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North Goa on the map of India: photos, weather, hotels, beaches, clubs of Calangute

plyazh Kalangut v Goa

Calangute beach in Goa — the dream of tourists from many countries. White sand, palm trees and the lapping shore of the Indian ocean — all that is needed in order to organize a dream vacation.

Every year in the Indian town with a population of slightly more than 15 thousand people come a huge number of tourists to celebrate the New year and Christmas. It was at this period the resort is the peak of the high season.

The city on the map of India and Goa in Russian language

kurort na russkoyazychnoj karte

Calangute is one of the most ecologically clean areas of India. Most tourists traveling independently once in the country want to get to the resort.

Geographical coordinates Calangute: 15°32'38" North, 73°45'19" East longitude.

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Search Calangute on the map of India you need in the heart of Goa. The city is located on the coast of the Arabian sea. He has a very good location. Almost 10 km of sandy beaches are a stretch of coastline from Sinquerim to Bugs.

Coming to the city Calangute — Mapusa and the capital of Goa - Panaji. Distance from Calangute to Mapusa 10 km to Panjim is 15 km away.

How to get there?

sposoby doehat

Goa has a well developed network of roadsthat are in good condition. To get around the state by car, taxi or bus. Latest Calangute connect with other parts of the state. The most convenient form of transport in the resorts of Goa are considered scooters and motorcycles.

In remote areas of the state to get on the bus have a transplant. Change 3 buses have getting from Calangute to the airport.

Closest to the Calangute air Harbor is Dabolim at a distance of 40 km from the resort.

This airport receives flights from Russia. The most convenient way to travel from it to Calangute by taxi. To save on the trip can be booked a public transport from the cab stand at the exit of the terminal. To choose a suitable for trip cost of a private carrier on a special Bulletin Board.

To reach Calangute by train from the station Thivim. Between the resorts and the capital of the state to travel by bus. Distance from Calangute to Morjim is 19 km away, Sochi - 24 km At the distance of 324 km from the town is popular with tourists, the city of Hampi, to get there from Goa on slipper-the bass bus with beds.

Information about resort photos

svedeniya o poselke

In the recent past, Calangute was the usual Indian fishing village with a modest population. Only occasionally in these places stopped by random tourists and local rich people.


The resort has the glory of the former capital of hippies. They were the first tourists in the 60-ies of the last century began to explore Goa. From those memorable times at the resort left the tradition of holding noisy parties and open-airs.

Until 1961 the state of Goa for many centuries was a Portuguese colony. Traces of this period are felt in the resort so far. In the city you can hear English and Spanish speech. Replaced on the coast of the Portuguese hippie in Calangute were attracted by the warm climate and the legalselling hashish.

The locals came in droves from nearby villages to take a look on the stoned naked hippies.

Gradually, the sandy beach began to receive bars with alcoholic beverages. Behind them in the village began to build campsites, then hotels, hotels, restaurants and cafes. In modern Calangute hard to find hippie.

Currently it sounds Goa-trance. This is one of the currents of psychedelic music that originated in Goa in the 90-ies.


High season at the resort lasts from November to March. This is the most comfortable time to travel to Goa. The greatest flow of tourists coming to Calangute in December-January. The average temperature on the coast during this period is held at +33°C. This is the driest time of the year at the resort.

At night, the temperature falls in January to +20-24°C. the water Temperature is in the winter months +30-32°C.

The period from April to October, as the resort of the rainy season. At this time, significantly increases the temperature and humidity, people are totally uncomfortable in such conditions. The hottest month in the resort in may. The temperature in this period is 2-3 degrees higher than in January.


pravila bezopasnosti

Traveling to Goa should be wary of theft. When you check into a hotel or a hotel you should use a safety Deposit box. Its provision is among additional services.

In the opinion of many tourists on holiday in Calangute you can find words that value could be lost in the resort, even from the closed safe. Chance to find the thief and return the stolen is close to zero. Stealing in Goa on the beaches, transport, shops, bars, restaurants, on the street.

During the trip to the resort must be vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis. Resting on the sea it is necessary to observe safety rules:

  • It is impossible to sail far from the shore due to strong tidal waves and powerful seasonal flow. When a problem occurs on the water to count on foreign assistance in the resort is not worth it;
  • Not relaxing on the beach to drink alcohol and drugsthat to buy on the resort is not too difficult;
  • It is impossible to swim with rocks and leave children without visual control;
  • When bathing in the sea it is necessary to observe special caution. In its waters there are poisonous fish, jellyfish, rays, eels, and other issues for human risk the denizens of the deep;
  • Received in Goa even a minor wound must be carefully treated. The consequences of their suppuration can prove fatal.

It is not recommended to drink the resort water from the tap. In many places it is infected with various bacteria and germs. It is better to buy drinking water in bottles.

Traveling by land, you need to carefully look at his feet and sides. The resort can meet poisonous insects and snakes. Here are so many stray dogs.

mery predostorozhnosti

Tourists are often interested in the question of whether to go to Calangute one woman. Certainly possible, but to ensure its security vacationers at the resort women must not to go out at night or to appear without an escort.

Despite the large list of possible dangers to which the traveller may meet at the resort, the overall atmosphere at the resort is not so tragic. Only a few out of thousands arriving in Calangute tourists meet with any danger. If all the rules stay at the resort will leave only pleasant impressions.


Most of the inhabitants of the state used for movement of public transport. Using his trips, buses or trains need to be careful. Many residents of the state have a skin disease.

To explore the resorts it is better to use taxi or rent a car, motorbike or moped.

Before renting a vehicle it is necessary to carefully inspect the technical condition. The resort has international companies, such as Hertz and Budget Rent-a-Car, Eurocar. Take public transport, rent is better in such companies. Rental of mopeds and motorcycles on the resort can be found in any area of Calangute.


The main attraction of Calangute beach. The city has a chain of restaurants and hotels, plenty of bars. The shops are mostly working at the resort from 10:00 until late at night. They can bargain with the sellers. The exception is the network of major supermarkets and Government Emporium shop that says "fixed prices".

The menu of local restaurants consists mainly of dishes of national cuisine. European food can be found in hotel restaurants. There are places in the city. Among them:

  1. Soumyen'Chef's Kitchen;
  2. A Reverie;
  3. Chocolatti.

kurortnaya baza

In these institutions there is a large number of dishes for vegetarians. Chefrestaurants can prepare different food for children, so the question is where to feed the child, should not occur.

All the beachfront is built up with huts-Sheki. This is a small eatery where you can enjoy excellent dishes of seafood and local fish species.

Near the beach of Calangute is the Tibetan market. Nearby you can find the best fish restaurants of the resort. The biggest freshest assortment of fish represented in the Central market of the city.

The most picturesque and attractive for tourists the market is located in Mapusa. Here you can buy cheap exotic fruit, local Souvenirs, jewelry, spices and much more. Very popular at the resort enjoy three night market in Arpora, Baga and small Vagator.

In Calangute you can find a large number of places where you can do massage according to Hindu and Tibetan methods. The town has health centers, Spa-salons, a well-developed network of pharmacies, for example, experienced travelers suggest the pharmacy and Patanjali Himalaya.


Most tourists bring back from a trip to the village of silver jewelry, which sell in the resort of Tibetans. You cannot leave Goa without buying local rum "Old monk". The drink is sold not only in glass but plastic containers. Conventional shopping in India — tea, spices and local fabrics.

Where to stay?


Place your accommodation in the resort is better to determine prior to the trip. Service hotels Calangute starts with 2*. This is a super economy class with a minimum of comfort. The highest price of accommodation in hotels, located on the first line. Here is the main part of the hotel 5 stars.

Best hotels of 5 and 4 stars, the first line

Novotel Goa Resort & Spa, Royal Mirage beach resort 5* is located in the coastal line, in 5 km from Calangute beach, 8 km from Baga and 50 km from the airport of Goa. At the hotel, the 121-room. All rooms are air-conditioned. The hotel has Wi-Fi, garden, Bicycle rental and Bicycle.

Aashyana Lakhanpal Villas and Casinhas 4* is located near the beach. The hotel has Wi-Fi, Spa, bar, restaurant. All rooms are air-conditioned.

The hotel staff speaks English.

The rating of 3* hotels and 2*

  • Village Royale 2*. The hotel offers: free Wi-Fi, Parking and pool.
  • A big plus is that each room of the hotel Village Royale features a fan or air conditioning.

  • Calangute Mahal 2*. Budget option Guesthouse. Near the beach.
  • Dona Terezinha 2*. The hotel has: swimming pool, rental scooters or bikes. In each room there are fans.
  • Kris Resort 3*. The rooms are equipped with safe, mini-bar, satellite TV. Each room has either a fan or air conditioning.

To find a room in the right hotel, you can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Stay in the village

The main direction of stay in Calangute, of course, beach tourism. For the sake of bathing in the Arabian sea and enjoy the warm rays of the sun tourists come here.


plyazhnaya liniya

From Bugs upstate to Candolim in the South stretches a sand spit, which is called the"Queen of beaches in Goa". Between these resorts and is located Calangute. Here you can find various water activities. Among them: surfing, diving and fishing from the shore.

The entire length of the beach is equipped with sun loungers. In order not to pay them enough to buy something in the near from the lounger bar.

Because of its purity, the local beach is much inferior to the Greek or the Turkish, but still in Calangute, the water is quite clean and the sand too. Go to the sea is knee-deep for local residents is considered to be heroism. In the sea they can expect a nasty encounter with a stinging jellyfish and poisonous fish.


Local inventors have come up for vacationers your list of entertainment. These include:

  1. courses of meditation and yoga;
  2. different types of massage;
  3. night clubs Mambo, "Tito's" and "Kamaki" with the eternal party.

One of the types of local activities is shopping. A variety of exotic Eastern goods and the opportunity to haggle with vendors give many tourists delight.

Tibetan and Kashmiri goods are exhibited in museums of many countries of the world. Of great interest is also called paintings by local artists.

The area of Calangute has many attractions that are of interest from holidaymakers.You can visit them as part of the tour. Lovers quests can visit in Calangute Mystery Rooms. Gambling tourists opened doors of Casino Palms.

Attractions: what to see nearby and where to go?

chto stoit uvidet i gde pobyvat?

Already at the entrance of tourists to the city meets the Catholic Church. Alex. Its age exceeds 400 years. The white walls of the temple stand out against a palm grove.

Among the attractionslocated in the vicinity of Calangute is worth to see:

  • Old Goa (Goa Velha). It is a monument to the era of Portuguese colonization. Here is the Catholic Church. Catherine. It was built in the 16th century and is the largest in Asia;
  • Built the Cathedral of St. Catherine to commemorate the victory over the Muslim occupation.

  • Fort Aguada. The building was erected by the Portuguese in the 17th century. Ensure the safety of the approach of the Marathas from the sea;
  • The Island Of Divar. A visit to the island is included in many excursions. Located on the river Mandovi. The journey to it is conducted on small boats or motor boats;
  • Dudhsagar waterfall. Its length is 603 meters. It is located in the unique natural beauty of the National Park bhagwan Mahavir.

To travel around Goa is better as part of a tour group.

Candolim or Calangute: what to choose?

Two popular beach are 2 km away. Despite the geographical proximity of their location, between the resorts there are serious differences. In Calangute is visited by tourists who prefer the noisy, exotic rest, deprived prejudices. Candolim is the place for a quiet holiday.

Every tourist chooses a vacation spot based on which environment he wants to be. Given the short distance between resorts during one rest period, you can taste the delights of both cities and appreciate their dignity.

See a video review of the resort Calangute: