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India on the world map in Russian: where is the difference in time

Indiya na karte mira

India attracts travelers from around the world. And this is for good reason. This country is not only full of a huge number of resorts with high level of service, it is full and historic sites. Let's find out where is located India on the world map.

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strana na mirovom atlase

It's time to get acquainted with the geographical position of India, and each for himself decide how far from us is a heavenly place.

India is a country rich in culture and history, Buddhism was born here.

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On which the mainland and the Peninsula is the country?

The country is shaped like a diamond, is located on the mainland Eurasia, to be precise - in South Asia. The Peninsula on which India is called Hindustan. This is one of the great peninsulas of the Earth.

India lies entirely in the southern hemisphere of the planet. If you consider the location of India on conventional lines, the equator passes through from the bottom without hurting the country's borders. The state is located to the East of the zero Meridian, which also passes by the state.

Where are the boundaries?

s kem granichit?

In the South-West borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan in the South-East – with China, Nepal and Myanmar government. Fully washed by the Indian ocean, the coast opens out to the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal.

From North to South the country stretches for 3200 km, from East to West – 2930 km. the Whole area, including Islands such as the Andaman, Nicobar and Laccadive, - 3 287 590 sq. km.

The state system

India is a parliamentary Republic, whose head is the President exercising his duties for 5 years.

Administrative division

In 1947 there was a division of British colony in India and Pakistan, then the country became independent. According to the Constitution, it was divided into 29 States, which in turn were divided by categories that were formed according to the forms of control: A, b, and C. But in 1956 there have been changes in the structure of the country, dividing States into groups eliminated, but their number has remained till now.

As we now know, India is divided into 29 States and 7 Union territories, including national capital territory of Delhi.

administrativnye shtaty

Each state has its own legislative and Executive power, manages the Governor. All controls shall be elected for a period of 5 years. Each state also has its own Parliament, which deals with issues relating to life only within a state. Problems of foreign policy, trade and defense deals with the Central government.

Union territories do not have their own governments, they are in the hands of the same Central government of India.

Major cities

  • Delhi. The conversation about cities starts traditionally from the capital. The capital of India – new Delhi and NCR. He began it in 1911 before the status of the capital wore the city of Calcutta.

    This city is not only the largest in India, but also in the world, and its history starts 5000 years ago. In ancient times, it has become the center of trade, thanks to its geographical position in the North of the country on the banks of the river Yamuna, there were major trade routes.

    Now the city is very developed, but retains the ancient part of Old Delhi, which creates a contrast with New Delhi, where all vibrant as ever. Beckons this city to yourselfsites which have survived here since ancient times. People come here to see the largest mosque of India, the Jami Masjid, the tower of Qutb Minar and Lakshmi Narayana temple.

  • Jaipur. This city is the capital of Rajasthan state which is largest in India. The city was founded in 1727 and constructed of pink marble, so today he is called the "pink city".

    In addition, Jaipur is a place of artisans and jewellery capital of India. Walking through the shopping arcades of the city, you can buy not only clothes, carpets and Souvenirs are handmade, but also the extraordinary beauty of jewelry made of precious stones.

    Sightseeing will take clearly more than one day. Here it is worth to visit the Palace complex of amber, the highest city tower Sarga-Suli, the Palace of Winds and Amber Fort.

  • Mumbai. Industrial center of the country, which is located in the state of Maharashtra. Coming here, you can see that much is left of the English colonies, all buildings built in the style of English Neoclassicism and Gothic revival, as well as a lot of buildings in European and American spirit. Along the shores of the town are the piers, docks, warehouses, and the center is filled with residential neighborhoods.

    krupnyj gorod Mumbaj

    The city Mumbai is also considered the center of the film industry, where movies are mostly in Hindi, with a rousing dance scenes and songs.

    The main placesthat you must visit:

    1. mosque Haji Ali;
    2. art gallery Jehangir;
    3. market Chor Bazaar.

    It used to be that all goods sold at Chor Bazaar, stolen, but now it's just a place where you can buy anything.

  • Bangalore. The capital of Karnataka is one of the most famous cities of India. In 1906 were built the first hydroelectric power plant, the city became the first in which there was a electricity. And today there is a concentrated manufacturing center electronics.

    The city is loved by tourists for its architecture, monuments, and numerous parks. Go here not to lose sight of the great temple of the world – the Bull Temple, Botanical gardens of Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park. Another interesting place is the village dance Nrityagram in which they live only women.

How to get there?

After all the interesting information given above, few people have doubts about travelling to India for a week or two.

Time zone

It's time to learn about time zone in this country. Now we need to remember that we are freed from the time in winter and summer, but India has no need to consider.

As for the time difference with Moscow, it is +1 hour and 30 minutes. That is, when in the Russian capital clock struck 13:00, in India for 14:30.

When in India 14:30, in Chelyabinsk – 14:00 (a difference of 30 minutes), in Vladivostok – 9:00 PM (-5 hours and 30 minutes), and in Kaliningrad – 17:00 (+2 hours 30 minutes).

How long is the flight from Moscow?

skolko chasov letet iz stolicy Rossii?

And now you finally decided to go to India. How long to fly from Moscow? The answer to the question depends on many factors: aircraft type, speed and direction of wind, as well, since India is huge, in which city you are going.

The shortest way from Moscow to new Delhi, direct it will take 6 hours and 50 minutes.

The long road in Dabolim, in Goa, will take 10 to 20 hours, depending on the cities in which there will be a change.

The road from St. Petersburg

Residents of St. Petersburg are less fortunate. The fact that the direct flights don't exist, will have to change. Someone unlucky enough that the flight takes two days.

Plane tickets can be purchased using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date of departure and the number of passengers.

Despite some difficulties with the flight, to find yourself in such a wonderful country, still is, to enjoy culture and history, to bring back home traditional Souvenirs as well as photos with beautiful beaches.

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