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India, North Goa: what you need to know about the Bug - photos, videos, beach, hotels

plyazh Baga v Goa

Tourists who travel to India to enjoy a beach holiday, the tour operators recommend the first of Baga beach in Goa. This is no accident: it is a lot of entertainment, most young people prefer to rest here.

Bug on the map of India North Goa

poselok na goanskoj karte

On the satellite map Bugs marked all the important tourist sites and hotels, use it easily, simply click the name from the list, and you'll find.

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District Bagh is located in North Goa, between Angounou and the Calangute beach. Goa, in turn, is located in the South-West of India.

Baga beach got its name from the name of a little river flowing in the area.

How to get there?

kak doletet?

From Russia to Goa, you can fly a direct flight, but this way to choose the business people who stay usually no longer than 2 weeks.

Lovers of the exotic are more attracted by the picturesque path, which passes through Delhi and Mumbai. There people get on the plane, and then prefer to move on other modes of transport:

  • trains;
  • taxi;
  • leased cars.

International Dabolim airport is located near Baga beach, travelers will spend about 1 hour to get there. A ticket for a direct flight from Moscow to Goa is quite expensive, provided that you have booked it 2 months in advance. A ticket for a direct flight from Moscow to Delhi or from Moscow to Mumbai is several times cheaper.

Next travelers get on a train and go to Goa. While booking tickets, make sure that the train stops at the station you need.

You prefer to get off at Tivim stations, Madgaon, Karmali, they are situated near the tourist area.

From Mumbai you can go to Goa bus ticket tourists must buy online. Usually bus routes go to Panaji city which is the capital of Goa.

sposoby poezdok

If you are traveling in the company, you can take a taxi. It is important to know how to communicate with Indian taxi drivers:

  1. the price of trips should be arranged in advance, but the money forward do not give;
  2. specify the final destination and the exact time of arrival, make it clear to the driver that it is not going to pay extra minutes and hours in the case that the taxi driver get lost;
  3. ask, will I be charged for baggage charges.

Car the Russians are taking very rarely. The fact that a rental car you must return to where you rented it. In addition, to travel by car in Goa is awkward, roads are often in chaos, if the machine is broken, any further difficulties.

Distance from Arambol to Baga is 21 km, to move conveniently between the beaches on scooters. If you want to go from Baga to Old Goa, be prepared to spend about 50 minutes, you will have to travel by car a distance of 25-27 km depending on the chosen route.

What you need to know about the resort - photo

Tourists who have never been to India, have to decide what they want to do during your stay in this beautiful country, then their trip will bring them expected results.

General information

For the first time about the resort the Baga area that is only 10 hectares, is mentioned in the 60-ies of the last century, then the development of coastal land had only just begun.

In thoseyear vacationers flocked here, and every year tourists become more and more.

This area is inhabited by gounty, who speak the language of Konkani and Marathi, guanzi retained their unique culture and their lifestyle differs from the lifestyle of other Indians.


meteorologicheskie usloviya

The most popular time to visit the resort of Baga is the period from December to March. No sweltering heat, the air temperature does not exceed 29 degrees, and the water temperature in the Arabian sea is 25 degrees.

The hottest month is may, the set temperature of +40 degrees from late may continuously rains, often rises to a hurricane. In September, the weather is gradually returning to normal, September and October are the 2 months when the resort is actively visited by tourists.


The resort of Baga, located in North Goa, has a well-developed infrastructure: this created optimal conditions for a comfortable stay. In the resort area there is public transport and taxis are available.

Holidaymakers will find many shops, ATMs and massage parlors. Inexpensive leather goods you can buy in souvenir shops. On Saturday evening, adjacent to the resort of Baga beach Anjuna offers a large night market Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar. To market to make profitable acquisitions, you will need to bargain with the sellers.

A place where you can eat, don't have to search long: in the resort area are many restaurants and cafes where you can taste national dishes of Portuguese, Italian and French cuisine. At popular restaurants Eats Meets West and Lila cafe you can arrange a romantic dinner and to enjoy the taste of seafood, should go to the beach coffee shop – Britos.


The resort is known worldwide for its top quality services and affordable prices.


  • Hotel OYO Homes Off Titos Lane is next to Britos. Each room comes with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Guests can use private bath or shower.
  • Very popular among tourists service "food delivery with room service".


  • From the hotel Jovinhos Place you can walk to the beach literally 1 minute. It offers Breakfast and free Wi-Fi. There is a possibility to rent a bike or go fishing. The hotel can speak in English or Hindi.
  • The complex of houses called Arudra@Cisco's ideal for travelers with Pets: it is allowed to move with the animals. Some homes have a patio you can sunbathe on the terrace or enjoy a barbecue in the garden. Every house has bathroom, toiletries and towels are provided for free.
  • Goa Villa offers to rent luxury villas at any time. Also easy to find budget accommodation options.

Book your accommodation in hotels Goa using this search form. Enter the resort name, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Beach vacation

Baga Beach is popular with Russians due to the amazing types of the Arabian sea.

To clearly define the boundaries Baga beach – a difficult task, in the South it is well located Calangute beach, and North beach Anjuna. The border between the beaches are considered to be conditional. But Baga beach is not to be confused with the other: only here you can enjoy plenty of water sports to choose from.

What to do and where to go?

dosug i razvlecheniya

On the beach you can sail, ride the "banana" and water skiing. Tourists are offered such entertainmentas:

  1. Windsurfing;
  2. kite-surfing;
  3. wakeboarding.

Night clubs Bugs worth a visit, they are famous DJs from different countries and a disco. The most popular night clubs are Tito's and Mamboopen until 3 h of the night. Club "Kamaki" entertains his guests until the morning.

The older generation will like a night club Cavala, where on Saturdays incendiary parties in the style of the immortal rock ' n ' roll.

Lovers of fishing can catch Barracuda, Croaker, catfish, sea bass, salmon, tuna and other fish. Saltwater fishing promises a rich haul of oysters, crabs, clams and lobsters. Fishing adventure will bring a wonderful memories.

Many tourists prefer riverfishing, and before them, the question arises, what fish is found in the Baga river. They can catch barramundi, catfish, mangrove Luciano, Kingfish and many others.

And those who love exciting adventures, will delight a boat ride in search of crocodiles.

Attractions: what to see?

The main natural attraction of the resort are thermal springs Mettantthat help to improve their health.

Tours involve visiting Old Goa, visiting waterfalls, a trip to the state Panaji.

Old Goa is called the mysterious city, full of ancient cathedrals and churches, you can visit the Holy places and to see the relics of St. Francis Xavier.

You will also have the opportunity to visit Delhi, Mumbai, Hampi and Taj Mahal. In Mumbai is the Prince of Wales Museum and gateway of India. Each of the monuments unique: the Museum was built in 1905, its opening was timed to the visit of king George V. Among the exhibits of miniature paintings, jewelry, gun collection.

Monument India Gate is located near the Taj Mahal. The triumphal arch was built in 1924 from yellow basalt with reinforced concrete.

In this video you will appreciate the beach of the Bug: