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Tours in North and South Goa: photos and description of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Goa s foto i opisaniem

The Indian state of Goa is an extremely attractive destination for tourists who prefer budget travel, as well as a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday and exploring the unique sights in one of the most picturesque places on the planet.

Goa on the map in Russian language

Goa na karte

Due to the small size of Goa, tourists can find a wonderful opportunity to explore much of the state even for a short time.

The geographical position

India has only 28 Statesamong which Goa is considered the smallest but this fact does not negate his popularity.

The abundance of beautiful sandy beaches, marvelous waterfalls, mangrove thickets and exotic plants continue to fascinate tourists, and its geographical position was the reason that, travelers come here from different countries.

Goa is located in the southwestern part of the country, lapped by Arabian sea and Indian ocean. In their view the state resembles a narrow strip of land separating the sea and the mountains. A large part of the territory is occupied by various beaches and parks such as Bondla, Someshwar and Bhadra, the main goal, which is a unique opportunity to preserve the natural wealth of the country – the local flora and fauna.


The climate of Goa is very stable and is acceptable for year-round recreation. Comfortable weather lasts from October to may, giving the opportunity to swim in the sea at any time of the day. The daytime temperature warms up to 25-27 degrees and the sea is +28-30°C. in addition, rainfall during this period is reduced to a minimum.

The rainy season in Goa lasts from June to September, and due to high humidity and unbearable heat, people are not adapted to such a climate, it becomes impossible to breathe. Even locals prefer to go to other regions. For this reason, in summer there are closed restaurants and cafes.

The internal arrange

Geographically, the Indian state is divided into South and North Goa – two different region vary greatly in quality recreation and its value and opportunities to the tourist.

Coming here, tourists find themselves in the state capital – Panaji, is located 30 km from the airport. This city, as is commonly believed, divides the state budget luxury North and South.

ustroj Starogo Goa

The oldest part of the staff of Goa Velha (Old Goa) – the former capital, for a long time was dominated by the Portuguese, who left behind a rich architectural heritage. The city is located just 10 kilometers from the modern capital Panaji. Here, well-preserved buildings from that era – incredibly beautiful temples, palaces and estates such as:

  • The ruins of St. Augustine;
  • Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary;
  • The convent of the Miraculous cross;
  • The gate of the Fort Mangueira;
  • Arch-General governors;
  • House planning the Crusades.

How to get there?

To reach Goa immediately after getting the visa, especially in winter, will be easy. Of the major cities (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg) send many low-cost airlines, which bring to the place ( Dabolim airport) after 7-8 hours of flight. Regular flights major airlines travel only in Delhi and Mumbai.

Use this quick form for searching airtickets. Specify the date of departure, city of departure and arrival, number of passengers.


Interesting information

The Indian state is incredibly interesting. Here come the couples, youth and lovers of sun, gastronomy, diving, and spiritual enlightenment.

The main resort areas and cities

In the district of North Goa come to those who rely on budget travel, budget accommodation and a great nightlife. In this region, the large influx of tourists, a smaller number of decent hotels and not always clean beaches.

Uzhnyj kurortnyj rajon

South Goa offers a respectable holiday in the most picturesque region not only in the state but throughout India, with comfortable hotels, fabulous beaches, crystal clear ocean and the territory is buried in verdure.

For those who dream of holidays filled with peace, privacy and pure nature, has the opportunity to go to South Goa, visiting such resorts:

  • Dona Paula;
  • Benaulim;
  • Bogmalo;
  • Colva;
  • Majorda;
  • Mobor;
  • Cavellosim;
  • Palolem.

Goa how varied and diverse that every traveler will find the city here, which will fully meet his wishes.

For entertainment and sight-seeing of architectural attractions that you should go to North Goa city:

  • Arambol;
  • Mandrem;
  • Calangute;
  • Vagator;
  • Anjuna;
  • Aguada;
  • Candolim;
  • Bug.

Where to stay?

Such a variety of places to stay, which offers its guests Goa, it is impossible to find in any country. Every city ready to provide tourist accommodation and hotel, a bed in a Guesthouse or hostel. It is important to remember that rooms in hotels 3-5 * should be booked in advance, and cheap housing can be removed on the spot.

Hotels, located in the southern part of the state, are considered quite expensive by Indian standards. North of the hotel over budget, so there is an opportunity considerably to save on accommodation.

To find a suitable option to stay in Goa you can use our search form. Enter the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

National cuisine

Nacionalnye bluda

Indian cuisine itself is incredibly attractive and unusual, but the kitchen Goa even more interesting, because in local dishes in addition to rice, the abundance of spices and vegetables consists of various seafood, fresh fishand delicious prawns and lobsters.

In hot weather, save the fresh juices of fruits and in the evenings local vodka "give a damn" from the coconut tree.

Tourists should try the local masala and biriyani, naan and tandoori dishes.


In the state - established bus and train connections between major cities, but most travelers prefer to rent mopeds and scooters. If you wish, you can also take a taxi, Moto- and bike-rickshaws.

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What to see in North Goa?

In this part of the state filled with not only a beach holiday, but also the opportunity to take advantage of the excursions, capable to diversify leisure.

  • Monuments.

    stoit osmotret pamyatniki Hampi

    The main monument North Goa – complex "Monuments of Hampi" – the abandoned town, which preserved many ancient buildings. It is on his site was a big part of the events mentioned in the Ramayana. Around the complex are scattered temples, gopura, the colonnade and the giant sculptures are able to capture the imagination of tourists.

    Old Goa is the Arch of the viceroys, created at a time when the state was a Portuguese colony. The building stands on the main road, presenting a arched vault, which is crowned by the statue of Vasco da Gama.

  • Temples and churches. Upstate is literally scatters a large number of unique temples, impressive. As a symbolic place of pilgrimage for people of different religion, the North offers tourists to visit:

    1. Hindu temples are the Shanta Durga, Sri Ramnath,SriManges with luxurious carved interior;
    2. Colonial churches – the Basilica of Jesus, SÉ Cathedral, Church of our lady of the rosary and Church of St. Francis of Assisi, made by mixing such styles as Baroque and Gothic;
    3. Masjid Safa Masjid is one of the two oldest mosques of Goa, perfectly preserved to our days.

    Remarkable place – little Tibet – a large community of Buddhist monks, where tourists get acquainted with their way of life.

  • An architectural structure.

    Arhitektura na severe

    Architectural heritage of Goa, formed in a distinctive Indo-Portuguese style, located in the North in Old Goa.

    Everywhere monuments and buildings, decorated in traditional colonial style, one of which is the Archbishop's Palace.

    Worthy of special attention to the Chapora Fort and Fort Aguada are Prime examples of Portuguese architecture. With the walls of these buildings, overlooking the Indian ocean. Previously, it was the ramparts helping to defend from the British and German offensives, and after the local prison.

  • Museums. Tourists wishing to see the work of contemporary artists and sculptors, you can go to Kerkar – exhibition gallery of art. Also in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi is the archaeological Museum, which has an extensive collection of Portuguese weapons, household items and art as well as statues of Hindu gods.
  • Nature.

    Priroda na Severnom Goa

    Goa has the ideal conditions for the cultivation of various spices and herbs. For this reason, here are not just attractive parks and spice Plantations (rastic, Savoy, Sahakari).

    Here are organized excursions, during which visitors can see the plants in their original form, and also to buy those spices. In addition, here are grown traditional fruits: bananas, guava, mango, pineapple and citrus.

    Unusual and beautiful bird sanctuary , Salim Ali, most of which is mangrove forest offers its visitors not just a walk, a journey through his territory on the boat.

    Waterfall Abraham though not high, but the noise of falling streams of water can be heard for 2-3 miles. Over the years, jet formed under the natural attraction of the lake, which fits harmoniously into the picturesque landscape.

Attractions Of South Goa

In the southern part of the state much more natural attractions and magnificent beaches, a little less across the majestic colonial architecture and religious buildings.

  • Monuments. Almost all the great monuments are located in cities such as madgaon and Vasco-da-Gama. They all have a trace of Portuguese influence.
  • Temples, churches, cathedrals.

    Cerkov v Uzhnom Goa

    Historical significance bears Alex Church in Cortolima, as this is the oldest Church in Goa. Other interesting temples that are worth visiting is the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Hindu temple of Shri Malik Arjun – building with intricate carvings and massive pillars.

  • Gardens and parks. In the reserve, Cotigao – great remote location a variety of live wild animals, including quite rare, the number of which decreased in connection with the activities of poachers. The Park has pristine beauty, exotic wildlife and unusual flora.
  • Architecture. The buildings are located on Church square in Margao. Here you should definitely enjoy the Public library, to visit the Church of the Holy spirit, and climb to the top of Monte hillto see the city as a whole.
  • Museums. The main Museum in the southern part of the famous "big Foot" – a place where the history of the ancestors of the Indian people. If you visit the Museum under the open sky, we can touch the mystery of the legend of big Foot, and also to taste the local bread and liquor.
  • Museum of the cross, which houses more than 500 colorful exhibits brought from all corners of the planet. Every year the collection is rife, as many people try to Supplement their contribution to the development of the Museum.

  • Natural attractions.

    Dostoprimechatelnyj vodopad

    "The ocean of milk" or the Dudhsagar waterfall is the main attraction of South Goa, which should meet every tourist. It consists of three separate streams of falling from a height of 300 metres. This waterfall has an interesting legend that will be told by local residents.

    Quite a popular walk along the river zouari, where you can see crocodiles, and visit the plantations of spices, to see how they are grown and harvested.

More attractions in this exotic state of India can be seen in this video:

Excursions andentertainment

Lively Goa offer tourists a lot of interesting and unusual places.


First and foremost, you should visit the capital of Goa – Anandji, as well as the cities of Margao – the unofficial capital of the southern region and main port of the state – Vasco-da-Gama.

Three unusual places will help to get acquainted with Goa alone:

  1. The deserted city of Hampi;
  2. Small town Candolim;
  3. Old Goa.

Attractions, which are located in these cities, available anytime and free. They have exquisite architecture reflecting the culture and history of the Indian nation and colonial times.

Children will love the local nature reserves with wild animals – like a zoo under the open sky, where crocodiles, leopards, bison, deer, porcupines, turtles and monkeys.

One day

For those who prefer a short, but educational tour, there is a possibility to organize day trips, hitting on:

  • Spice Plantations;
  • Familiarity with elephants;
  • Ancient temples;
  • The Dudhsagar Waterfall.

While walking you should look at one of the beaches, full of cafes with local cuisine.

Aside from beaches, the locals organise state boring DosuG.

Beach vacation

The beaches are the first places that requires a visit – they are especially beautiful in the southern part.

It should be noted that all beaches in Goa is free, but to rest on them, will have to use the paid services – rent a lounger, for example.

Rest is to choose:

  1. Aguada, well maintained and well equipped for a comfortable stay;
  2. Miramar, located just 3 km from the capital;
  3. Dona Paula is a favorite place for all lovers;
  4. Colva – the main tourist center;
  5. Majorda is the longest beach;
  6. Palolem – the increasingly popular coastline, has incredible beauty and exoticism.

Otdyh na uzhnyh plyazhah

In the North, popular beaches such as Tiracol, Calangute, Bagabeaches Candolim.

Goa offers elephant riding in national parks, Dolphin watching, a cruise on a river boat along the mangroves, rafting, canyoning and skipper.

Shopping and restaurants

Favorite place for all travellers, the night markets of Arpora. In the dark of night here you are able to listen to live music, enjoy a variety of cuisine, to bargain and to buy traditional goods – colorful clothes and jewelry.

In addition, you can go to the nearby Angoon, where on Wednesday held a Grand fair.

Goa is a real Paradise for gourmets, because in every restaurant or riverside café owners will be vying to try to buy seafood, literally melting in your mouth.

Excellent mussels, lobster, crab and shrimp are served in the most elite restaurants:

  • The Fisherman's Wharf;
  • Cosmos;
  • A Reverie;
  • Pink Chilli.

Regardless of the choice in each restaurant and café this state of the cook I try to cook only after the order was placed, so any dish promises to be fresh and delicious.

Events and parties

About parties, which are organized in the North Goa, heard many. In many ways happening places can be found in the clubs Paradiso, Cubana and Margarita. Also day-to-day on the beaches, in cafes and in special places gather crowds of people who are capable of simple PM to make a fun disco with a fire show and limbo.

Goa is very attractive for all lovers of beach and cognitive rest. Some of the best beaches in harmony with the opportunity to visit a comprehensive tour.

In high season the tourists will be an interesting festival of food and culture, held in late November for five days on the Miramar beach. In the same period in the Northern part of the state will start endless holidays trance music. A little later, not only in Goa but throughout India celebrate Christmas, but January 6 – the feast of the three kings.