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Map of India North Goa: photos, hotels, beachfront, things to see in Arambol?

plyazh Arambol v Goa

In Goa Arambol beach one of the most famous in India, on the North coast. Here often tourists come from all over the world, attracted to the low prices for housing and food.

The best place for a budget stay hard and desire. The time spent in Arambol will be quiet and serene, for this purpose there are all conditions: a warm sea, cozy cafes and the distance from the noisy tourist places.

The property on a detailed map of India North Goa

naselennyj punkt na indijskom atlase

With the capital Panaji Arambol parts 38 km, the Dabolim airport is 60 km away.

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If you look at the map of Goa, in the Northern part you will see a small stretch of coast with several beaches - this is the famous Arambol. In the southern part it is bordered by the Mandrem beach, North beach Kerim, but as the last tourists are rare, the title of the most Northern beach of India went to Arambol.

How to get there?

Distance from Sochi airport to overcome in about 1.5 hours. While direct bus services are not provided, so that it can be reached only with transfers. Version of this trip: airport Dabolim – Vasco da Gama (10 minute drive) – Panjim (30 minutes) – Mapusa (20 minutes) – Arambol (60 minutes).

If you are lucky, you can get on a direct flight Panaji Arambol, which slightly reduces the time.

The advantage is on the bus just in the budget price and the ability to see "the real India". But choosing this option, keep in mind that transport is only from morning to evening, later at night go will not work. Besides, the bus will be a lot of locals with bags and trunks that may add discomfort on a trip.

kak doehat?

If you want to save time, use a taxi – even though it is more expensive, but one of the most popular and convenient for tourists.

The cost of the trip should be discussed with the taxi driver in advance, you can negotiate a cheaper trip.

Photos and description of the resort

Arambol is a former fishing village, famous for its beautiful beaches and serene lifestyle where still sleeping in the daytime and don't forget about Siesta.


At this resort there are a lot of Russian, and the local population has it, which greatly simplifies the language barrier. For vacationers stay in Arambol has become available after the construction of the famous Smolenskogo bridge over the river Chapora in 2002, since then for 10 years a former quiet fishing village was transformed in the eyes.

A certain charm to this corner of the earth adds that previously, he was the center of the hippie movement and still retain their isolation from the rest of the world.

Local currency - Indian rupees. To exchange it is better to bring U.S. dollars.


meteorologicheskij prognoz

The warm tourist season lasts from November to March is a comfortable temperature, pleasant climate. Then begins the season of rains and the influx of tourists is sharply reduced. The temperature peak is in February-March on average 35-36°C. the Maximum precipitation falls in July.


ATMs in the village only two - the first 150 km from the beach in Kerim North, the second near a bus stop. Exchangers a little more, with the monetary operations problems should arise.

In exchange offices around the hotel to overstate the rate is not made so much difference where to exchange currency, no.

Of transport tourists are often advisedrent a bike, riding it requires certain skills, but it allows you to seamlessly move around the resort. At distances greater than 30 km it is better to go by bus – they are local (moving between villages and regional centers) and tourist, equipped with air conditioning, but only of the regional centers (the closest to the Arambol Mapusa).

About the taxi, it was already mentioned in the beginning of the article - it's convenient, but not very profitable in terms of money. If you want, you can rent and the car, but keep in mind that the movement of the left and roads are narrow and often without shoulders.

Cafes and restaurants located along the beach and the main street. Most of them are tasty and varied cooking, the prices are reasonable, menu is in English. Day in front of the cafe usually put a dozen chairs with awnings, they are free, and most importantly, to order something from the kitchen.

Meat on the menu, mainly chicken and lamb, lots of seafood, which is cooked on coals in front of you. Worth a try baked scones with:

  • cheese;
  • garlic;
  • oil.

Of cooling drinks deserve attention tea with ginger, honey and lemon, and freshly squeezed juices.

In small shops-the supermarkets you can buy food and cook something at home, prices are low and fixed. Fruits are sold in open roadside stalls. In the evening around the beach, lay out their catch, the fishermen can go to fish market - fresh ingredients just maximum.

Clothing stores, as well as other infrastructure located along the main street of Arambol, they can and should haggleif you see something you like.



In Arambol poorly developed tourist trade, and the prices are quite low. However, discerning connoisseurs and shopping here can seem boring - just one street. As gifts can take a variety of Souvenirs, hand made, accessories, beach jewelry, Indian clothing, local spices.

Popular item here are the hammocks - they are many and each as a work of art.

The most unusual things you can find at the night market - where the clothes, jewelry, and food.

The tourism industry

In Arambol easy to find accommodation and entertainment on their needs and capabilities.

Housing and the best hotels

gde ostanovitsya?

Can be removed and a simple room with minimal amenities and luxury house near the coast. Each of the proposed variants will differ not only in cost, but also the rhythm of life, the main thing initially to understand what you want from a holiday.

It is also worth to note that price depends on length of stay, the longer the rental period you choose, the cheaper it will cost you housing.

There are several types of housing on the North coast:

  1. Bungalow is a pretty cheap option with a romantic atmosphere;
  2. housing in the area rocks on the North beach – gorgeous views, bustling pace of life and high prices;
  3. housing in the main street area – a large concentration of entertainment and local residents;
  4. accommodation around Hindu temple is a quiet and cheap area for tourists traveling independently good economy option.

As for hotels, they do not differ in a big way, in this direction the resort while developing. From expensive and comfortable hotels on the 1st line with a swimming pool, you can allocate "Mawi Infinitty Villa", "La Cayden''s Guest House", "Teracol Resort" and "Riva Beach Resort".

To book a room in any hotel, you can use this handy search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


The main Arambol beach is famous for gently sloping entrance to the Arabian sea and fine sand, waves rare, near rocks, sometimes there are stones.

plyazhnyj otdyh

A feature of the village is its constant beach life:

  • at dawn for a catch off fishermen;
  • in the afternoon , hang out and tourists;
  • in the evening the locals come to spend the sun;
  • all night noise of the music and lit the fire.

If you walk to Mandrem, you will stumble upon a small, secluded beachesthat attract so many tourists fleeing from the noise of modern cities.

In the opposite, North side, near the rocks of the cliff, is a picturesque beachKalach, and with him a favorite Indian freshwater lake Sweet lake. If you keep walking ahead, then after 40 minutes you can go to the beach for Kerim. Many love for pine beach and secluded privacy.


What to do in the village with one main street? This question torments many tourists who decided to spend their vacation here. I hasten to dispel fears in Arambol you will not be bored. The most common distraction is the practice of yoga. Sometimes walking along the beach, you can get a free invitation to the semi-legal practice. The main thing is to approach this issue seriously and carefully to choose a place and activities for self-development.

Constantly runs a lot of street performances - democratic atmosphere, relaxed crowd, outdoor air.

To describe all the events is difficult - you need to see and feel, but that such events could not be better reflect the nature of India.

Sunset is an event that is given great importance. Hundreds of people gather on the beach, playing drums, singing and dancing. The first time such a sight can be confusing, but the next day you will still have to watch it again. Rhythmic sounds of music, positive and contact improvisation literally fascinate, give a good mood and boost of energy!

At desire it is possible to conduct a photo shoot in beautiful places - it is inexpensive, and the memory will stay with you for a long time.

Attractions: what to see?

dostoprimechatelnye plantacii

As such attractions in Arambol there, but a couple of places to visit still stands. One of them is an evening flea market, self-organizing on the beach about an hour before sunset. In a sense, it's not even a trade, but a way of expression, they sell everything from handmade jewelry to freshly cooked pies.

The second attraction of the Arambol – Baba under the Banyan tree, the origin of which there are many legends, someone praises him to the rank of saints, someone says he is an ordinary charlatan. But to see this place interesting, especially considering the stories of the guides that the members of the Beatles this place had smoked marijuana and wrote his famous songs.

Standard tormarton may be advisable to visit the spice plantationswhere you can not only see, but also buy any spices, go to the waterfalls or elephant riding. Travel safer to book with tour operators, even though it's more expensive cost.

Wintering in Goa

Wintering in Arambol perfect solution for freelancers and creative people. At this time of the year in India, quietly, but still warm and very beautiful. Housing early in the season (end of October) can be removed at the lowest prices, and products, fruits and vegetables generally cost nothing by our standards.

Buy clothes with the beginning of winter is not costly, so that many did not initially carry it with you. The only thing you should spend on insurance, medical treatment in India expensive, and from colds or the bite of the Medusa no one is immune. And the rest is the harmony, the serenity of local residents and always in a good mood.

Arambol is an amazing resort, where one can still walk fairly old hippie, at night there's a drum, and the spirit of liberty permeated every millimeter of air.

Come here to re - find yourself and find inner harmony. And despite the relatively simple conditions in the surroundings, tourists from around the world return to this serene area year after year, each time discovering it for themselves again.

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