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Mandrem on the map of India North Goa: photos, videos, hotels, beaches, weather

plyazh Mandrem v Goa

The smallest of the Indian States, Goa is ahead of the other, the larger number of people come here annually to foreign tourists. The Russians, for example, more often choose for themselves the Mandrem beach in Goa, lapped by the warm waters of the Arabian sea.

Mandrem on the map of India North Goa

kurort na karte shtata

On the map of India Goa, who has established a reputation as a tourist Paradise, it is necessary to look on the West coast, and Mandrem in the North part of this state.

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Mandrem – the name of a small village and the famous beach which is located about three kilometres from the centre of the village. Mandrem beach is adjacent to Asimom on the one hand and the Arambol on the other, divides these beaches are long, sandy spit.

On some maps this area is marked and the Dunas beach, but in fact it has long been considered a continuation of the Mandrem beach.

How Mandrem removed from civilization? Judge for yourself: to the state capital Panjim is 34 km, the Dabolim airport is 56 km away, Pernem, the nearest city with rail connections, is 20 km away.


rajony poseleniya

Settlement is conventionally divided into Upper and Lower Mandrem. If we talk about tourist's preferences, the Top area is chosen by those who wish to retire, to relax from the hustle and bustle. In this part of the village there are villas, schools, small shops.

Tourists can rent houses with gardens, that are so isolated from the outside world, that in them the feeling of security monkeys and parrots.

At the Bottom Mandrem – pronounced resort orientation. It is from here that originate the roads leading to the beach. In this area are:

  • the hotels (including hotel and Spa with multiple swimming pools);
  • guest complexes;
  • restaurants;
  • supermarkets;
  • markets;
  • medical institutions;
  • banks;
  • the equestrian club.

How to get there?

Russian tourists come to Goa by plane. Closest to the Candolim airports:

  1. Dabolim (Vasco da Gama);
  2. Sambre;
  3. Hubli.

Among tourists the most popular one. Landed in Dabolim to reach Candolim by taxi (there are official and private) or by bus (here they are called "LOCALBASE"). Official taxis are available literally at the airport. With traders usually agree for a lower price, they were watching potential customers at the exit of the airport.

kak dobratsya na taksi?

Seasoned travelers recommend for beginners (especially those who came on holiday with the children) to opt for a taxi, although this will cost more. And here's why. The journey by bus would require the passengers travelling to Mandrem, several direct connections from Dabolim airport you will need to get to the bus station, Vasco-da-Gama, there switch to LOCALBASE traveling to Panaji, and there only will be a direct flight to Mandrem.

You can, however, choose the busdeparting to Sochi, and from there to Mapusa, and ask the driver to drop you off in the district Mandrem.

The distance from the stop to your beach is half a kilometer, and can be reached on foot if you are not too loaded with Luggage.

By the way, during your holiday in Mandrem, you'll want to visit Arambol. The total length of the two beaches, smoothly passing from one to another, is 4.5 km. From the center of one to the centerthe other is only 2 km which is quite suitable for walking.

Information about resort photos

Despite the fact that Mandrem is long known to tourists from around the world the resort area of North Goa, there is calm, there is the hustle and bustle of what distinguishes neighbouring Arambol and Morjim.

General data

Europeans began to explore Goa in the early sixteenth century are still in these places, including in the area of Candolim, preserved temples – the monuments of medieval European architecture.

Mandrem has long remained a rather desolate area. Over time, there is a beach and fishing village, as caught fish and seafood began to open markets.

Today Mandrem is a sandy coastal strip with a length of 2 km and a width of several hundred meters. A small river divided part of the area on small Islands, creating an unusual, picturesque scenery, the likes of which North Goa is no more. Unique is also the fact that the beach is washed at the same time sea salt and fresh river water.


Native to most local residents, the Indians, is a Konkani language, some of them speak Marathi, many in Portuguese (the colonial legacy), and almost all speak English. He (along with Hindi) is India's national language, but in the resort area without it simply not to manage.

There are in Mandrem and a small Russian Diaspora, for which our language is native. And since in the last 20 years here was to bring more tourists from Russia, in the resort there were signs in Russian, the corresponding menu in the restaurants, and the locals have mastered a set of communication phrases.

Weather conditions

From October to may in Mandrem – winter. A comfortable season, with average daytime temperatures of 20-30 degrees and almost no rain. An increase in temperature normally begins in March, the thermometer rises to 35-37 degrees.

High temperatures mean the arrival of summer, rainy season, its time – from June to September.


For tourists, of course, interesting the dry season. Most comfortable in Mandrem is the period from mid-November to mid-February, when there is no sweltering heat.

In defense of the rainy season, I must say that rains down on Mandrem mostly at night. But even if the weather is clear, the sea is often choppy, so swimming is unsafe. Still enjoy the nature that flourishes as never before – jungle striking bright colors, the waterfalls and their power.


Here it is good for adults and kids – clean sand, no underwater stones. You can choose the accommodation of economy class or a room in a nice hotel. In Mandrem rush those who need privacy and quiet, but if you want entertainment, restaurants and bars, local attractions and shopping centres – not far away.

One of the first questions tourists are there on Mandrem ATMs. Yes, there is. However, to use them, almost always have to queue a little.

But the exchange at this resort is not, and therefore, on the exchange of currency is necessary to take care beforehand.

"Food service" are well represented by restaurants and cafes: Sunset, Bed Rock Bar, Dunes cafe (located almost on the beach), Cafe Junas 9. In the last menu, for example, different types of Breakfast (Indian, English, American), hot meals on European recipes, omelets, cereals, soups, pancakes, salads, fresh juices (even the original such as cane).

Sometimes tourists ask to cook for them, bought on the market seafood. No problem! You pay only for cooking.

In General, many tourists, shooting in Mandrem accommodation, cook for yourself, by purchasing the products on the market (for a very reasonable price) and supermarkets:

  • Calisto;
  • Pastry shop;
  • Mandrem Fish Market.

gorodskaya struktura

At the resort and in the nearby towns you can buy in shops and boutiques:

  1. bamboo Souvenirs;
  2. bedspreads;
  3. saree;
  4. jewelry;
  5. pieces of copper.

Those who care about the health of the body and the spirit, it is recommended to visit massage (traditional and Ayurvedic), yoga centers.

As for transport, when necessary, of course, you can get a car rental, but experienced travelers convinced of the inexpediency of such a step, because behavior on the road, local drivers are unpredictable.


Can't be too careful even in a quiet resort, Mandrem. That's what we should fear:

  • dogs– a lot of them on the beaches, dangerous they become, together in a flock;
  • water snakes – they are poisonous, are sometimes found in the Arabian sea;
  • stingrays – live in coastal zones;
  • strong currents – they are called discontinuous, denoted by signs, to swim in such places is extremely dangerous;
  • falling coconuts – may hurt;
  • insect bites cause rash on the skin;
  • transport (bikes) – Indian drivers drive on the streets, not observing the rules.

There is also a danger, typical to all southern resorts: the sun (not to suffer from the hot rays, it is better to sunbathe from 8 to 10 and 16 to 18 hours) and the difficulty of acclimatization (in India it often falls on the 4th day, causes fever, diarrhea).



Visited in Mandrem tourists leave the Internet for such reviews: "it's great to come here to spend a few days alone with amazing nature and himself." But, you see, even such a holiday requires a certain comfort, starting with a roof over your head.


The cost of housing depends on a huge number of factors. In winter (peak season) it is twice the average for the resort price. Traditionally, the location makes a difference: the closer to the sea, the housing expensive. However, in Mandrem exceptions to this rule enough. For example, a house in the Upper district will cost a fabulously expensive, and a simple Bungalow "in the blue sea" will be able to remove much cheaper.

What hotels this resort is worth paying attention to:

  1. Sol Beso;
  2. Banyan Tree Yoga Goa;
  3. Ashiyana Yoga Resort.

Seasoned travelers advise those who come to India for a long time, do not be tempted by the first offer and stay in any Guesthouse and to look after their own accommodation for the term ahead. Do it better in person (they require payment).

If the apartment is like – not to enjoy violently, and then you immediately raise the price.

To choose the appropriate option, guests can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


plyazhnyj pejzazh

The beaches of Candolim considered isolated from the outside world, thanks to tracks around its rivers. For tourists, these water hazards do not create problems is through the river is spanned by beautiful bridges.

The sand on local beaches as in other places in Goa, dark yellow. Access to the sea smooth, no rocks or stones on the bottom. The beach is open to tourists round the clock. Along the beach are small, natural origin pools with sea water – the perfect place for children (shallow water is always well warmed up).

On the beach there are bars, cafes, entertainment.

Vegetation, especially trees, here are a few. And from representatives of tropical fauna you can see white-bellied sea eagle and olive turtle.

What to do?

In Mandrem, you can engage in water sports (e.g. surfing). Those who are interested in diving, to help with equipment and provide instructor.

Clubs and night life here is not very popular. But if you want entertainment of this kind, you can go to the neighboring resorts, which are close at hand.

Do not pass up the excursion: even when you see such Exotica as a huge mandressi Bunyan?! Also tour groups can be arranged on other places of the country.

And from the Mandrem trips to the beaches of Vagator, Candolim, Baga and other, different picturesque places, cultural events (in Vagator, for example, you can see an amazing fire show), a different selection of Souvenirs and unusual services (in the village of titos tourists will make a memorable tattoo and the ear cleaner clean ears).

In Candolim you can ride a water bike, to climb into the sky on a paraglider, boat fishing, and two beaches to become a member of the musical party.


interesnye mesta

Around Calangute you can visit beautiful temples:

  • Mhalasa Devi Temple;
  • Ravalnath Temple;
  • The Ganesh Temple.

In the mouths of the local rivers preserved historic FORTS - a legacy of the colonial eras.

120 km from Mandrem is located in the country's largest (its height is more than 300 m) waterfall Dudhsagar. Tourists get there on your own or join the guided tours, which are held regularly.

In addition, close to Candolim is kinda a spice plantation, where you can stock up on original, useful gifts for family and friends in Russia.


Morjim or Mandrem: which is better?

These two beaches many tourist ratings are almost level. Which is better, hard to say: one traveler will like a cozy, quiet Mandrem, the other more "advanced", with a developed entertainment industry, lots of hotels (from one to five stars) Morjim. This difference affects prices – they are higher in Morjim.

As for the Russian-speaking audience, it is today more in Baga than Calangute.

Watch this video on how to get to the resort, and on holiday in Mandrem: