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The sights of the Republic of the Philippines: what to see?

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Republic of the Philippines is in the Pacific ocean, near the equator. Its coastline has the largest extent in Asia.

The Republic is located on the territory of a large number of small Islands, their total number is 7107.

On many Islands is a magnificent white sand beaches which are washed by turquoise radiant sea water.

Philippines - where is it?

Every Philippine island has its own special atmosphere, since of a countless number of parties and discos, and ending with a secluded, peaceful holiday among the magnificent pristine nature.

Philippines attract tourists with its mild climate, diverse nature and gorgeous beaches.

The temperature of the water close to the shores of the Philippines for the whole year does not fall below 25 degrees and the air temperature is not lower than 27 degrees.

The most comfortable time to travel to the Philippines is between December to April.

As may in the Islands is considered the hottest month, and August to September on the Islands begins the season of typhoons, it is better to refrain from travel during these periods.

The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia that professes Catholicism. In the Republic is currently home to almost 50% of all Catholics in Asia.

Philippines combine Eastern and Western culture, drawing these people, curious to witness the life of this amazing country.

The country has a well developed tourist infrastructure, due to the large annual influx of tourists. There is a large number of hotels that will suit any traveler, no matter their budget.

Filippiny - gde eto?

What to see?

Philippines have a sufficient number of natural, historical and cultural attractions.

Among them are tropical Islands, the cliffs of which there are volcanoes and waterfalls, and underground rivers, diverse flora and fauna, ancient native and colonial buildings, religious and military monuments – among all this diversity everyone will find something interesting.


Manila there are more than 500 years and is the capital of the Philippine. Her story begins in the distant 1571 when Spanish Conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi founded the city.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards this territory was located one of the centers of Muslim Principality. Legaspi conquered the city from the Muslims, and it passed into the possession of the Spanish king. Manila became the capital of the new Spanish possessions.

Later was built the walled Intramuros area, which was separated from the rest of the city by a high wall. In this district lived the Spanish conquistadors with their families.

In the XVII century the town began to populate the Christian missionaries, by which Manila was the center of initiation to Christianity, the rest of Southeast Asia.

Over time, the city has acquired the status of political, economic and spiritual center of the entire region. Over time the ownership of the city by the Spaniards here were built many palaces, temples and monasteries.

In the XVII century here was opened the first Seminary. In the XVIII century witnessed the opening of Asia's first University.

Due to the fact that the city has long been a possession of Spain, he acquired status as the largest cultural center of Asia.

But that was the cause of the revolution for independence from Spanish rule. People from the University have experienced the unwillingness to put up with the authorities, which was provoked by the revolt of the local inhabitants.

In the XIX century ended the rule of the Spaniards, the Philippines was under the rule of the United States of America. Throughout the twentieth century Manila passed to different owners.

After the Second World war, the city began to belong to the Japanese. The history of Manila and the Philippines in General has undergone many dramatic events, so it is of great interest to historians.

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Historical Intramuros district occupies an important place among the local attractions. It began with the history of modern Manila.

In the area of preserved ancient churches and monasteries, residential buildings, which almost has not lost its appearance.

Fort Santiago, built in the XVI century, which survived the ruthless bombing during the Second world war, is now hosted in its premises an art gallery, restaurants, shops, and the aquarium.

Manila Cathedralis one of the most beautiful specimens of architecture in Manila.

St Augustine Cathedral is located in the old district of Manila and Roxas Boulevard, on which there are multiple entertainment options for adults. You can visit the national Museum of the Philippines.

National Museum of the hero of the Philippines Dr. Jose rizal, which includes a spacious Park, a mosaic memorial in honor of the battles for the independence of the Islands, the state fair WOW Philippines, and the ancient stone Church.

Coke Palace in Manila, which was built specially for the Pope during his visit. Unfortunately, the Pope refused to live in the Palace, and landmark remained in the city.

The presidential Palace, Malacañang, which is an exposition of the Presidential Museum. This building exists for more than 200 years and is the seat of the authorities.


Largest island, which is surrounded by 70 smaller Islands. Bohol and its Islands-satellites are popular places to relax on the beach. Each of these beaches are equipped for practicing various water sports.

The island's infrastructure is underdeveloped, so it is more suitable for diving and for relaxing holidays in a family circle or with the second half.

The capital of Bohol is Tagbilaran city. Near the resort island of Panglao, which is connected by a bridge and a freeway.

The mountains of the island of Bohol from afar resemble chocolate hills, as they are formed in the form of cones on which nothing grows except for grass, which burns to the end of the summer to chocolate brown. So they got this interesting name.

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On the island among the rocks there is a cave Hinagdanan, which is home to an underground lakeand planted forest of red trees.

On the island of Bohol has preserved the oldest Church in the country – Baclayon Church or the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary.

Also there is a Museum where you can learn the detailed history of the island. In the mountains there are amazing waterfalls Busay, which attracts thousands of tourists.

On the island particularly care about the preservation of wildlife, so there is a reserve Raha-Sitakunda and the centre for the protection of lemurs-tarsiers, which are on the verge of extinction.

River in Lombok, you can take a cruise, enjoying a lunch as well as a personal singer. Divers will be especially interesting to watch the ocean for dolphins and even whales.

And also, when diving near the island of Balicasag you can explore the shipwreckssunk during the Second world war. The island has many caves (almost 1400) and waterfalls.

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The island of Cebu attracts tourists in many ways: beautiful beaches, a variety of tours, a large selection of dive sites.

A greater number of types of recreation is at a distance from the island itself or on small Islands-satellites, as well as in the depths of the island, away from the city.

On Cebu island, there are luxury hotels, among which there are representatives of world-known networks.

The capital of the island has the same name and is the second largest city in the Philippines. It was on this island in 1521, landed the famous Navigator Ferdinand Magellan, who, according to rumors, and discovered the Philippines.

Among the attractions we can highlight the Church of Basilica Minore del Santo niño, Magellan's cross, which was installed on the island in the year of the arrival of Magellan, the chapel of the Last-Supper.

As well as extant buildings in colonial style. On the island there is a monument to Magellan and the chieftain Lapu-Lapuwho defeated Magellan.

In the most ancient Spanish fortress – Fort San Pedro - today is the regional Department of tourism, and the outdoor theater.

The island is the Church of St. Augustine which houses the icon of the Holy child Jesus, which Magellan gave to the Queen of Cebu as a gift during her baptism.

The Kawasan falls are located outside of the city, 115 kilometers from Cebu city.

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Philippines is a place that can amaze any traveler with its exotic.

These Islands resemble Paradisewith its magnificent beaches, rich nature and good-natured locals who are incredibly welcoming and helpful.

To spend a holiday in the Philippines is definitely worth, because only here you can feel the magic of the amazing Islands.