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World map in Russian: where, with whom, the country borders Syria?

gde nahoditsya Siriya?

Syria is a country with a millennial history and rich choice of different interesting places. On its territory there are monuments, ancient relics and objects left over from different civilizations.

Here also attracted the attention of a quiet and cozy parks and a bustling authentic markets with colorful vendors and a variety of products. To have an idea about this state, you need to know where is Syria.

Syria on the political world map in Russian language

Sirijskaya Respublika na politicheskom atlase mira

Syria is an Eastern state. Location - Asia minor. Its territory is a Holy Land , a place where the unfolding of important biblical events.

Geographical location - where and on what continent?

Syria is a country situated in middle East. The territory of the country covers an area 185,2 thousand square meters, and its population is 13 million people.

On the map it is located on the Eurasian continent, and you can find her in southwest Asia.

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With which countries it borders?

Syria is adjacent to several other States, but with Russia this country has common borders not. Who then bordered country? The country's border with Syria on land:

  • Lebanon;
  • Jordan;
  • Turkey;
  • Israel;
  • Iraq.

s kakimi gosudarstvami imeet granicy?

That close proximity with these States could not be reflected in the history and culture of the country, which is especially evident in the different architectural structures located at the borders.

It is worth noting what areas and cities of Turkey's border with Syria. Turkey has borders in the South of the country, and some areas of the city are located in places that are dangerous for tourists. In Turkey to such areas is the district Suruc province of Sanliurfa and Hatay province and Syria – Akcakale and Latakia. Almost at the borders is the capital city of Damascus.

In some areas, located on the borders of Israel and Syria, remains somewhat unstable situation. This is due to various historical events, including the fact that Israel occupied a small part of Syria – the Golan heights – the territory located near the largest lake of Galilee.

In the East, Syria borders on Lebanon. In Lebanon at the borders of the country is the city of al-Masnaa, on the part of Syria near the border points are:

  1. Damascus;
  2. Aleppo;
  3. The Latakia.

In peacetime, the Latakia was a famous resort of the country and main port of Syria on the Mediterranean sea.

The border of Syria and Jordan passes on such items as Ramtha and Jaber. The second point is located 80 kilometers from the famous city of Amman is extremely attractive and colorful capital of Jordan.

On the borders of Syria and Iraq there are no major tourist cities. Basically, in these areas is dominated by mountains, rivers and forests. All borders can be traced to large.

What is this country?

kakaya eto strana?

According to scientists, Syria's history began about 2500 years BC, so the country is considered one of the most oldest in the world. In ancient times there existed a written language, and actively developing science and art.

Historical note

Throughout history, the territory of Syria occupied a strategically important position, and its coastal settlements served as a quite profitable trade database. Thanks to these features, thisthe country at various times tried to conquer a different Empire.

In its history, Syria belonged to the Roman, Persian, Egyptian and Babylonian empires, but in the end, this country remains in the power of the Ottoman Empire. After the defeat in the First World war Turkey was forced to relinquish to France a part of its territory, therefore, Syria along with Lebanon was ceded to the French.

French domination did not last long – in 1954, occurred the coup, during which it was decided that Syria is an Arab state and an independent country. This caused some of the inhabitants of the country a storm of displeasure, in this connection, many of its cities were uprising.

In the course of these events to power in 1970 came the Minister of defence Hafez al-Assad is a man who has strengthened Syria's position in the middle East. He successfully was elected for a new term until 2000, he was killed. Since then to the present day his place in power is the son – Bashar.

The internal structure

As a relatively small country, Syria is home to a fairly large number of people. On its territory live today (various sources) from approximately 13 to 18 million people. Of this number of people, about 90% are Syrians – the people who occupy the Mediterranean coast.

On the Mediterranean coast of the country most suitable soil for agricultural work.

About 9% live in Syria – the Kurds – the local people, leading a nomadic life, and about 1% Armenians. The last representatives of the country can be found primarily in the city of Aleppo.

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Despite the fact that Syria is quite a large number of objects of different faiths, including Christian monuments, the main religion of this country is Islam. The number of believers here reaches 90%. The official language is Arabic, the head of state is the President.

Climatic conditions

Syria differs arid climate, but at the same time in different regions of the country the weather is different. For coastal cities the typical Mediterranean subtropical climate with few precipitation and high humidity. In the summer season this region is hot and dry and winter – warm and rainy.

In Eastern Syria on the side of the ridge Ansariya observed continental climate, but the higher, the more the air is cooling. At medium altitudes in the summer, the column shows up to 5 degrees. In summer, rainfall is minimal, in that time, as winter precipitation more than in any other region.

How to get there?

Trying to get into Syria, is, first and foremost, choose a convenient option of how to get to the country and the best time to do it.

Time zone – the time difference with Moscow

The whole territory of Syria is within the same time zone, so the guests of the country will not have problems with how to navigate. The exact time coincides with Moscow in the famous cities:

  • Damascus;
  • Aleppo;
  • HOMS;
  • The Latakia.

Thus, the time zone of this country is UTC +3:00.

How to get and how many hours to fly?

za skolko chasov mozhno doletet?

The easiest way to be in a country – poison back on the plane. It should be noted that currently (due to war events) regular flights from Moscow stoppedtrain and ferry services from neighboring countries.

In peacetime, regular flights depart from the capital of Moscow, following from Sheremetyevo-2 and Vnukovo airport to Damascus.

The airlines that carry out flights, "Aeroflot", Syrian Airlines. Flight time is about 3.5 hours.

We encourage you to watch a video about the exact location of Syria: