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Goa on the map of India: photography, shopping, sightseeing of the capital Panaji

Panadzhi v Goa

Despite the fact that Panaji is the capital of the Indian state of Goa, in terms of population it is only in this third city. The first mention of the settlement refers to the year 1107. Visited Panaji in Goa, tourists talk about the city as about the mix of different faiths and cultures.

Panaji on the map of India and Goa

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Panaji is a city with a long history. During colonial rule it was the administrative center of Portuguese India.

In the state of India along with the Goa state the city Panjim joined in 1961.

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Look for Panaji on the map of India is necessary on the Arabian sea in the place of the confluence of the river Mandovi. The city is built on its left Bank. The state capital is one of the important ports of India on the West of the country. Near Panaji, is Goa Velha or Old Goa.

The geographical coordinates of the city:

  • 15°29.7444' North latitude;
  • 73°49.5744' East longitude.

How to get there?

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Distance of flights from Moscow in Panaji is 5429 km. The journey time is 7 hours and 22 minutes. Closest to Panjim Dabolim airport is in the suburb of Vasco da Gama. The distance from the state capital 35 km.

To reach Panaji from the airport by taxi or public bus.

In the East of the city railway station is Karmali. Despite the fact that Panaji is the capital of the state of Goa, in the train station stop all trains. The Central railway junction of the state of Madgaon is located 35 km from Panaji.

Of the closest cities to Panaji, most often reached by taxi or bus. Roads of Goa state are in rather good condition. Distance road route from Panaji:

  1. up to Candolim : 10 km;
  2. to Morjim — 28,2 km.

For trips around the state in Panaji, you can rent a car, motorbike or moped. One of the closest to Panaji resorts that are popular with foreign tourists popularity, Calangute, is the capital of the state at a distance of 12 km Between two cities and there is a bus message. Taxi from Panaji to Calangute can be reached in 10-15 minutes.

Photos and description of the resort

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Coming in Panaji tourists can communicate in the city in English and Portuguese. To pay in the city is Indian rupees and U.S. dollars.

General information

The population of the metro area is slightly more than 100 thousand people. It is a small town with houses covered with red tiles. The old quarter of the capital , Fontaines. The city's area is 36 sq. km. It has a European layout. The city has wide avenues and cobblestone streets.

The history of the city is closely connected with Viceroy Manuel Portuguese. During his reign, Panaji became the capital of Goa.

Such an event in the city's history happened to him three times. Last time this happened was in 1987.


The city is in the zone of tropical monsoon climate. Characterized by hot summers and moderately warm winters. High season in Goa is in March, April and may. The average temperature in this period is held at the resort day at +32°C. In December and February, the thermometer drops in the afternoon to +20-28°C.

The monsoon season in the resort lasts from July to September. This is the worst period of rest on the coast. At this time, in Goa receives the greatest rainfall. The best rest period in Panaji lasts from October to March. After prior to this period of the rainy season in the resort permanently established warm dry weather.



Hotels in Panaji: foreign tourists do not feel the resort problems with telephone and Internet. The city has an international cellular service providers and the urban operator is mail. Available Internet is available in many city cafes.

Public transport in the capital of Goa state is provided by buses, taxis and rickshaws.

The biggest market of the city is located in the Western part. He is a two-storey building. The number and variety of goods capital market can be compared to the famous Bazaar in Mapusa. On the ground floor, Panjim market you can buy fish caught from the local river. Here you can buy fruits, vegetables and the famous Indian tea.

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The prices of goods in the markets of Goa by night is much lower than during the day. Many tourists knowing about it, travel from Panaji for shopping :

  • Anjuna;
  • Arpora;
  • Bug.

These resorts are convenience stores and markets. From Panaji go special buses to the market and shopping of Calangute. The prices of goods in the shopping area of Panaji international brands are cheaper than in the resorts of Goa, but in the same Calangute, a broader choice of products of Tibetan masters.

The peculiarity of the local market are fire shows and concerts, which are held periodically on it. It helps merchants to attract attention to the market of foreign tourists. Located in the small café where you can try local cuisine.

The Panjim market is not the only place of brisk trade. The city has a large number of stores. Items of clothing, jewellery and much more can be bought in stores:

  1. Fabindia;
  2. Bombay Stores;
  3. Fusion Access.

There in the city and the shops of famous international brands. The best cafes and restaurants located on the waterfront of the city. It has a very European look.



Panaji is an excellent choice for a family holiday. A quiet town has an attractive appearance and beautiful beaches.


At the resort you can find housing that meets the different financial possibilities. Service most hotels is 2 and 3 stars.

The rooms of the hotels of this level have fans in more comfortable hotels rooms are air-conditioned.

Among the most popular with foreign tourists hotels in the city:

  • Vivanta by Taj Panaji 5*. Modern hotel located in the city centre. From the hotel Windows offer a panoramic view of the river Mandovi. The hotel has a rooftop pool, a Spa and free Parking;
  • The Crown Goa 4*. The hotel is located 20 km from the train/railway station "Thivim", 1 km from the bus stop "Panjim" and 33 km from Dabolim airport. Nearby is a water sports centre Goa.

The city has the opportunity to rent a Bungalow on the coast. Book holiday accommodation in high season in advance is better.

Booking hotel rooms can be made using this form of search. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.


plyazh Miramar

The resort Panaji located sandy beaches with well developed infrastructure. Each of the beaches has its own history, which can be obtained from any local resident.

Among the best beaches:

  1. the beach of Vainguinim. Surrounded by fruit orchards. The first beach began to use the Jesuits in the 16th century. Close to the beach is a luxury hotel Cidade de Goa;
  2. the beach of Miramar. Most popular. The coastline of the beach is covered with silver sand.
  3. the beach of Dona Paula. Dangerous for divers place.

All beaches have cafes and bars. Tourists are offered various water activities.

Entertainment and attractions

The main entertainment in the resort — beach vacation. For gamblers there is a casino on the ships. The city has many cafes, restaurants and bars, night clubs and a cinema.

In Panaji and the surrounding area a large number of attractionsthat are worth a look. Book a tour at any travel Agency in town.

One of the most popular activities at the resort — shore fishing.

Among the most famous local attractions are the Mahalaxmi temple. A small building erected in honor of the Indian Goddess of power. Interest to tourists is the architectural appearance of the building. Above the red-tiled roofthe temple rises the spire. On the sides of the building are iconic sculptures of monkeys. The building was erected on the site of the sanctuary in the early 19th century.

In almost all the sightseeing tours included visits to:

  • The Island Of Chorao. It is a bird sanctuary. To get to the island is by free ferry from Ribandar or Old Goa. The island is of interest for tourists of construction - Church of the Immaculate Conception and architectural complex Largo da Igreja.
  • Hindu temple of Maruti. The building is painted in orange color, has multiple tiers. Temple is located on the East side of the hill Altino.
  • Hindu temple of Lakshmi. The most crowded place in the city. Every day in the temple are going to people in need of assistance. They come here for the food handed out at the temple for free.

The city has museums and art gallerieswhere you can see works by local artists.

Watch video about the capital of Goa - Panjim: