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India, Goa: what sea or the Indian ocean washes it, and is there sharks?

kakoe more ili okean v Goa?

One of the most popular resorts, which tend to many tourists from around the world, is Goa. But some tourists, the question arises: what sea or ocean in Goa?

This is a very important question, because it depends on geographical conditions the opportunity to swim in the reservoir, as, for example, the ocean can be dangerous (a large number of sharks, poisonous jellyfish) and sea designed for active water recreation.

Indian pools

indijskie vody

If you wondered what awaits you on the coast of the Goa (sea or ocean), get ready to have multiple answersthat contradict each other.

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In India ocean or sea?

From West India, bordering the Arabian sea, to the East is the Bay of Bengal, a small southern part of the Laccadive sea and Union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are washed by waters of the Andaman sea. All of these reservoirs in turn are part of the Indian ocean.

Which body of water washes the North and South Goa?

For many inexperienced tourists who decided to go to your vacation in Goa, always leaves open the question of what water laps onto the resort: sea or ocean.

The answer here is obvious: Goa is in Western India, respectively, bordering the Arabian sea.

chto omyvaet Severnyj i Uzhnyj shtat?

Considering that the Arabian sea is an open part of the Indian ocean, we can say that here you have the sea, and the ocean. In the oceanic part of the water expanses of Goa rarely seen sharks, their large clusters are found off the coast of Australia and Oceania.

Also sharks are very fond of reef area, so divers need to be careful when diving. In the Indian ocean meet brindle, gray and great white shark, the most dangerous resorts of these waters are the Bay Kosi Bay in South Africa, the Seychelles tourism Australia.

Holiday in Goa

It should be noted that a beach vacation is not the strongest side of Goa state.


The coast of North Goa and South is a little different. Perhaps, the only visible difference is the sand. In the southern part of the resort the sand is more white. Due to this, visually it seems that the beaches here are cleaner and the sea is transparent. In the Northern half of the resort from Sinquerim-Candolim to Anjuna sand is more yellow with a grayish tinge, large.

The further you move North, the more the beaches will become a dark shade of gray, because here the sand is of volcanic origin.

In General we can say that the fans of the pure "Paradise" of the beaches here will be in difficulty because Indian mentality is quite indifferent towards garbage, so clean and tidy here, it is possible to forget.

The sea water here seem to be muddy, because the Arabian sea is constantly agitated and mixed with sand and clay from the coast, so that fans can dive near the shore with a mask will have to abandon the idea. Many tourists speak adversely about the coast of the Northern part of the resort, as the bottom of the coastal waters here are strewn with sharp stones, which you can easily get hurt.

In addition, uneven bottom, filthy and unattractive sea beaches, here you may face, for example, cowsthat freely moves along the coast. So for those who like unusual vacation will be something to remember after the trip.


plyazh agonda

For those who can't decide on the beach, here are some of the most popular beaches both North and South Goa:

  • Agonda. Agonda can be called "wild" beach, because here you will not find any restaurants, no hotels, no spa-salons. It's just a strip of sand stretching for three kilometers along the sea. This place is perfect for those who do not like the hustle and bustle and prefer active rest solitude and the contemplation of noisy waves.

    Here you can renttent, beach chair, umbrella and give yourself a relaxing stay. A cafe or restaurant can be found further away from the beach, palm thickets, but there is a rarity.

  • The current here is quite strong, so for those who swim is not too good, better to choose another beach to relax.

  • Anjuna. This beach is designed for those who like active rest, loud music, entertainment and plenty of alcohol to choose from. In the 70-ies of the last century, this beach was crawling with hippies, so the parties here have a special atmosphere.

    In addition to live entertainment, near the beach Wednesday flea market where, it seems, can buy the whole world. Because of the constant "parties", on this beach accumulates a lot of garbagethat nobody is in a hurry to remove, so that it can damage normal beach holiday.

  • Arambol. One of the longest beaches in North Goa. It stretches as much as 17 kilometers along the sea and is considered to be a quite comfortable place for swimming. There are not very many people coast mixed: there are both sand and pebbles, in some lagoons are salt water and fresh, so everyone will find suitable conditions.

    Also near the beach there is a lakewhich many tourists are eager for health (supposedly the mud of the lake are therapeutic). Here there are parties, but they are less ambitious than Anjuna, arambol after all, the rest are different people, with different needs.

  • Calangute. This beach is the most popular in Goa. A huge number of tourists rush here every year. Especially crowded is from December to February, almost overcrowded. Due to this influx of tourists, the infrastructure is maximally developed. There are a huge number of hotels, restaurants and cafes, bars and clubs, so you will not get bored.
  • plyazhnaya territoriya Kalanguta

  • Benaulim. Another option for those who prefer peace and quiet. Most often, tourists come here from Europe who organize their holidays. The infrastructure here is quite developed, so comfortable and relaxing stay you will definitely be provided.
  • Colva. One of the representatives of South Goa, popular among Indians. Foreign tourists are rarely meet, which is quite strange, because the Colva beach is a beautiful wide beach which is literally designed for quiet comfort. Here you can get a good tan, plenty of napravilsya and then relax in one of the hotels (there are more than enough).
  • Palolem. Another representative of the southern part of the resort. It is very quiet in terms of excitement of the sea, the resort - there are virtually no waves. This resort will come to those who prefer an exotic vacation traditional.

    Infrastructure is poorly developed, hotels are rare, cafés and bars are almost impossible to find.

    Campers live in cabins. From the pros: this type of holiday is very romantic. Aside from the usual amenities in these huts there. Hence often take a group fishing enthusiasts will find something to do.

  • poberezhe Palolem

  • Cooking. This beach is very popular among serious hikers. Vacationers enough (not much and not enough), the beach itself is quite clean, quiet, with white sand.

    There's plenty of room for quiet sunbathing and swimming, for those who want to eat or drink, there are enough restaurants and bars as well as hotels to suit every taste. This place is ideal for tourists with average incomes who prefer measured rest.


Aside from beaches, Goa has a number of entertainments, among which you will be able to find something that is suitable for you, ensuring a truly memorable stay.

From water sports entertainment, which can be combined with a beach passive recreation provided:

  1. Diving is not the most popular form of entertainment in Goa, because the sea is quite dirty and makes it impossible to dive enough. There are a few bases where we want to go diving (e.g., Bogmolo), you'll find like-minded people and comfortable conditions for active leisure;
  2. Snorkeling is also popular in Goa, so if you decide to dive, it is better to do it near cliffs reaching far into the sea, or islets remote from the main resort;
  3. Boating is a popular form of entertainment among tourists. Different types of water transport provide a colourful tour of the seas resort, select your favorite, and forward;
  4. Surfing - professional lovers of the sport here, not too much, but those who are just starting their career will be just right;
  5. Small waves of the Arabiansea will try themselves in surfing even for beginners.

  6. Windsurfing - at the height of tourist season you can take a three-day course where you will learn the basics of this sport. The course will be conducted by the instructor;
  7. dosug

  8. Excursions to dolphins is one of the most unique entertainment in Goa. There were no dolphinariums, aviaries for these magical animals, they swim directly to shore. You can just watch them from the beaches in the southern part of the resort and can book a private tour where you will see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

In addition to water activities, there are land tours. For example, a popular excursion remains the elephant trekking. The elephants here are a few, but to find those who provides you with the opportunity to ride on this animal, it is easy. Sometimes you can even swim with elephants, if the tour route passes next to the waterfall and spice plantations.

For those who like to know different culture, there are courses of Indian dances, cooking class, and yoga.

Fans of extreme sports can purchase tickets for the corrida - spectacle, which take place spontaneously, without any arenas or training.

A little bit about the seasonality

In addition to the recreational facilities, you need to select and rest. High or low season, a large or small number of tourists, high or low prices - all this is very important when planning holidays.

High season in Goa begins around December and ends in February. In December the motley crowd is striving in Indiato get a unique Golden tan and swim in the sea.

Water temperatures during high season is a little different from other time in Goa, it ranges from +26 to +29 degrees. Swimming in Goa all year round, so you don't have to choose travel peak. The temperature year round is held in the area from 29°C to 31°C.

Silence covers Goa in may, this month of parties subside, the hotels are empty, restaurants and cafes are closed. May days bring in the Indian state of stifling heat, the heat and the rainy season.

The water in the sea warms up to +30 degrees, with constant worries and this temperature it is impossible to swim. The only advantage of staying in low season, perhaps, will be the price.

The Arabian sea in Goa - in the following video: