent a car.

To reach Manila from "Ninoy Aquino", you can use the metro. Near the airport is his "station EDSA-Taft".


vorota Borakaya

The main international airport of Boracay — Caticlan them. Godofredo Ramos. Air Harbor is considered the seventh busiest in the Philippines. Annually it serves about a million people. The length of the runway airport is only 1000 meters. All flights are operated by companies Tigerair Philippines, and Skyjet.

From Moscow to Caticlan flights from Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. The flight takes 13 to 15 hours and is carried out with 1 or 2 changes. The airport has only 1 terminal. The only type of service that is provided in Caticlan — transport three-wheeled Bicycle passengers and Luggage from the airport to the pier, which is 500 metres from the runway.


Mactan-Cebu is an international airport which is the second after the "Ninoy Aquino" air haven of the Philippines. There is Wi-Fi, restaurants and cafes, starting from 5 o'clock in the morning. To buy Souvenirs, clothes and cosmetics in small shops. Are at the airport and Duty Free, as well as currency exchanges and ATMs.

For storage in Mactan Cebu open storage, and for prayer - chapel. The main flights at the airport make company: Airphil Express and Cebu Pacific Air. International flights connect with Cebu Philippines Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo and other cities in the Asian region.


The airport has two runways. The biggest of them has a length of 3214 meters. It has limited Wi-Fi. Flown from Clark, Philippines to connect with the cities of Asia and the Middle East, including Delhi and Dubai. At the site of the airport was a base for airlines such as AirAsia, Philippine Airlines and AirAsia Zest.

Most arriving at the Clark airport flights are budget. The airport has currency exchange offices, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, shops and car hire, Luggage storage. To reach the city by public transport and taxis.


Puerto Princessa na Palavane

On the island of Palawan are two small airport, the main of which is Puerto Princesa. Several times a day he takes flights of Philippine Airlines, Zest Air, etc. the Airport is very small and provides a short list of additional services. There is a small waiting hall, stalls with Souvenirs and stuff, as well as ATMs.

At the airport introduced a system of fees. On international flights amount to about $ 550 pesos (1,700 rubles).

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The airport serves the center of the Philippine province of Aklan. It is the fastest growing airport in the Philippines. It serves flights to Incheon, Busan, as well as in Singapore, Hong Kong and other cities of the world. In airport cafes, restaurants, shops, ATMs, currency exchange offices. There is a waiting room.

Travel tips

  1. If the stay in the country longer than 30 days, a visa is not required.
  2. Save 10-15% on flights to the Philippines is possible by purchasing tickets in advance.
  3. It is possible to bring to the Philippines an unlimited amount of foreign currency, 2 liters of alcohol, 50 cigars or 400 cigarettes.
  4. If the territory of the Philippines was acquired Antiques or jewelry, you should care about the presence of the license, otherwise you'll have to leave it all at customs.

Watch this video on how to get to Boracay, and some of the services offered at the airport: