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Goa on the map of India: photos, beaches, best hotels and supermarkets Asuma

Ashvem v Goa

Travelers who are looking for a piece of Paradise for a relaxing holiday, should start the search with Ashvem in Goa. This isolated beach in India is one of the most picturesque. Nothing disturbs the peace: there rarely appear beach vendors.

Ashvem on the map of India North Goa

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The exact location of Ashvem beach you can look at the interactive map of India, marked with all the important tourist sites.

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Ashvem is located in the North of Goa a state in India located on the South-East of the country. It is removed from the Dabolim international airport is 40 km away.

How to get there?

Russians can buy tickets for the flights: scheduled and Charter. For those who prefer to travel by train, it is possible to reach the resort from the Indian cities of Bangalore and Mumbai.

A taxi to Ashvem to come to rest from the neighbouring resorts of the Indian state.

kak doletet?

The Russians can fly into Goa on a Charter flight from November to April. Those who are traveling on their own, often buy tickets for regular flights. From Moscow to Goa you can fly on the aircraft of the airlines: Air India, and Russia.

Tickets can be found using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Most popular routes across the state from Asuma to other resorts:

  • Panaji. Take a taxi – it's still expensive. It would be cheaper if you choose public transport. To Panaji shuttles and Express trains, a trip on the last transport takes less time, it goes without interruption. The route has a length of about 36 km.
  • Morjim. The journey from one resort to the other takes about 6 minutes, the length of the route is just 2.8 km from the Morjim Beach located at the distance of 60 km from Dabolim international airport and from Panaji it is removed at 27 km. To the North it borders Ashwem beach. If you want you can go walking.
  • To reach Morjim, you can take a bus or taxi hire for this purpose, a bike or a car.

  • Anjuna. To Asuma to get to Anjuna, you will need to cover a distance of 19 km away all types of transport. The bus ride will not cost a lot and will not last long.

What you need to know about the resort - photo

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The rest will only bring positive emotions, when a tourist had pre-planned what he will do. If you know the features of the resort, you can make an informed choice where You want to relax.

General information

The ancient Sumerians first mention of Ashome in his annals of 2200 BC, Then the land of Goa was called , Gubio. Over time the area expanded. In Asome has developed a distinctive culture, in the architectural monuments show the influence of Hindu and Christian denominations.

The length of the beach to Ashvem has a length of only 3 km, its coastline is quite wide – about 100 m. the village Itself is small.

Near Ashvem beach is the Indian village, you can meet with a local flavor. The locals are very friendly, many tourists photographed with them, to preserve the memories of your stay in the exotic country.

The locals speak Hindi, but among them are common and those who know English.


The dry season is the tourist season, it falls onNovember-April, the rest of the time is the rainy season. The driest months are January and February, the rains fail, the rate of humidity is kept at around 62%, and at night even cool – temperature is about +18 degrees.


kurortnaya infrastruktura

Ashvem consists of one street, so basically everything on the move. Transport required if you plan to hike a long distance. Taxi or car is stopped on the main road nearby are also the bus stops are taxi drivers.

Ashvem is considered an ideal place for families with young children. Any store have milk with fruit, as in a cheap cafe baby to feed non-spicy food. Supermarkets are in the surrounding areas, but they are in the literal sense of the word at hand.

In Asome is, where to go for the nightlife. Popular bars sky bar and "Wheel" are at a distance of 200 m from each other. And next to them "Soup" - a place where you can dance. "Shanti Goa" - a new place for youth hangouts, in fact it is a branch of the Shanti club, which is located in Moscow. All decorated for Russian tourists, but the prices are too Metropolitan.

Budget cafe is Shanti Gossip Tree Bar & Restaurant and Beach Snack. They can try the traditional dishes of the local, for example:

  1. fish curry rice - spicy fish sauce that is served with rice with grilled tuna;
  2. Samos is a vegetable pie and deep-fried;
  3. the bebinka , rice pudding, complemented by ice cream.


One of the important issues to be resolved to the traveler where he was going to stop.

Best hotels

In Asume most expensive item of expenditure is the cost of housing. Bungalow on the sea coast is a popular option, which is preferred by many tourists.

luchshee zhile

If you want to stay in the Guesthouse or a small hotel, it may be more expensive in the hot season the prices are truly astronomical for Goa.

Large companies of tourists are accommodated in houses or rented floors. But the real Portuguese house is expensive housing, especially if you can rent it completely.

Very popular among Russians, a boutique hotel , Papa Jolly's, for reviews it's best. Its territory is surrounded by greenery, a pool, a restaurant serving freshly prepared seafood.

A good choice is a three star hotel Mamagoa Resortis located just opposite the beach. Each room has a fan and a bathroom with a shower. In the hotel you can take a car hire, sun terrace, barbecue. If you want to look after a small child, features a nanny to care for children. Voucher for early booking will save you up to 40%.

To book your accommodation, you can use this search form. Fill in the details of the city's name, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


plyazhnaya zona

Ashvem beach, which attracts picturesque views, it is covered with Golden sand, on the coast grow palm trees. In this place there are no rocks, which are very characteristic of the rest of the beach areas of Goa.

The beach is quiet and peaceful in the evening there are no events, only to watch the beautiful sunset.

This is a public beach, there are no private possessions.

Sunbeds and deckchairs local beach cafes provide free of charge, if you make an order with them.

What to do and what to see?

In Asome the main attraction and leisure club, Banyan Tree Yoga, it visiting DJs twist the fiery music.

In the area of North Goa's many churches and cathedrals. From Alvema you can go to Old Goa, once the capital of South Asia. Many tourists visit Holy places to the eyes to see:

  • the relics of St. Francis Xavier;
  • the Cathedral of St. Catherine;
  • the temple of Shri mangesh;
  • the arch of the viceroys;
  • the gate of the Palace of Adil Shah.

Interesting tour – a trip to the waterfalls, tourists are offered to swim in the mountain river, take an elephant ride, watch an entertaining show with the monkeys.

Shopping enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit the North market Arpora. Here you can buy Souvenirs, clothes and fun. Visitors try culinary masterpieces from around the world.

See the overview of Ashvem beach in this video: